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Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Fold – Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Fold Reviews

Samsung has introduced another masterpiece into the folding world. Samsung has created a compelling first foldable device “Samsung Galaxy Fold”. Previously there were some reports that the display was easily breakable, now that problem is fixed and the device is going to be launched very soon in September 2019.

Advantageous Features of Samsung Galaxy Fold:

•    The big screen is vibrant and sharp’

•    12 GB Ram, 512GB memory

•    Multitasking feature

•    10 megapixels + 8 megapixels front cameras

•    12MP+ 12MP+ 16MP cameras on back

•    Speed in performance

•    New folding mechanism

•    Seamless software

•    Size of the screen is 7.3 inches which is very comfortable for entertainment

•    Great battery life

•    This new model design can easily fit in the pocket 

Disadvantages of the same:

•    Very expensive

•    Screen crease is visible from some angles 

•    4:3 ratio will not fit for every app

•    This new folding mechanism is addictive

Samsung brought an initiative by introducing the folding device to bring a folding revolution but few trades say that it rushed out the new revolutionary product too early. A few problems like easily breakable displays are caught before the device even released.


samsung galaxy fold

Unlike other foldable devices in the market, Samsung went to give the user book-like learning with the new foldable device.  This device can be folded inward and fitted with beat features and specifications.

Inside you will find 12GB ram and 512 GB of internal storage with 4380mAh battery which are going to be the best in a new generation without any second statements. When you shut the phone it is lean, use in one hand, and easy to hold but the slimness essentially makes it easy to perform actions on the external display quickly. When you close it by folding inside it shuts down, easy and very to open and shut actions.

Samsung strengthened in few areas like adding few extra flexible metals to the display panel and placed caps on either end of the hinges.


The new device carries a visible crease on the 7.3-inch AMOLED screen inside. Browsing the web, watching videos and playing games are not certain, you can only catch it when you look at it from an angle or straight white screen.

Its colors and contrast are very good which are similar to Galaxy S10 and S10+ with HDR and HDR10+, any content or videos look very good on it. The big panel of this device just looks awesome with a great canvas of multitasking which takes it to the next level.

There is also another screen in front when you close which is narrow and small at 4.6-inches. You can also use this front screen for interactions like answering calls and texting, taking selfies, etc. which is quite easy to use with functioning in less time and less attention.


Samsung made it with 4:3 ratio display, one of the finest features of this device is that the apps will continue from the small screen to the big and as well as big screen to small when open or shut the device.

If you open an app on a big screen and fold the phone the same app will run on the small screen. You can change this feature by changing some feature from settings.

Multiwindow tasking is another key feature of this phone. Three apps can run simultaneously in a split window. Since it has a large display, the panel is very good for running multiple apps at the same time and you can use three apps at a time.


Samsung made it with greater battery life, the phone has 4380mAh battery capacity with 2 batteries one on either side. By this, the big screen can be powered for the full day. This can charge other devices wirelessly via Wireless Power Share.

Samsung Galaxy Fold X has one of the most powerful mobile processors currently available with 12GB RAM 512 GB internal storage with an octa-core 7nm chip.


samsung galaxy fold review

Samsung took much interest in cameras; this device has 6 cameras in total. The main camera system is mostly similar to the hardware of Galaxy S10 and S10+. It has a primary, secondary and third camera with a 12-megapixel camera with dual departure, an ultra-wide camera and a telephoto 2x zoom camera respectively. In front, it has a basic selfie camera combined with the front screen which makes easy selfie framing. Not only one there are two more front cameras with the best features for selfie addicts placed at the top edge inside the phone. The dual system is made up of 10 megapixels camera with dual pixel with autofocus and the other camera is made up if 8 megapixels.

Wind Up

Samsung created this first foldable device with the best of best features which are going to make a big move in foldable devices. This is for sure going to give tough competition to other foldable devices like Huawei P30 Pro.

But this is way too expensive to buy. So, it might not have great sales in the beginning.

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