LG Pulls off a Vanishing Act with its Signature Series OLED TV R9

Imagine going into a room, only to be met by a black cuboidal box. You start wondering what it is. Just then a black sheet-like screen rolls out and starts playing your favorite movie. While the part about playing your favorite movie is still fiction, the part about an OLED TV R9 isn’t.


We were astounded when the South Korean electronics manufacturer unveiled the LG Signature Series OLED TV R9 at CES due to technology’s involvement in the future. A TV that collapses on its own without destroying itself was the stuff of imagination so far.

In the 2nd half of 2019, this shall become a mesmerizing reality when it hits the markets. 

Design and Specs:

The first and foremost feature that catches your eye is the base. The base is not merely a stand for the television. Rather it’s an intricately designed sound system that also houses the rolling mechanism for the television as well as the screen itself.

What’s more, the screen is designed with Kvadrat, which is a high-end furniture textile. The speakers are front-firing and enclosed in Kevlar, making them all the more durable.

A 64.5” screen along with OLED picture performance, Dolby Vision, coupled with α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and deep learning AI algorithms bring to you an unprecedented level of perfection.

The OLED TV R9 has a 4.2 Dolby Atmos sound system that is bound to blow your minds.

The ‘unfurling’ of the television still seems to be the stuff of fiction. So, to make things easier, LG has put together an instructional video. It shows the screen rolling up on a spindle inside the base. This process is supposedly silent. At the CES 2019, LG executives have assured us that the TV screen can be furled and unfurled about 50,000 times. Although, this may come to you as a major limitation, yet some rudimentary calculations show that it would take you 34 years to reach this limit even if you switched the TV on and off twice a day.

As if all these features weren’t enough, you can even control the screen to furl and unfurl with just your voice. We have LG ThinQ to thank for this. Moreover, it also has Alexa and the Google Assistant, make it all the smarter.

With all its pros, it does have some cons. The base and the stand come in a single color. So, for those of you hoping for a different color than a white base and stand so that it does not stick out, it’s going to be an aesthetic disappointment.

But, coming back to the pros, the base and stand do not stand out at all as far as their size is considered. When the TV is turned on, a small part at the top of the base slides back to give way to the screen to unfurl. This, per se, is a more interesting watch than whatever airs on the TV.

When the TV screen is being unfurled, it could either be extended completely into what the executives at LG are calling the ‘Full View,’ or it could the ‘Line View.’ The line view is a brilliant concept from the makers of this TV in which only a part of the screen is on display. You could listen to music or turn the Mood Mode on in the Line View. The Mood Mode uses small visualizations to match nature-themed soundtracks.

As with all new and improved things, The new OLED TV is way more fragile than its ancestors, as far as being hit is concerned. But performance-wise, it trumps all its predecessors.

This cool new TV was already the summit of perfection when its makers added HDMI 2.1 ports. These are supposed to support 4K120 playback when it arrives via an update later this year.


In Full View, this TV is a stunning beauty with a 4K HDR OLED display that will make your jaw drop. LG has been able to keep up its good work as far as screens are concerned.

What acts as the cherry on the cake is the 2nd gen Alpha a9 processor that allows for deep learning picture quality. The Screen can also adjust to the intensity of light in the room, e.g. increasing the brightness during the daytime to compensate for the extra light and reverse the process at night. LG has also thrown in the 4.2 Atmos sound system with it to give its viewers the ultimate viewing experience.

With the OLED R9, LG has brought out all its big guns. One of which is the new WebOS 4.5 smart platform which shall make its debut. Bringing Alexa on board was also a smart decision, and so was making the Amazon button on the remote as a way to access Alexa as well.


As with manufacturers at a CES, LG did not reveal the price of this beauty, yet. But, with all its features, we believe that it is not going to be cheap.     

Our Verdict:

The LG Signature Series R9 is bound to drop jaws and set many benchmarks as soon as it is launched in the market. With its stunning display and logic-defying screen, coupled with all its features, the OLED R9 will revolutionize the definition of television.

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