XBox Series X

Xbox Series X: The Next Big Leap

Xbox Series X

Scheduled to be released in November 2020 Xbox Series X has already made headlines as one of the strongest upcoming gaming consoles. Microsoft has easily called it the “greatest and the strongest console ever”. To many tech admirers, this is a very exciting statement.

Gaming has become one of the largest markets for hardware companies. The competition here is becoming Spartan. Gaming console companies are fighting like gladiators to achieve the ultimate aim of capturing the market. They are also fighting for the title of the greatest tech developers ever. Whoever owns this title will rule the market. So it is only logical that Microsoft decided to take a leap.

Microsoft announced its release during 2019 labelled as “Project Scarlett”. It is planned as one of the devices in its fourth generation family of hardware. Microsoft has started meddling into the gaming software. Their new agenda of focus has been to create modern age gaming capacities that will complement the modern age gamers. They are creating for gamers who are no more just casual players but professionals of this field.


The Xbox Series X’s console is planned to be modest and modern. The designers are looking to avoid a pattern that is too eye-catching. The device has to look discreet and sleek. It is organized to be vertical but it can also be used on its side. If you remember the Xbox One X and how silent it was. Microsoft has claimed that Xbox Series X is the same.

The hardware of the series boasts an HDMI2.1 output which is the latest addition to the Microsoft family. It has a USB port and an Ethernet port. Few users eagerly waiting for the device, have been disappointed by the fact that it does not include an infrared blaster like in the Xbox One Series.  

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X


Xbox Series X will come with an updated version of the wireless Xbox One controller, which was intended to allow greater dexterity. Microsoft found that by making their consoles to fit the size on an eight-year old’s hands; they were able to create a range that was fit for many users. Small tactile dot designs have been added to the buttons to help players adjust fingers on the controls. The controller also has an added share button that will allow gamers to record and share clips of the game.


 A GPU is an important part of the hardware structure. It is an electronic circuit that manipulates memory to accelerate the creation of images. Think of it as when you add sugar to water and use a spoon to stir, so the mixing becomes quicker. GPU is that spoon.   

Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft was prioritizing high frame rates and faster load times as a priority over higher resolutions, which the Series X achieves via the better-matched capabilities of the CPU and GPU. The Xbox Series X will use an AMD Zen 2 custom CPU and AMD RDNA 2 custom GPU that will allow faster frame rates. Any E-Sports player will realize the true advantage of faster frame rates.

Special Specifications

Microsoft is going all out with the Xbox Series X console. There is no stone that they have left unturned. From a monolithic style to the inclusion of best software, Microsoft is willing to leave no room for criticism. It is possible that for 2020 Xbox Series X is going to be the star that the company is hoping to bring forward. How did they manage to create a console that is allegedly the smartest of this generation?

Xbox Series X will use the latest chipsets and architecture from AMD. For those who do not know, AMD is one of the greatest desktop processor manufacturing companies, usually known for their high core counts and cheaper prices. Its only rival in the market is Intel.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

The console will compromise a processing unit to be custom and based on the powerful Zen 2 architecture. It comprises of true multi-threaded eight-core processor boosting around 3.8 GHz. In a lay man’s language, it will allow higher performance from the console. It will also enable multi-tasking and assist faster frame rates.

Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is a graphic technique that is earning more and more attention in the market, especially in the gaming area. Iron Harvest the recently released game also boasted ray tracing. It creates excessive realism something that any gamer appreciate.

Buyers are psyched to explore this feature that the console has come to display. Xbox Series X supports real-time ray-tracing, as seen in the high-end RTX lineup of Nvidia graphics cards released in the last couple of years. To give a reference, the Nvidia graphic cards were immensely applauded by reviewers and in the gaming market. They are the best graphic card manufacturer today and Xbox Series X is trying their best to mimic it.

This anticipated launch of Xbox Series X will give a high refresh rate and higher resolution gaming to people across the globe. While Xbox Series X is a high-end product, it will give users a stunning gaming experience which was, a few years ago offered by only high-end PCs.  

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