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PS6 – Everything You Need To Know

The PlayStation, also known as PS, PS1, or PSX, refers to a video game console setup that is highly popular among gaming lovers all over the world to enjoy at home. Millions of these gaming consoles have been developed and marketed for several years by the multinational digital entertainment and video game company Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), earlier known as Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE).

There have been five series of PlayStation released from December 1994 to last year in 2020 – PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5. Due to such high demand, Sony plans to launch a new PlayStation 6 into the world of gaming within the next few years.

In this article, we are going to capture everything a gaming lover would likely know about the yet to be launched PS6. 

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PS6 Release Date

Since the latest PlayStation 5 or PS5 came out quite recently in 2020, it will be tough for Sony to launch the PlayStation 6 product soon, which might take a couple of years.

However, if we go by the release date sequence of all the PlayStation series, the launch date of PlayStation 6 can be somewhat speculated from that. The first PlayStation 1, or PS1, was released in December of 1994. Following this, the PlayStation 2 (PS2) and the PlayStation 3 (PS3) were officially launched in the years 2020, 2006 sequentially. The development of the PlayStation 4 or PS4 began in 2008, but it was not released until five years later, in 2013. Similarly, PlayStation 5 or PS5 development began in 2015 but was officially released five years later, in 2020.

So, it can be predicted that the most probable PlayStation 6 release date might be somewhere around or in between the years 2025 and 2027.

PS6 Features

Going by the build, characteristics, and report of the PlayStation 5, it can be anticipated that the PlayStation 6 will have an increase or improvement in its quality, value, and extent of its features.

Here are the listed features of PS6 based upon complete predictions and analysis, which will make it a major gaming console in the upcoming years.  

Wireless Integrated Connections

All the present-day PlayStation versions have amazing wireless features, which can definitely be expected in the PlayStation 6 version as well. One of these is the wireless charger for charging accessories. This can either be put on top, or the arms slide out of the PS6 gaming console. With this, one can easily put their everyday products like headphones, controllers, or phones on it to experience wireless charging.

Other than the wireless chargers, wireless adapters can also be expected in the console to ditch the wireless USB dongle as well as the DualSense charging station.

Storage Improvements:

Any gaming console needs a large internal hard drive facility. It must have enough to meet the storage space requirements of the users. Even though one could easily go for an external drive, that won’t be able to match the highly fast raw read speed power provided by the compatible internal NVMe SSD (Non-volatile Memory Express Solid-Sate Drives) accepted by PS5.

It is anticipated that Sony will make the internal hard drives of the PS6 more accessible either by enhancing the latest PS5 storage, changing out the hard drive with something easier such as a plug-and-go model, or upgrading the drive with a new, larger SSD.

Integrated Virtual Reality (VR):

In recent times, virtual reality, or VR, has become a popular go-to feature in the gaming world. Separate devices for gamers are available out there to connect to their already existing TV or PCs and consoles to experience virtual reality (or VR) games.

It is most likely that Sony will add this virtual reality or VR feature to the PlayStation 6 with the help of some lumpy motion heads and controllers.

Up-to-date User Interface (UI):

While dealing with PlayStation gaming consoles, one of the most essential features is a well-updated and refreshed user interface or UI. The UI of the latest PS5 has a lot of flaws, which makes it painful for the users to navigate.  

Sony is most likely to be updating the PlayStation 6 with a new, fresh and accessible version of the technology in order to boost its user interface to provide better navigation options for users.

Small, compact structure and design:

Since the latest PlayStation 5 or PS5 version is huge in size, it often makes it difficult to adjust in the living room of gamers. Also, even though it is the biggest console ever made, its size makes it challenging to perform the required functions.

Due to this, it is expected that Sony will be coming up with a smaller, downsized next-generation gaming console version of the PlayStation 6 with a slimmer design that can easily fit in with other items around it.

Upgraded Modular Designs:

Modular designs, also known as modularity in designs, refer to a design method that requires segmenting a system into smaller parts called “modules.” These modules can separately be built, modified, replaced as well as exchanged easily with other similar modules or in between two different systems. 

It is expected that the updated gaming console from Sony will possess these upgraded modular designs that will allow the user to build on the console for years without having to buy new hardware every year to improve the console.

Bluetooth Audio Support

Unlike other brand new gaming consoles released in 2020 that require a USB dongle plug-in receiver for wireless headphones to function, Sony is likely to include Bluetooth audio support in their yet-to-be-released PlayStation 6.

Digital-Specific Consoles:

Last but not least, it is most likely not to have a disc-based drive console. Sony will instead be adding a digital-only console for the PS6 to stream efficiently. The user will simply need a faster internet speed to play the game smoothly.

PS6 Specs

Other than all the features mentioned above, PlayStation 6 has the chance of coming up with the best possible advanced specifications, which will help to make PS6 a far more improved version than PS5.

Such specifications may include the following:

  • A more fast and efficient CPU (Central Processing Unit).
  • An excellent Dual Sensor.
  • An 8K/120 fps capability.
  • A 4K blue-ray player.
  • A well-improved graphics.
  • An additional 16GB RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • A completely wireless system.
  • A concept video launched by DZ Migo.  
  • A dark and rugged display. 

There will be more information soon on the details of the features and speculations of the PlayStation 6 as soon as the product is officially released.

PS6 Expected Pricing

It is difficult to predict how much exactly the price will be for the PlayStation 6 since there is no guarantee on what exact sort of improvements, hardware, extra features, or specifications Sony is going to add to the PS6, which might lead to an increase in its price.

However, with that being said, since the last few gaming consoles that Sony launched had prices nearly equal to those between $400 and $500, it can be assumed that the price of the PlayStation 6 will cost at least $600.

The PlayStation 6’s price will almost certainly be quite high at first, given its release date. It is possible that its price will be reduced at any time after that period of time, depending on demand from gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Can I play the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games on the PlayStation PS6 version?

Yes. Due to the fact that the PS6 will be a completely new version, you will be able to play previous versions of PlayStation, such as the PS4 and PS5, on this version.

Q2 Can I preorder the PS6 gaming console?

No. There is no pre-order-related information yet for the PlayStation 6 gaming console. The preorders will be conducted as soon as the official announcement of the PlayStation 6 comes from Sony. 

Final Words

With all the features, specifications, pricing, etc., as a whole, it can be said that the yet to be launched PS6 is a promising gameplay console version of the PlayStation series. 

There will be more detailed information on the console’s design, compatibility, and headset controller that you can expect after the major release of the product’s main launch. 

Thus, all we have to do for now is to wait for the announcement of the official release date of the PS6.

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