Mobiles : All You Need to Know


These days, round the clock, we all are highly dependent on your mobile’s for varied purposes. Precisely it is a wireless device that helps in communication and we make use of it for nearly everything today from making calls to sending text messages.

Just think not making use of your phone for one day….it is awful. Isn’t it? Let’s free you from this grim thought towards some pivotal information that will help you have a better view about this world.

Mobile device is basically a term used for cellular computers or smartphones. Tablets, PDAs, smartphones, smartwatches etc with genius potential and flair are all mobile devices.


Motorola DynaTAC 800x was the world’s first phone to be put in place. It was appraised at $4,000. In defiance of its big size, it was still acknowledged as the most transportable phone with a talktime of only 30 minutes and required many hours to get charged. The world of mobile devices has circumscribed around many devices but the world’s first phone which created a history was the Motorola DynaTAC 800x.

Characteristics of Mobile Devices-

  • Wireless use
  • Improved access to internet
  • Potential to download data
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Capability of virtual assistant

Operating systems used in mobile technology-


Android and iOS are operating systems that are made use in mobile technology like phones and tablets. Android, which is essentially Linux-based, is more like a PC in comparison to iOS, in that its chief features are more custom based. At Google, the team of android proposed to base the foundation of their project on Linux.


iOS is used on Apple devices, such as the iPhone and is believed as more customer-friendly. Content sharing and flaunting an activity stream are just some of the ways through which iOS makes it uncomplicated to blend social network interconnections into the app.

What do you get from Techbored?

Our blog offers you with precise and useful information that is pertinent and is required for taking the right step. All the necessary information is collected here that you may require to know about the mobile world.

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