What to Look for When Hiring a Marketing Company in Miami?


When you’re creating or running a business, your goals are important. Some of those goals might be increasing traffic, creating brand awareness, or reaching a certain sales goal. All of these things can be achieved using Marketing. 

Marketing is the way that you as a business use to promote or sell your service or product. This can include SEO, advertisement, media campaigns, and market research. If you’re a super busy businessman or businesswoman, then odds are you’re going to need to delegate someone to do your marketing. 

Hiring a marketing service like Searchific or another marketing agency in Miami can help you achieve your goals. They’ll be designated to make sure your marketing is the best it can be by utilizing proven marketing techniques. If you’re not sure where to begin your search for a marketing specialist, you’re not alone. 

One of the easiest ways to start your search is through a search engine like Bing or Google. You’ll be able to get hundreds of results at the tips of your fingertips. It’s at this point that people get even more confused. With all these different options to choose from, how do I pick the right one for me? I’m going to walk you through some signs you should be looking out for when you’re looking at your options. 

How are they answering your calls, emails, and questions?

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You might be surprised to see this at the top of your list but this is what I call the gatekeeper and it’s a crucial thing to look at when you’re first conducting your search. If your marketing agency isn’t answering your calls and emails professionally or outright ignoring your questions, don’t give them your business. 

You’re going to be working very closely with the marketing team you hire. If they aren’t instilling you with confidence and you just don’t like who they are as people, you don’t need any more reason to take your business elsewhere. 

You should be looking for a company that answers emails and phone calls promptly and professionally. If they are able to answer all of your questions, then that’s a better indicator that they’re going to be a reliable group of workers. 

Are they Versatile? 

When you’re looking at their portfolio, does it show a wide range of projects and marketing techniques? You don’t want to hire a company that only uses social media campaigns to market its clients. You want someone who knows how to effectively use all kinds of marketing techniques like SEO, digital marketing, television and radio advertisement, and emails. 

You should also look to make sure they’re comfortable with experimentation. Part of marketing is experimenting to see what works for your customers and what doesn’t. If you have a company that is scared to try something new, then that’s not going to work. Business is constantly evolving, so you’re going to need a marketing team that can evolve with it.

How long have they had their clients?

This will tell you so much about the agency you’re looking to hire. If you notice most of their clients are on the new side and they’ve been in business for a while, you should be asking yourself why? 

If it seems like customers aren’t sticking around, there’s probably a legitimate reason. Maybe their customer service needs work? Maybe they’re poor communicators? Or maybe they just stink at Marketing? Regardless of the reason, not having longevity with clientele is a HUGE red flag. 

Can they TAKE feedback?


One of the best things about working with a team is to bounce ideas off of one another. Great ideas come from everyone sitting together and talking about different things they’re working on. Sometimes, most times, these sessions also inspire really poor ideas. 

That’s not a bad thing. I once came up with an idea that I thought was brilliant only to find out that it was actually awful. It happens, especially in a creative field like Marketing. If your marketing team can’t handle you kindly explaining to them that their idea won’t work, then that’s a huge red flag. I mean they can’t learn from their mistakes or work with other people. If you can’t share a difference of opinion with your coworkers and make a project better, then you shouldn’t work together at all. 

Can they GIVE feedback?

There are a lot of companies who will tell you yes no matter what. They do this for two reasons. They think it makes you happy and they want to get a paycheck. This is one of the worst marketing agencies to hire. 

If they can’t help guide you or tell you that something you’re doing is hurting your business, then they can’t do their job. As much as they work for you, they’re in charge of the marketing. If they see a problem or disagree with the way you want something but can’t say anything, then you’ll never be able to learn or grow as a business person. 

What’s their reputation like?


Ask for testimonials or reviews. I can’t stress this enough. If the marketing agency doesn’t have customers willing to give them a glowing report, then most likely they don’t have satisfied customers. You won’t be any different if you decide to work with them. You’ll be just as unhappy and unsatisfied as all their other clients. 

Finding the right Marketing Company in Miami for your business can be a difficult, lengthy task. As you can see, a lot goes into finding the perfect agency that fits your goal. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Get to know who you’ll be working with to see if you mesh well together. Don’t be afraid to move on to the next group if you don’t think it’s going to be a good match. 

Make sure you vet everyone you meet to make sure they’re legitimate. Don’t let yourself be fooled by a nice website or friendly conversation. Ask for references and get to know their expertise before you get yourself into any contracts. 

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