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Connectivity of technology to future

Technology is a way that has changed the lifestyle of the people as it has developed from time to time. Technology not only includes computers & electronics but also means basic tools, appliances & instruments that have changed our lives to a large extent. Anything that has been invented to solve the problems of human beings is considered a part of technology. And a lot of efforts are being made to develop technology to future in a much larger quantity

There was a time when we didn’t get to know anything about a person for a long time who has gone far from his home whether it is for work or study but if you will see today’s time, everyone is just a call away from others. If you are missing someone then you can simply call them, they can also be in touch with you with the help of WhatsApp, messages, etc. & if you want to see that person then video calling is the available option. With the development of technology, distance doesn’t matter. We can do whatever we want sitting a thousand miles away from the actual place. Futurists forecast the upcoming technology for the people who try to innovate new & better tools & to us who have a hope to get benefitted by the new &improved tools. Technology to future connectivity focuses on creating new revenue streams that can accelerate the development of new products/services, transform nonoperating models, and make up an overall digital transformation.

We must admit that we are very lucky to live in a time where we have science & technology to future guide us but the generation after us will be luckier to get a chance to live in a time where maybe driverless cars exist, they just have to say a word & their work will be done & many more changes are expected in the lifestyle of the people with the development of technology & research in the scientific field but with the changes in the technologies, there have been changes in the 3 key areas–human beings are getting integrating with robots, there are changes in how we travel & there has been revolutions in the energy production storage. But even after all this, technology is going to impact our future very deeply with the following things:-

1. High–rise farms– As the population is increasing day–by–day, the accommodation of all those people is becoming a matter of concern for everybody as space is limited. Infrastructure is also developing with each passing day & for that also we need space. As a result, the space for animals & plants is decreasing. For that reason, farmland is supposed to built on high-rise buildings which can promote living on plants, human & animals together.

2. Space tourism– We all have heard about space missions in which few people go to space (Moon, Mars, etc.) but normal citizens never have this opportunity even if they have a lot of money. Companies like Virgin, Galactic, Amazon’s Blue Origin & many others are trying them to make this a reality where one can get a seat to travel into the space orbit just like we travel to another country but it will be expensive.

3. Robots for our help– Robots are very useful for human beings as they can do all the work of a human being as per they are programmed & have better & extra qualities than humans. Since they don’t need oxygen, food, sleep for their survival, robots are being sent to space missions & can be used at the workplace to do those works which are life-threatening for humans.

4. Driverless cars– Though it seems very difficult & risky work, it is going on to make this exist in reality which will have sensors to sense all the things around it. This will decrease the chances of death & will help the person to take a nap & relax if he is driving for a very long time. Tesla already has an Autopilot mode that can take over some of the driving controls.

5. Robot butlers– For those people who are fed up with doing household chores, robots will help you in doing all your work shortly. With developing technology, larger robots are being made to do works like cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.

6. Flying cars– All of us know the condition of the roads due to the large no. of vehicles &during working hours, it becomes very difficult to move on the roads. With the evolving technology, researchers are trying to introduce flying cars which can reduce the traffic on the roads. One such similar device called drones has already been made which is used for many purposes like a spy camera, to deliver light-weighted goods to the people, etc.

7. Zero– size intelligent chip– This chip is being used in the computing field & this tiny package can help to add lots of brain to the computer. With such chips, only the size of the computers has now reduced from occupying an entire room to palms & laps. With the shrinking of the computing size, many of Moore’s Law will also come to an end.

8. Neuro hacking– Neuroscientists are trying their best to find out different ways by which one can read the minds of the people with the help of machines. It can be done by translating electrical activity from the brain & decoding the brainwaves by the machine that will be built.

9. Quantum Control– Microscopic chip, it has the power to think like a computer irrespective of being small in size. It uses concepts derived from physics. They merge science& technology to create something which is beyond experimentation.

10. DNA mapping– With the help of single-cell analysis, nanotechnology & big data technology, DNA mapping will help to detect any diseases at the time of birth only. It will form of testing teleportation where experimentation can be done with teleporting & it will replace the theoretical blood test & thus we can get more accurate results.

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