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Parabola Review | No-Code Data Workflow Software

Are you finding it bothersome to hire a professional to deal with a huge pile of workflow? Why not make your existing employees use Parabola instead?

Parabola is a no-code or low-code device used for creating routine eCommerce, sales, and marketing data workflows. It was designed to assist non-engineers in removing various technical barriers that they faced when dealing with tedious manual tasks such as copying and pasting data into spreadsheets or CSV files, sending out the same emails on a regular basis, or doing other automated workflows without the need for a code or programming language.

Let’s take a detailed look into Parabola no code data workflows.

How to use Parabola?

The Parabola no code platform is a wonderful tool for faster, smarter work. The platform can automate any manual task mission that you commonly do in a spreadsheet or through codes. 

You can also begin automating your workflows right away by receiving the scalability predictability and other task-related satisfactory practices that are generally reserved for the most skilled team members.

Other than this, you can set up your steps, link up your data, and neglect the requirement of hiring an extra developer to do the tasks.

Let’s check out some of the best methods you can use in the below-listed information –

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Sales Reporting

The platform facilitates bringing your tools, models, and sales collectively together automatically.

Marketing Reporting

Parabola automates the routine market reporting of emails, advertisements, etc.

Customer Management

It can preserve client records, keep them up-to-date, and interact with custom consumer segments.

Inventory Management

The no code tool can connect and manage the dots among your partners, customers, and stock.

Data and Tools Connecting

It has got automatic functions that can merge multiple data and login sources and pass the data from one to the other in an automated manner. It basically pulls, sends, and syncs data across various tools, spreadsheets, and APIs. 

Flexible Schedule Flows

By triggering flows primarily based on events, occasions, or schedules, such as receiving an email or paying close attention to webhooks, this platform will assist you in maintaining your work.

Drag-and-drop Flow Builder

With the assistance of Parabola’s in-built drag-and-drop flow builder, you can cope with anything starting from routine reports to complex manual procedures. You will be able to run reports, control and manage inventory, accommodate special requests, modify and adjust the advertisement purchases, examine loyal programs, and so much more. 

Saves Time

It saves your precious time, reduces frequent mistakes and errors, and boosts your impact by automating, costly operations with the customized workflow of Parabola. 

Brand New Methods to display data, tools, and workflows

Use Parabola to transform everyday duties like CSV exports, overlooked emails, disjointed tools, etc., into automatic flows; you can begin to spend a while and with interest constructing for the future.

Expert Help

Whether it’s a question, an ongoing session, or you require assistance in a selected flow, Parabola personnel are ready to assist you over chat, Zoom, or email.

Data security and privacy

The platform of Parabola doesn’t sell or promote your data. Their technology and guidelines focus on maintaining the privacy and security of your data. Any data you use and process in Parabola is only taken out on demand and is also regularly cleared from their servers.

Parabola PROs 

  • With the equation of Parabola, you can now build complex data record transfers that were previously only possible through coding and programming.
  • If your incoming data records need lots of post-processing, Parabola is a fine choice.
  • A WebHook can also trigger the workflows, but the WebHook option is in beta and best available if you message their help crew via the chat option.
  • The Parabola is likeable because each step in a flow is sort of a small code snippet or a small serverless characteristic that does some particular things.
  • It’s a visible improvement device, so you don’t have to write any code.

Parabola CONs

  • It is much more complicated to apply and undertake, just like Photoshop or WebFlow.
  • It does not contain any sturdy enough HTTP functions to allow for API (Application Programming Interface) calls.

Parabola Cost & Pricing

(The below pricing plan evaluation is the one done as per the most recent July 2020 version.)

The prices of Parabola are primarily based on a credit score system. That means having you pay on a month-to-month basis. However, you must also know that a few free and paid options cover each and every feature in Parabola.

The very first 15 parabola credits every month are free of any charges. In order to meet your particular needs, you should pay for a month-to-month subscription.

The quantity of credits that might be required to run a proper flow is fundamentally made on the basis of the quantity of data rows that might be processed through your workflow. 

Below is displayed a brief breakdown of the number of rows vs. credit:

<500 rows equal one credit per run

500 – 5000 rows equal two credits per run 

>5,000–50,000 rows equal four credit scores per run 

>50,000 rows equal sixteen credits per run 

In case your flow runs at the start of the week, and your tactics have four hundred or fewer data rows, it’s one credit score.

If your flow runs on the last stop of the week and your tactics will be able to have six hundred data rows, that’s 2 credits.

To make it clear, 15 credits are sufficient enough to run three small flows once a week or one medium-sized flow every day for one week every month.

For $0.08 consistency with credit score, the charge fee will be $4–$38 per month, and you get hold of 50–500 run credits. 

For $0.07 consistency with your credit score, the charge fee is $75-$500 consistent with the month, and you also get hold of 1000–7500 run credits. 

For $0.06 consistency with your credit score, that’s the top quality-type deal. The monthly charge fee is $800–$1800, and you also get a hold of 12.5k–30k run credits.

Final Words

Parabola is one of the recent in-demand automation tools to make a big hit in the eCommerce, sales, and marketing industries. 

Since many employees are still stuck managing small, medium, or large data sets, dealing with APIs, and automating workflows, Parabola is a go-to platform to make it all easier to work without having to write a single line of code.

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