The Importance of Starting a Business Blog for Your Brand


Did you know that by having a blog for your brand, you’re 97% more likely to get more links to your site than if you didn’t have one? A business blog can indeed do more for your business than you ever could’ve imagined.

If you’re still on the fence about what killer content can do for your business, it’s okay because we’ve got the details you need. As a small business owner, you’re going to be at more of an advantage when you start your company blog.

Attracts More Customers

Website traffic. What’s one thing all businesses want when they implement various marketing strategies? Taking the time to create a company blog will show that your brand is knowledgeable about your niche; it will increase the amount of website traffic you get.

The way to do this is through the use of SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. It’s essential to take the time to optimize things like:

  • Headers
  • Images
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content

It’s estimated that 239 million people use search engines, meaning if you optimize your website content properly, you’re going to rise in the search engine rankings. The more blogs you post, the more time search engines will spend crawling your website to index them.

If you guessed this also helps you rise in search engine rankings, you’d be correct. The higher you appear on a search page, the more likely people will visit your site over those of your competitors.

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Creates a Community

A community is one of the best resources your brand can tap into when looking for more information on your target audience or feedback about your products and customer service. Creating a company blog is essential for your brand if you’re focused on creating an online community.

When you share the content online across your social media platforms, you’ll begin to reach more people than you thought. This can be done by sharing your content, which slowly forms a community of people that tune in for more content.

As you begin to create content for your blog, take time to monitor the rise in engagement numbers. It’s essential to track this because you’re bringing together a group of people that find an ongoing need for your products and services.

This is the audience you need to cater to; besides, consumers enjoy speaking with other consumers about their interactions with a brand.

Increases Client Trust

81% of consumers will say their buying decisions are based on trust with a brand. We mentioned briefly above that a blog shows your brand is knowledgeable on everything that has to do with its niche.

Each piece of content you write and publish to your blog should be well-researched with accurate information. The more time it takes to publish this type of content, the more the trust between yourself and your ideal consumer will increase.

As new trends emerge in your niche, consumers will turn to your brand first because they’ve come to trust the things you’ve said. Not only does this add value to your brand, but it also puts your company in a position of power and a better competitive advantage.

It takes time to build this level of trust with consumers, but a second to ruin it. As you continue to develop your blog, ensure each piece of content is reviewed thoroughly to continue building this relationship.

Great Way to Market Your Brand

Your intel Evo laptops can help you create and implement various levels of marketing. One thing most companies don’t think of as marketing is the creation of a blog.

While your content seeks to educate and inform people about different things, it’s also a great tool to sell your products. No one wants to come off like a pushy salesperson, but the goal is to direct people to your website or get them to make a purchase.

How do you achieve this through a blog? At the end of each blog, you need to finish with a solid call to action. Your call to action is how readers know what to do next.

Do you want the reader to donate? Do you want them to check out another blog that provides more in-depth information on the mentioned topic? 

Whatever you want the reader to do next should be decided before writing your call to action. If you’ve not created a call to action before, you’ve got to start doing so because, trust us, your competition is.

Vamps Social Media

There are times when your social media begins to die because you don’t know what else to post, and that’s where content comes into play. The thing about a blog is you can take the content you’ve posted and turn it into made-for social media posts.

For example, instead of thinking about the different types of photos you can post to your company’s Instagram, you can share a brief video as a teaser of your newest blog post. Of course, don’t forget to add a link to the post so that your social media audience can find the blog to check it out.

Before you know it, more people will visit your social media to see if you’ve posted new content.

Long Term Sales Results

The goal is to persuade people to enter into your company’s sales funnel while reducing the time it takes to close the deal. This isn’t always easy, but with a blog, it just got easier.

When people are searching for answers, they’ll turn to your blog posts and search for them. If they’re able to find it, it builds their trust in your brand and increases the chances of them entering your sales funnel.

Another reason you need a blog is that when your salespeople have someone in the sales funnel and they’re trying to close, the customer might still have some answers. To avoid wasting time, your sales team can pull the answers they need from the blogs, which moves the customer to the close of the sale quicker than if they had to wait for an answer.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of why having a blog is essential for business ownership, it’s time to look into the different types of content you can publish on your blog.

How-To Guide

After you build your community and roll out more products, they will want to know how to use them. This is when it’s time to start creating how-to guides for your consumers to check out and use.

Ensure that when creating this type of writing, you’re clear about the steps people need to take to use your products correctly. How-to guides aren’t just written; you can also use videos to show people how to use your products.

A video makes it easier for people to follow along with what you’re saying as they attempt to use the product simultaneously.


An infographic is a way to go if you work in a field like healthcare because there are several statistics involved with case studies. An infographic takes data and displays it in the form of different engaging charts and graphs.

Content that would otherwise be boring has now become captivating and holds the attention of the reader. It also takes information that would take several pages to write and condenses it into one page.


Client testimonials are a way to increase the demand for your product, especially if these testimonials are raving reviews of your work. If you want to build your brand based on the feedback you receive from past clients for future clients to review interviews are one way to do that.

You can have people answer a series of detailed questions and post them on your site for other people to view. If you’re the editor of a magazine and want to write a piece on someone you’re featuring, the interview format is what you’ll use.

It’s best to send an email containing a list of questions the interviewee should expect to be asked during the interview.

Reasons Why A Business Blog Is Great For Your Brand?

When it comes to maintaining or improving your brand, a business blog can help you achieve this. Not only does it improve your brand, but it can also increase customer trust and sales over time.

Don’t miss any other content we’ve got to share with you. Scroll through our other posts now. Trust us, with tons of topics to choose from you’re not going to want to miss anything new that we publish for our readers like you.

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