In today’s world, no one can live without computers and laptops. Everybody’s life functionson them. These electronic items are so powerful and useful that they can be used in all thefields from education to research to business. All the work is done withthe help of them. That is because of their usefulness. They can store a very large amount of storage space in Windows; they can even manage one’s financial data and can suggest if it has the necessary software.

Windows is the used and famous operating software which is designed by Microsoft. Thewindow was released by Microsoft in 1985 which is now not even supported bycomputers and lack in technology and storage space. Since then, Microsoft has been continuously releasing the versions of Windows which are updated and have better performance than the previous one. The latest Windows released is Windows10. Now whenwe uses our computers for almost everything it also has to store a lot of data and information for us. Normally on a Personal Computer, the data varies from music, games, pictures which rarely generates the need to look for other options to free up the storage space in Windows.

The hard disk which is on the computer is usually enough to meet the storage demand of Personal Computers but the storage demand of office workers is usually cannot be met by the hard disk available so they might have to use external storage devices like pen drives (PD) ora memory chip/card or an external hard disk available in the market. But you also free up the storage space in Windows. There are few of the effective and efficient methods and techniques mentioned below to free up the storage space in the latest version of Microsoft windows in case you have your storage space filled up. A lot of storage space is usually occupied by junk files and trash which need to be removed first to increase the space or to free up some space. It is being noticed that even though nowadays the hard disk storagespace in terabytes still it only takes the owner a few seconds to fill that space. Following arefew of the easy yet effective tricks to free up space-

Recycle Bin-

I am sure that everybody knows this that when we delete or erase or remove any files or documents from the computer it goes in the recycle bin. From this recycle bin wecan recover a fileif we deleted it by mistake or wrongly. Over time as we delete files, they allbundled up in the recycle bin as trash and only use up the storage space. So, the first to becleared off in case one wants to free up some space is to clean the recycle bin. It is very easyto do. You just need to click on the icon of the recycle bin select all the files while holding ctrl and then press right click on the mouse and click on the delete option to clean it.

Storage Sense-

this is an excellent option that is only available in the latest version of Windows that is Windows 10. It allows the user to delete all junk files along with theprevious updates of the upgraded apps. It is a very useful and meaningful feature added by Microsoft in its latest Operating System. This also allows the user to delete files from theexternal drives like Pen drive or external hard disk or memory card. This feature caneffectively and efficiently free up the storage space. The steps to do it are very easy. Remember that this feature is only available in the latest version. First of all, go to the System section of Setting. Then click on storage. There you will find storage sense section click on“Change how we free up storage space in windows automatically”. Under this one can change various setting like there is a recycle bin section where one can decide how to free up the trash files, there isalso a download section where one can decide how to clean or free up the downloaded ortrash file. There is much other option available too. After all the sections are done according to one’s wish he/she should click on the clean button which is the final step. This is done manually but storage sense also provides the feature to clean up space automatically. One hasto turn on storage sense toggle switch to do it under change how we free up changeautomatically. Then a drop-down menu opens ups where one can select the time period whichis suitable to clean up space. After selecting the suitable option the storage sense will automatically clean up the junk files and other trash files.

Uninstall non-essential or non-useful apps-

This method is very useful and very common method yet very important. It is to clean up all the apps and other data that is not essential and that you do not use. Because there are many apps that if you keep more time in your computer and you don’t use them, but hackers can steal your personal data from your computer through them, that’s why the apps that you don’t use delete immediately By doing this, your data will also be safe and the storage of your computer will also be empty. Even inour mobile phones, we have so many apps that we do not use at all. These apps or data only end up using a lot of storage space. To do it goes to apps in the settings. Then, click on appsand features. To see those apps or games that are using the most storage space clicks of sortby and select size under the drop-down menu. Select all the apps or games that you want todelete and click on uninstall. A small menu will appear, then again click on uninstall to confirm their removal from the Windows.

Delete or remove unused languages-

there are many languages available that can be removed since all of these languages are not used. Go to setting, and then click on the time and language section under which select language. Select the languagethat you do not use andclick on remove. Repeat the steps for all the languages that you want to delete as you do not use them and will never use even in the future.


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