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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2022

The concept of cryptocurrencies seems new and bookish to us but in reality, there is a lot more to be known than what is a part of the market. What if I tell you that there are as many as 16,000 digital assets present in the market in the present day scenario? In this article, I’ll tell you the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are going to fight for the space of bitcoin in 2022. Make sure that you have a secure digital wallet ready after reading this article so you can start buying these tokens and store them for safekeeping!

The year 2021 was more than just the time when the obnoxious second wave of the deadly coronavirus pandemic hit the lives of the common man. This was the year when bitcoin enjoyed limelight the most. If you are thinking of the result, let me tell you that the sudden rise of bitcoin pushed the investing parties including the millennials to move to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

The crypto industry had a whooping year in  2021 and topped the world of market capitalization by attaining a wholesome amount of $3 trillion. The myth-breaker is that bitcoin is not merely a coin. 

These coins are a way to go for direct investments that are all set to increase with the new year 2022. Gone are the days of bitcoin but not of investing in cryptocurrencies. So, here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are going to fight for the space of bitcoin in 2022. 

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2022


    Let us go a little easy and begin the list with a common one. You might have heard about this one before for sure. The name is Ethereum. Ethereum has so far been a good investment among top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. Ethereum is known to have a price history that lends an excellent degree of support to its potential as a store of value, but there’s also known to be an interesting innovation happening with Ethereum that highlights the coin’s utility. The global market investors can both buy and hold either as a long-term investment.

    As an investor, you should know that most recently when it went over $4,800 last November and hence, it is worth an investment for sure in 2022. Its price in the investing market has fluctuated between about $1,000 and $4,800 per coin over the past year and the fluctuations are facing rising speculations. It seems to be safe for a longer degree of term investment and hence, is worth a try in 2022 both for the new investors and the experienced ones.


    Moving ahead with the discussion about the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are going to enjoy the limelight in the investment market is SOLANA. About 50,000 transactions per second can be processed by Solana. It is well-renowned for bringing one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the market, with an unprecedented growth rate. It is basically a programmable blockchain that runs smart contracts like Ether. Solana is more scalable than any other cryptocurrency including Bitcoin. When compared to rival blockchains like Ethereum, it has significantly lower transaction fees.


    You might have heard about this either through the meme chart or through discussions on various social media platforms. The Shiba coin gained an excellent degree of momentum at the end of 2021 and the same is likely to be followed in 2022. The Shiba Inu is a great option of investment among top 10 cryptocurrencies with promised returns.

    People talk and invest greatly. Shiba Inu launched a beta version of the decentralized autonomous organization recently with the aim of giving more authority to the users to decide on crypto projects. Leading to a spike in the interest of SHIB and other crypto users. Additionally, Shiba Inu creators are also developing several advanced innovations aiming to establish the crypto’s authenticity, which might give SHIB a fair possibility to fight for Bitcoin’s spot.


    Cardano is another one on the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies, and is being understood as a fast-growing blockchain network that fashions itself as a next-generation competitor to Ethereum in the upcoming year of 2022. Cardano tokens can be used to pay for a series of services on the network, or they can also be bought or sold with U.S. dollars.

    Many investors and buyers of Cardano also consider the tokens an investment, and hence, are hoping they will rise in value as more people use the technology. This one acts as a strong face of a secure and sustainable blockchain with ground-breaking use cases. It is available to the overall population alongside being a dApp advancement platform. Cardano’s blockchain is known for its ability to help and validate pharmaceutical products to avoid the danger of purchasing counterfeit medications.


    Tether is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization as of January 2022, having a market cap of $78.4 billion. Additionally it was one of the first and most popular of a group of so-called stablecoins. The attempt of Tether and other stablecoins was to smooth out price fluctuations and attract users who otherwise may be cautious. It’s price is tied directly to the price of the U.S. dollar.While minimizing the volatility often experienced with digital currencies, This cryptocurrency effectively permits individuals to utilize a blockchain network and related technologies to transact in traditional currencies .


    Moving on, the next one is known as Polkadot. This is not an old one but this is likely to be a good investment in the upcoming year of 2022 for sure. Polkadot ,a unique PoS cryptocurrency, with the aim to deliver interoperability among other blockchains. Its protocol is designed to connect permissioned and permissionless blockchain networks, along with oracles that allow systems to work together under one roof.

    The core component of Polka dot is its relay chain which allows the interoperability of varying networks. Further it also allows for parachains or parallel blockchains native tokens of their own in case of specific-use cases. Try it out and see what excellent returns are in store for you.


    The next one on the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies is the Binance coin. This is the one that draws its power through blockchain and it comprises a leading crypto exchange that is bitcoin. It is one the most common ones and is being used at a wide level owing to an excellent degree of popularity in the world.

  8. TERRA

    The rising star of the crypto market has its name as Terra. This one is an old player of the market and is likely to be showing an excellent degree of investment returns in the upcoming year of 2022. For those of you who don’t know, this one is known to follow a blockchain protocol that makes use of the fiat-pegged stablecoins to power the payment systems that are carried and adopted around the globe. It is an excellent choice as it works like a brilliant combination of demand and price stability. The wide adoption of fiat currencies with the censorship resistance with bitcoin is helping it enjoy great momentum.


    This one is a blockchain-powered game that is known for its features that are related to the concept of NFT. In the virtual world of which, the various kinds of cryptocurrencies are becoming a huge part of, the potential gamers compete to win combats and find AXS crypto utility.

    Recently, one of the most prominent social media pages that is Facebook’s metaverse move can act as a catalyst to promote what is known as a heightened interest in Axie Infinity and other blockchain-based gaming cryptos. So, no matter if you are a novice or an experienced professional, this is a good choice when it comes to investing in the world of crypto in 2022.


    The last one on the list of the cryptocurrencies that can take the place of bitcoin in 2022. This is known to be the fastest and the smartest contracts platform that is available to the user. It is a part of the blockchain industry and is measured by time-to-finality. One of the best things about this one is that it is exceptionally fast.

    Also, another important and interesting feature about this is that it charges low fees and also, manages to set the environmental responsibility right by being environmentally sustainable. You might be thinking that AVAX is a newcomer in the market but you should also know that it is doing wonders with its existence. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies and has managed to top the charts with its potential. 


Cryptocurrencies are an excellent investment model. There are many advantages but there are risks and an extreme degree of volatility, as well. Hence, it is better to go for a smaller amount of investment when it comes to investing in digital tokens. There are many options that are ready to surpass the market expectations and take the place that was once enjoyed by bitcoin. Be a smart citizen and understand the unpredictable nature of the virtual world to invest accordingly. 

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