The Six Figure Mentors Review – Is it the future of digital marketing? Or just another scam?                                           

The Six Figure Mentors

Are you an online business entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, particularly in the field of affiliate marketing? Don’t know where to start or what information to trust? Fearing online scams and fraud? Then the SFM, or Six Figure Mentors, is just what you need.

When it comes to levelling up your affiliate marketing knowledge and technical and creative skills, the SFM features come in very handy for beginners as well as experts.

In this article, we are going to provide you with those very features of SFM or Six Figure Mentors and answer some of the questions which may come to your mind if you plan on making your own space, profit, and reach in the online digital marketing world with the guidance of SFM.

Is Six Figure Mentors legit or a scam?

The Six Figure Mentors, or SFM, is an online digital educational training platform and community. It was founded in 2010 by two well-known industry veterans named Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. The platform provides users with all the required skills and tools to start their own online business. By signing up for $97 per month, the users will receive something called the “Mentors all-in package.” In this, they will be provided with a step-by-step guide for beginners regarding “How to start an online digital affiliate marketing business.

Along with this, there are other extra unlimited courses on related topics as well, including Online Advertising, Market Research, Ecommerce, Web Design, WordPress, Aweber, Google AdWords, etc. There are also several LinkedIn Learning Courses that users can also access.

All in all, this is definitely a 100 % legit and genuine program that guides you properly into building your own online business. Since it is a top-tier program, you could enter at an entry point at a low price and then upgrade to different levels in order to receive more training.

Modules of Six Figure Mentors

modules - six figure mentors

The SFM platform provides the “Getting Started” curriculum, which includes the following 5 modules:

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Module 1: Starting the Journey – 

This module gives the primary beginners knowledge; this is necessary to succeed in online sales. It displays all the ways of utilizing emails, websites, as well as high-ticket products to create an excellent online marketing service

One of the founders, Stuart Ross, explains the distinctiveness of online sales techniques over traditional sales techniques, which will help you to manage your actions systematically. They also involve other members as well, who share their experiences. Overall, this module basically guides you through selecting the ideal business model.

Module 2: Business Plans, Strategies, and Goals – 

The second module helps you with planning, strategizing, and setting your future goals or actions. Stuart Ross provides straightforward answers to the usual doubts which occur in an individual’s mind before starting an online business. 

During the course, you will also be able to access live webinars and workshops. This will give great insight into setting up proper business plans, actions, and expectations, as well as getting live feedback from the best company mentors.

Module 3: Business Marketing System – 

The third module helps you survey all the distinct strategies required to accomplish profitable online sales. Here, you will acquire knowledge related to sales funnels, increasing your reach as well as producing a great deal of profit from the SFM Affiliate program

With this, you will be able to set up your business perfectly by purchasing and hosting website domains, utilizing emails, and attaching affiliate links. This module is basically made in order to give a clear perception of how to function in the digital marketing world.

Module 4: Foundational Marketing – 

The fourth module chooses the ideal marketing foundation to get a favourable outcome. Stuart Ross will tell you how to change your life without making any insignificant easy moves ultimately. This will help you create a stable business that will stay for a longer duration. 

You will acquire knowledge of various revolutionary marketing concepts and be able to take proper actions while choosing and creating your website from the very beginning. This module is a very significant part of the whole curriculum, so you must acknowledge everything taught under this.

Module 5: Advertising – 

The fifth and last module is when the training comes to an end. This module is set up a bit differently from all the other modules. It provides you with a lot of knowledge regarding constructing your marketing campaign with the help of advertisements. You will be able to scrutinize your business blueprints. 

After this, you will have to complete the three essential steps of online business management. First, the promotion of brands and products by increasing visitor traffic with the help of sales funnels. Second, marketing them via stories and personal experiences, and lastly, obtaining the expertise in selling any product online via digital marketing. 

During the course of this module, you will get access to live workshops, videos, articles, and training related to social media marketing.

Six-Figure Mentors System Features 

features - six figure mentors

The main features of the SFM, or Six Figure Mentors System, include:

Step-By-Step Training: 

The training programs offered by SFM are beneficial for both expert business entrepreneurs as well as beginners who are looking to start an online digital business accessible from any place in the world. It contains video modules and tutorials on various topics which you will be taught from scratch.

Absolute Private Community: 

The SFM consists of a substantial private community of SFM members. With the help of this feature, all newbie’s in the digital business world will be able to get their doubts and queries answered quickly through live chats.

System Support: 

SFM has an outstanding customer support system service team. If any user faces any kind of technical problems or has any queries, they can quickly get in touch with the SFM support team.

Weekly Webinars:

There are several weekly webinars in SFM conducted by experts in online marketing. All these can be quickly accessed by anyone who subscribes to the SFM membership.

Live Events: 

SPM provides live events conducted by the owners, Stuart and Jay, themselves. Such events are very beneficial for anyone who wants to create a successful business

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Six-Figure Mentors Affiliate Program 

affiliate program - six figure mentors

However, the essential target of Six Figure Mentors is to make an individual use an affiliate of the company. Once you subscribe to a higher plan, you will receive some commissions by promoting it.

You can only earn a commission selling the system to other people, but for that, you yourself have to join the system and pay the recurring fee. 

The main features of the SFM or Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program include:

Affiliate Tools: 

There are various tools offered by the SFM Affiliate Program required in marketing. Such tools are sales funnels, pre-made affiliate links, rebranding campaigns, automatic research, sales reports, tracking statistics, as well as link creators with customized tracks.

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Support Team: 

The SFM Affiliate Program also gives you access to a team of system consultants. They will provide you with an assessment of all the new members and contact the referral in order to talk about their requirements. Basically, it is a kind of internal training that helps you increase sales without any excess duties.


The Affiliate Program is accessed and participated in freely without any kind of charges. The commission structure includes the Introductory Sales of $20, the Essential Sales of $200, and the active membership monthly subscriptions of $20.

How can you make money with SFM? 

The SFM, or Six Figure Mentors, allows you to earn commissions by promoting the services, products, and memberships of SFM. You will be able to access this once you become a member of the SFM Essential Membership Plan or the SFM Elite Membership Plan. Both of these plans are discussed in detail under the very next section with the heading “Six Figure Mentors Pricing.”

Six-Figure Mentors Pricing

pricing - six figure mentors

The SFM, or Six Figure Mentors, Pricing, is divided into four different categories of membership. These include:

  • The Affiliate Access or Free Membership Plan: 

The SFM Affiliate Access or Free Membership Plan gives you access to the platform as a free member. You can easily get a 7-day training video series regarding “How to make money” with this plan. This plan is mainly for those users who want to earn a commission by promoting the services, membership, and products of SFM affiliates.

  • The Student Access or Introductory Membership Pricing Plan: 

The SFM Student Access or Introductory Membership Plan comes with an application charge of $29.95. After that, there is an additional monthly subscription of $25 if you continue to be a member. With this plan, you can easily get access to features like the members-only site, introductory modules, seminar videos or footage, business system consultant, tutorials from various Digital Skills Platforms, as well as recording the Visionary Call from the SFM Founder. 

The plan also has a 30-Day Test Drive trial which is free of cost. By becoming a member of the Introductory Plan, you also become an assigned consultant who will be able to answer all kinds of queries. 

  • The Essential or Basic Membership Pricing Plan: 

The SFM Essential or Basic Membership Plan is far more advanced than the SFM Introductory Membership Plan. It comes with an application charge of $297, after which you have a monthly subscription fee of $97. 

The plan gives access to features like SFM Basic Curriculum, DBL (Digital Business Lounge) Premium Membership, Digital Entrepreneur Blueprint, weekly live marketing training, all SFM training modules, recorded training, live event eligibility, as well as private community sites. 

By becoming a member of this plan, you also become an SFM Affiliate and start earning commissions. The initial income as an Essential Member will be $200, and the residual monthly income will be $20.

  • The Elite Membership Pricing Plan: 

In the case of the SFM Elite Membership Plan, you will be charged a high fee of yearly $2500 along with an added monthly fee of $97. It is the most advanced membership plan, which gives you access to the whole system as an SFM Affiliate. 

This plan gives access to the SFM Elite Curriculum, SFM training modules, as well as the live Private Elite Mastermind webinars, training, coaching, and challenges conducted by Stuart and Jay themselves! All these are very much focused on training you to make more money quickly. By becoming a member of this plan, you also become certified for the highest Affiliate Commissions possible. 

As an SFM Elite Affiliate, you will receive 50% of the commission for promoting the SFM membership. The initial income as an Essential Member will be $1000, and the residual monthly income will be $1000.

Six-Figure Mentors Pros

  • The Reasonable Upfront Pricing:

    The fantastic features of the program can be checked for as low as $30. If the user considers the program value for money, they could go for the offers or upsell at a high price.

  • Fine Training Facilities:

    All the training and tools provided on affiliate marketing make it an easy guide for beginners who want to start an online business. Since all of the training is conducted by highly experienced marketers, the trainees will get acquainted with several digital marketing concepts and tools to get the best possible results.

  • Exemplary Support System:

    The support received by an individual from the SFM platform is extremely good. Such support is very beneficial for beginners who might face doubts and issues while accessing all the information.

Six-Figure Mentors Cons

  • The High Price:

    One of the most significant drawbacks of SFM is its high price. The most advanced membership, i.e., the Elite Membership, will charge you a high fee of yearly $2500 along with an added monthly fee of $97 with no guaranteed earnings.

  • Forced Upgrades:

    Once you become a member of the Student Access Plan or the Essential Plan, the system consultant will keep forcing you to purchase an upgrade to the Elite Membership Plan to get the whole system. Even the training provided in the Student Access Plan and the Essential Plan is not as good enough as the Elite Membership Plan.

  • Paying in order to be an Affiliate:

    You have to pay a charge to become an affiliate when you are just promoting products that are already benefiting the company.

  • SFM Overpromotion:

    After becoming a member at such a high price, you will have to give too much stress to promote the SFM products to other individuals. It has become a tough job to get an affiliate for such a high-cost product.

  • The Hard Upsell:

    The Digital Experts Academy offers Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black packages. The Black Package is worth $20000.

  • Complaints:

    Many negative reviews from users are available on the internet, which shows their dissatisfaction with the system.


With all its features mentioned above, the SFM, or Six Figure Mentors, is definitely beneficial for both experts and novices. It educates an individual with all the essential training, skills, tools, and support required to start with digital marketing

Since the very first Affiliate, Access Membership Plan is entirely free of cost, it’s worthwhile to get signed up and experience all the great features and wonderful customer support service that the SFM platform has to offer.

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