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Are you looking for a reliable internet service provider and cable TV then look no further because WOW! is bound to quite literally wow you. It has amazing internet packages, customer service and cable TV offers just for you. Did you know that WOW! is currently an internet, TV and home phone provider across 9 states. Perhaps you’re impressed or guessing WOW!’s limited coverage? The good news is that its internet coverage does not extend to the entire nation, it uses its more limited customer base to improve its customer service and better work on customizing their packages to suit their target audience. However, that’s not all because WOW! has even more benefits that we are going to talk about:

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Why Choose WOW! internet 

Cater to Your Needs 

WOW! has multiple internet packages that cater to each and everyone’s needs. Your kids might want to be watching a movie or cartoon while you might need to be working from home and your husband could be in the middle of a conference call. Or perhaps you live alone as a young working adult and have very limited internet usage. Either way different individuals have different preferences. It’s confusing figuring out the best internet and cable plan to meet everyone’s needs, isn’t it?

So we’re going to help give you an idea of which internet package might suit you: 



Download Speed**

Data Allowance

Whole-Home Wi-Fi***

Best For



100 Mbps

 No limit


Ideal for a small household, no heavy internet usage, won’t need to connect more than 4 devices. You can surf the web, use social media and engage in streaming and limited gaming.

Super Fast


200 Mbps

No limit


Ideal for a smaller family, and basic social media usage, web browsing, can sustain more heavy internet usage such as online gaming, streaming and can support children’s online classes/school along with work from home without any issues

Ultra Fast


500 Mbps

No limit


For medium-sized to larger families, can support multiple devices being used for work from home, online classes while also enabling others to stream in HD and engage in competitive online gaming

Lightning Fast


1000 Mbps 

No limit


This package delivers what the Ultra Fast deal does but with an even smoother experience thanks to its extremely high speed. This package will also support the integration of multiple smart home devices or a smart home system

*The prices in the table above are promotional ones which means these prices are only applicable for the first year after which normal rates, taxes and any additional fees will apply. 

**The download speeds given in the table might vary across regions and during peak-hours so it’s best to carry out an internet speed test to make sure you get what you pay for. 

***Whole-Home Wi-Fi is not something you need to necessarily sign up for. It’s simply an additional service you can pay for in order to get optimum Wi-Fi coverage in your house. 

Now you know there are multiple internet plans out there just for you!

Free Installation of Equipment 

While WOW! may already seem tempting thanks to no data limits, the benefits of choosing it don’t end there. WOW! unlike most other ISPs tends to offer internet deals on and off which means if you’re lucky enough to grab one of its promotional deals you can save up to $50 on having a professional install your equipment for you. Even better if you have sign up for its TV + internet bundle then you’re entitled to professional installation even if there’s no promotional offer. 

No Contract

That’s right? Many ISPs try to tie you up in contracts and charge exorbitant fees just because you’d like to switch to another ISP. Basically when you sign a contract and the ISP’s service doesn’t deliver you stand stuck with them. However WOW! is confident in its service delivery and, hence, doesn’t require you to sign a contract.  

WOW! Fiber Optic 

WOW! makes use of a hybrid fiber coaxial network which means you get the benefit of fiber optic  internet such as extremely high interned speeds, low latency etc. Still confused about a hybrid fiber coaxial network? It’s essentially an internet network which makes use of fiber optic cables and infrastructure while the “last mile” of the internet is delivered through coaxial cable lines. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

With a trial period of 30 days you have nothing to fear when signing up for WOW! In case you’re not happy with its service you can always let them know and ask for your money back. No losses and no fear.

WOW! Cybersecurity

WOW! in conjunction with F-Secure even helps up your cybersecurity game. As cybersecurity threats increase day by day you need to be aware of measures to protect sensitive data such as your financial information, details about your identity etc. In order to reduce the chances of credit card fraud or identity theft its internet provides you with anti-virus, anti-popup, anti-hacking and firewall services. 

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Cable TV + Internet 

It also has great internet + TV bundles with an excellent WOW channel lineup that includes premium and popular networks such as HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime, Starz, etcetera. You can also check out the website to select one of three bundles and get more than 160 channels and speeds up to 1 Gbps. 

To Sum Up…

WOW! has some amazing deals out there as a premium internet service provider, as well as cable TV and home telephone services. With its 30-day money back guarantee customers can try out the service for a month and see if it works for them. And to top that its excellent customer service can help get your issues solved any time. Just reach out to a customer service representative at any point of your day and have your queries answered. With WOW! you are in safe hands. 

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