Zanflare F10: Tactical Pen Flashlight- Strong & Sharp


Zanflare F10 Tactical Pen: Flashlight

Are you a survivalist? Do you enjoy watching shows like Man vs. Wild and imagine yourself in such hard situations? Do you feel like you might get in tough situations and you will need a weapon to get out of the situation? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, a tactical pen should feel like a perfect companion for you. A tactical pen is simply like any other with additional features to get you out of the tough situations you might land in unknowingly. A tactical pen Zanflare F10 might actually be the only thing that makes the difference.

In this review, we will discuss the tactical pen Zenflare F10. Zenflare F10 has an additional feature and works as a flashlight as well as a self defence weapon. Let us find out more about the features of Zenflare F10 below.


It will cost you about $12.33 or Rs. 909.13. It is a premium price range. You will find tactical pens that are cheaper than this. But those tactical pens won’t be as strong and sturdy. They will also lack the light that this pen offers.

Zanflare F10 Tactical Pen: PROS AND CONS

Zanflare F10
  • It is strong
  • It can be used as a flashlight
  • A little costly
  • Lacks any grip on its head for twisting

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Zanflare F10 Tactical Pen: SPECIFICATIONS

  • Emitter: Cree XP-G3
  • Cell: AAA
  • Runtime: Charge time N/A
  • LVP?: No
  • Claimed Lumens (lm): 150
  • Lux (Measured): 87 lux @ 2.348 m
  • Candela (Calculated) in cd: 479.6
  • Throw (Calculated) (m): 43.8
  • Throw (Claimed) (m): 52

Zanflare F10 Tactical Pen: FEATURES


If you want to buy a tactical pen but are unable to decide which one you should buy, Zenflare F10 seems like a good option. You can also use it as a flashlight alternative because of the portability that it offers. The pen comes with the user manual that contains all the instructions you will need to use it.

The pen is very strong and sturdy enough to act as a weapon. You can use to break glasses of emergency doors and to save yourself. Since it looks like a pen, it is completely conceivable and can be carried anywhere. It can be used in the dark as an emergency flashlight alternative. Since it is portable due to its small size, it is a perfect item for camping and similar activities.

The pen doesn’t get any cooling fans. It has a strong grip which makes it easier to handle. When inside the cover, it has a blunt, but strong grip. This tip can easily break glasses. You can remove the cover by unscrewing it. This gives you a whistle.

It is a 16 cm long pen. It has a diameter of about 1 cm. You also get a metal clip attached to it. You can clip it on your shirt to make it look like an actual pen.

It is fairly simple to use the pen. For flashlight purpose, you can simply twist it for high mode and low mode.

When the pen is used in high mode, it will work less than an hour and when used in low mode, it can last you about 26 hours.

Zanflare F10 Tactical Pen: BATTERY

When it comes to battery, Zenflare F10 works on a single AAA cell. It doesn’t take up lots of batteries and thus can be carried around along with a battery. You might have to toggle between the high and low modes for optimum usage.   


If a tactical pen is what you want, then Zenflare F10 is a great option. It is strong, sturdy, and easy to operate, and works fairly well as a flashlight and a whistle. Off course, it is not without its competitors.

Marvel from Legend will come at a fairly low cost at only Rs. 230. It can be used to write as well. Its downside is that it does not come with a flashlight. So if a flashlight is not your major concern, Marvel can be a great model. Or if the flashlight is your concern, there is a pricier alternative to F1 as well from Smith and Wesson. It is constructed from anodized aerospace aluminum which allows it to stay intact even after a fall from 1 meter.

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