The Brand New Feature Rolled Out By WhatsApp: Send Photos That Disappear When Viewed Once

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WhatsApp Videos And Photos – Recently the social media giant WhatsApp revealed its “View Once” feature. With the feature, you can get more control over your chat privacy as the photos and videos will be deleted after the recipient takes a peek at them. 

The Facebook-owned messaging app rolled out this option recently due to the increasing questions on its safety concerns. Users can send WhatsApp videos and photos to the intended recipient with the disappearing alternative to prevent the media from getting stored in their gallery. 

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However, one can take a screenshot or do a screen recording at the moment when the media is opened. Also, if you are sending the “View Once” WhatsApp videos or photos, you won’t be able to see them again.

What else does the feature allow? 

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The view once photos cannot be forwarded, starred, saved, or shared because of privacy concerns, and so WhatsApp users are increasingly opting for the feature. What’s more interesting is if the recipient doesn’t open the photo or video within 14 days of it being sent, the media will expire from the chat. If someone sends a disappearing media on WhatsApp, they can see a recipient has opened the photo or video only when they have their read receipts. 

At the backup time, if the View Once WhatsApp videos or photos are left unopened, they can be restored. But, if the media has already been opened, then they can’t be restored post backup. Also, to send a View Once the photo or video, users must select the option every time they want to send a photo or video. There is no such option that permanently enables the disappearing exchange of media. 

How to enable the WhatsApp Videos And Photos ‘View Once’ Option?

send view once media - whatsapp videosWhile sending photos or videos, users can make it View Once by tapping on the “1” button placed at the right-hand side of the chatbox and left side of the send button. When the users do so, after the recipient views the photo or video, it will disappear at once. 

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp asserted that the View Once feature can be used for sharing sensitive information like Wi-Fi passwords or other IDs, a quick reaction to any moment in time, or something more personal that requires enhanced privacy options. Just like all the texts that are sent on WhatsApp, the View Once media is protected by end-to-end encryption and so WhatsApp cannot see the messages. 

Anything else you should know?

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In a nutshell, the disappearing messages are just like any other texts on WhatsApp except the fact that they can disappear after a single glance by the intended recipient. You can send this message to an individual, group, or business account. There is no limitation to that, but remember that the recipient can take screenshots or do a screen of the media. Also, unlike Snapchat that notifies you after someone captures a screenshot, Whatsapp has no such feature, so be careful of what you send. 

The bottom line

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The ephemeral messages are an initiative by Whatsapp to help users gain more control over their privacy. Recently there have been many questions and speculations on how the privacy concerns are becoming grave on platforms like WhatsApp, which compelled the company to work on its security features. WhatsApp has also been talking about bringing end-to-end encryption to its full stable of messaging services because of Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy-focused vision.

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