TCL C715: Is TCL TV Worth It?

TCL C715

TCL C715

Companies use backlit LED’s for their LCD paneled TV sets these days to make them more affordable. These LCD panels are of course not without their limitations. To handle these limitations, you can go for OLED TV sets but they will cost you a lot. The midway, where the budget meets the performance is QLED. Basically, it is an LCD with quantum dots. These quantum dots enable it to display genuine colours which are true to life. Let’s look at the TCL C715 Review to learn more

TCL has recently released its TV called C715 which makes use of a QLED display. It is a 55-inch premium TV which costs around Rs. 50,000.  The C715 is a 4K TV with support for Dolby Vision. Let us find out more about the TV in this following review.

TCL C715: Specifications

TCL C715

TCL offers C715 in three sizes. So if you are not sure about the right size of the TV, you can either opt for a small 50-inch version or a medium 55-inch version, or a 65 inch TV model depending on your needs and desires. To give it a more premium finish, TCL has used metal all around the corners of the screen. TCL C715 also comes with a bezel-less design making it more of a visual treat. The intelligent design in which this TV is planned makes it a better 55-inch option. It has a TCL logo on the metal jaw at the base, along with the other indicator lights and IR receiver. Furthermore, its back is made up of plain dark plastic. Its thickness increases in the center and decreases around the corners of the screen.

All the ports on the TCL C715 face to one side of the screen, while the force attachment is on the left. The TV comes with three HDMI ports and two USB ports The TV also offers a LAN port for networking. You can connect the TV to the Internet with Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and HDMI ARC is upheld on the HDMI 1 port. It also offers a 3.5mm audio jack.

The TCL C715 has a 55-inch Ultra-HD (3840×2160 pixels) QLED screen and supports high unique reach content up to the Dolby Vision standard. There is additionally nearby diminishing, with 1,296 zones to consider successful darkening of hazier zones on the screen. For sound, there is a double speaker framework with 30W of yield, and sound organizations up to the Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD designs are upheld. The TV has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of in-manufactured capacity for applications and games and is controlled by a 64-cycle quad-center processor.

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TCL C715: Features

Usually, all premium TV sets offer the option of voice commands. TCL is no different. You can use voice commands to access your TV and improve your viewing experience. You can actually speak to your TV and command it. This is a wonderful addition to a TV for people who are too lazy to even pick up their remotes. Also in case, you lose your remote, you will find that your TV still can change channels just by listening to your voice commands.

The TCL C715 uses Android TV 9 Pie, as its operating system. An Android TV with built-in Google Assistance is going to make your TV viewing experience a brilliant one. Google Assistance is your own personal help which you can use to go over your queries. You can also ask it to do things virtually like searching for something or playing some videos. You can also control your home’s smart devices easily.

TCL C715: Performance

TCL C715

While there are a few misses with the TCL C715, the TV compensates for this with execution. The advantages of the QLED screen will be noticeable as it so happens, and their offers a good all-round survey involvement in a wide range of substance.

The sound quality on the TCL C715 is just about fine; it’s reasonable enough at moderate volumes, doesn’t have an excess of volume change, and is tuned well for the sound of most films and TV shows. Additionally, you can set the sound mode to zero in on vocals, which causes you to hear exchanges plainly, and we valued this.

Given that this is a huge TV with great picture quality, it is prescribed to have a decent soundbar or speaker framework for a coordinating sound encounter. The implicit speakers also don’t exactly satisfy the principles of the screen, and even amazing sound arrangement uphold doesn’t have a sufficient effect.

You can easily connect an external hard disk to the TV. According to a FAQ on TCL’s website, “It is possible to connect 3.5″ external hard drives to your TV if they are in FAT32 format. 3.5″ hard drives do in fact have the special feature of having their own power supply, which is not the case with most of the 2.5″ hard drives on the market.
It is possible to connect a self-powered 2.5″ hard drive, but the TV cannot guarantee a continuous minimum power supply for guaranteeing to record or playing. We do not recommend such self-powered hard drives.”


Are TCL Tvs Any Good?

Indians are known to prefer a bigger-sized TV over the type of screen that the TV has to offer. At a time when all households are covered with LCD’s, TCL’s QLED seems to be revolutionary. It is affordably priced when it comes to a 55 inch TV set and offers a brighter and better screen when compared to LED’s. TCL C715 sits at a great price with great performance abilities. If you are into having a large TV set in your home and want a feeling of sitting in a theatre, then TCL is a good way to go. You get voice control along with Android Assistance, taking your viewing experience to completely another level.

It isn’t without its issues like low voice quality. Having low voice quality can be treated by using speakers alongside your TV. This will improve the audio and makes things pretty loud and clear.

QLED sits perfectly in between LEDs and OLEDs. You won’t have as great an experience with QLED as you will have with OLED, but if you opt for OLEDs then you will have to spend a bit more. QLEDs are not only cheaper than OLEDs, they also come with brighter screens and longer life, something to consider before buying.

TCL has been consistently manufacturing QLED TVs for Indian markets and has received great praise for the quality while offering a perfect balance between the price and performance of its products. If you are wondering if TCL TVs any good, then you can rest assured that they actually are. They offer some of the best TV sets in the market these days.

TCL C715: Key Specs

Size55″ inches
Display4 K QLED display with Dolby Vision support
HDMI Ports3
USB Ports2
LAN PortYes
PriceStarting @ INR 50,000/-
Internal Storage16GB

Pros and Cons

  • QLED display
  • 4K
  • Dolby Vision
  • Not the best software
  • Poor audio

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