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Jumper EZpad 6 Plus: 2 In 1 Tablet PC Specifications

Jumper EZpad 6 Plus Jumper is a Chinese company that has already produced some eye-catching laptops. In the past, it had released EZbook 2, EZpad 5s, and the EZbook 3 pro. They were very well received. EZpad from Jumper is their latest offering. Check out the Jumper EZpad 6 Plus Review below. Jumper EZpad is […]

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Bluetooth Earphones: How To Use Bluetooth Earphone Connect Calling?

Bluetooth Earphones Since the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, calling technology has come a long way. You can now have conversations via Bluetooth earphones which don’t require you to have your phone on you all the time. You can have your phone at a distance from you and pick up the calls […]