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role of social media in brand building

Role Of Social Media in Brand Building

In the modern world, the role of social media in brand building is very crucial. It enables its users to connect with people all around the world and provides the option to quickly and easily find anything you may be looking for. 

For businesses, it offers the ability to promote their endeavors, reach out to wide audiences, connect with their consumers and stay on top of their mentions.

Additionally, since social media users reached a stunning 3.8 billion mark, and considering that there are 4.5 billion internet users globally, it becomes quite clear why brands should focus their attention on these useful platforms.

That being said, building a brand on social media and raising awareness about your organization is not something that can be achieved overnight. Instead, it requires a lot of hard work and devotion, topped by extensive research, as well as some resources.

So, with that in mind, let’s see how social media can help you with building a brand.

What is a brand?

Simply put, a brand is the way in which you want others to perceive your business, product or even you as a person. 

Creating a strong brand will help you ensure that people recognize you even when you’re not actively promoting your endeavor. 

So, a brand denotes so much more than just the way your business looks – it also includes what feelings and emotions you manage to evoke in your audience.

In order to successfully brand your business, you need to set clear branding goals. In other words, you need to know exactly what it is that you want to achieve in order to be able to actually achieve it. Therefore, make sure you set clear branding goals and start looking for ways to achieve them.

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How to create a strong brand identity?

In order to create a strong brand identity, you will first need to define your brand. So, start off by answering three simple questions:

  1. What is your brand name?
  2. What is your brand all about?
  3. What makes your brand stand out?

If answering these simple questions took you any longer than 20 seconds, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. This process is often called an “elevator pitch,” as being able to fully present your brand during a simple elevator ride is something you should be aiming at.

role of social media in brand building

This is particularly important when it comes to branding on social media, as these platforms are not really the place for long-winded answers.

Rules of branding on social media

While it is true that every business should be where its audience is, building a brand on every single social media platform is not the best approach. Instead, you will need to assess which platforms are the ones that are most heavily frequented by your audience and focus your efforts there.

What this means is that it’s always better to choose a platform or two and create a strong brand presence there than it is to stretch your efforts too thin by attempting to do the same on every single one. 

Additionally, don’t fall into the trap of follower-hunting, as 20 followers who buy your products will be worth more than 20,000 that don’t make a single purchase.

Here are some other rules of brand building on social media:

  • Be consistent

Consistency is the key to branding. 

That’s why you need to make sure that all of your social media accounts, as well as your website, your blog and any other channel your brand appears on, are entirely unified. Our friends from a web design agency in Miami emphasize the importance of a consistent design across all platforms.

But the visual aspect of your brand is not the only part that needs to be consistent. Your brand’s toe of voice, writing style, and even posting schedule should all follow a unified pattern.

  • Pay attention to the logo

When creating a logo, it’s not enough to simply choose a symbol to represent your business. Instead, you need to make sure that the logo you choose represents your brand. 

Since the logo will act as the anchor to your brand, it needs to be clear, easy to decipher, interesting and memorable.

Ideally, you can even make the name of your brand an integral part of your brand’s logo and thus boost recognition and memorability.

  • Choose the right colors

Your brand colors are another part of your brand’s visual identity, so you need to choose them carefully as well. 

Learn more about color psychology which will help you determine the right colors for your brand more easily.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel confident enough to take care of this by yourself, consider consulting reputable website development companies from Houston, for instance, and rely on these professionals to help you out.

  • Determine your tone of voice

The industry your business operates in, as well as your target audience demographics will help you determine your brand’s tone of voice. 

When choosing the tone of voice, decide on the character of your brand persona, the type of language you will use, which purpose your tone will achieve and what the tone itself will be.

As mentioned earlier, keep things consistent across various social media platforms, but make sure you’re following the platform’s preferred communication style as well.

  • Talk like a human

One of the best perks of brand building on social media is the fact that it will allow you to connect with your audience more easily. And since you’ll be conversing with other human beings, you too need to talk like a human.

So, avoid using corporate talk and terminology that’s overly professional, and go for a natural communication style as much as possible.

  • Don’t over-plug

When customers choose to interact with a brand or star following that brand on social media, it’s usually because they are already somewhat interested in what the brand has to offer. So, instead of over-plugging your offer, you should really focus more on creating a relationship with your audience.

By connecting and interacting with your audience, you’ll manage to build trust, which plays a huge role in brand loyalty.

  • Tell a story

Simply put, people love stories. Storytelling is one of the oldest aspects of human existence, so you should use your platforms to share compelling stories with your audience. 

Let your audience know how your brand came to be and even try to involve them in the story.

Encourage your audience to share their stories as well, and thus boost engagement on your social media channels.

Why use social media?

After all that’s said and done, you may still be wondering why you should use social media? And what is the role of social media in brand building? Here are 5 top reasons:

1. Social media presence affects SEO

To avoid beating around the bush, we’ll say it plain and simple: Google simply loves brands that are present on social media. So, in order to boost your SEO efforts, make sure you build a strong presence on social media and don’t forget to include your keywords in your posts.

social media presence affects seo - role of social media in brand building

2. Social media boosts social proof

When people look for products or services online, they commonly check and cross-check all of the offers they manage to find. 

On top of that, they also commonly look for other people’s experiences and opinions about a certain business. Needless to say, you should use this to your advantage and boost your social proof by encouraging your customers to talk about your brand.

3. Social media helps humanize the brand

Being present on social media and connecting and interacting with your audience will allow you to humanize your brand and draw more focus to the people behind the business. 

This will prove to be invaluable as consumers – in general – are more likely to trust other people and create a connection with them than they are with businesses.

4. Social media enables expression

A social media presence is not only great because it allows other people to interact with you, but it’s also great because it allows you to express yourself. 

Social media is a great place to share your brand’s vision and core values, discuss your brand’s mission with your audience, and connect with other experts from your field.

5. Social media creates stronger relationships

In the business world, customers play the most important role. Without them, no business in the world would be able to thrive. 

Now, customers simply don’t like brands that are only trying to push their products. Instead, they are looking for the ones that provide a stellar customer experience and actually value customer feedback. 

So, if you show your customers that you truly care about them and do value their feedback, you’ll be able to create a stronger relationship with them. 

If you make your customers feel like they’re working with you on improving your brand, you’ll earn a loyal customer base that will also act as brand advocates.

To sum up

A strong role of social media in brand building is extremely valuable, as it allows businesses to reach and connect with a wide audience. Moreover, it also helps businesses boost their visibility and raise awareness about their brand. 

And finally, social media is a great environment to start building relationships with not just your audience but other industry professionals as well.

Travis Dillard

Travis Dillard is a business consultant and an organizational psychologist based in Arlington, Texas. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for DigitalStrategyOne.

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