Lords Mobile Troops Protection: Max Amount of Troops Protected

Lords Mobile Troops

Have you played Lords Mobile on your phone recently? It is an amazing role-playing game with brilliant gaming experience and graphics. You can enjoy it on your Android phone, as well as on other platforms like iOS, Steam, Windows etc. The gameplay of Lords Mobile is very immersive. You have to build your own kingdom filled with various magical creatures and become the lord of the world. It won Google Play Award in 2016 for being the “Best Competitive Game”. You can check out the official website of the game here. To find out more about Lords Mobile Troops Protection, read the following review.


It is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) with elements from real-time and role-playing games. The game is set in a fantasy universe where various kingdoms are at war with each other to rule the world. You are also a part of that warfare and you have to defeat all your enemies and come out on top of each of them. You will need Android 2.3 and later, iOS 7.0 and later to play the game on your mobile.

The game has a gameplay which is similar to the classic “Age Of Empires”. Similar to the Age Of Empires, you have to build your empire. Your empire is going to be filled with various magical creatures like dwarves, mermaids, dark elves etc.

You will use these creatures to construct various buildings of your kingdom. These buildings will not only empower your kingdom, but also help you with Lords Mobile Troops Protection Other things that you will have to do are conducting research and train your troops for various tasks. As you gather your resources and train your troops, you will constantly deal with your enemies and defeat them in order to expand your kingdom.

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Activities in Lords Mobile

The activities that take place in the game are followed by a timer of how long the activity is going to take to finish. As you continue to complete these activities, you get rewarded with more resources and training options to make your kingdom more advanced. The more advanced your kingdom gets, the easier it becomes for you to defeat your enemies. As you continue to defeat your enemies, you capture their land and resources which makes you more powerful. You earn more experience as you complete various tasks along with various fights. This experience in turn helps you get various useful items.

The game is filled with politics and strategy. You have to take quick decisions when you are at war. You have to be one or two steps ahead of your opponents. There are in game purchases as well. You can purchase various resources to become more powerful and defeat even the most difficult of your opponents. 



If somehow, you get your hero captured, you won’t be able to use him until he gets released. You will lose all his boosts. He won’t be able to help you in your hunts anymore.

 This might result in your poor gameplay if that hero was an important one or your most used one. Getting your hero captured may mean that it could take 3 days till you are able to play with him again. This will definitely impact your strategy and force you to form a new one. 

What you can do at this time is negotiate with your opponents. You should message them and negotiate nicely with them. If you are able to negotiate with them properly, you will be able to get your hero back in less time. You can also use help from the guild. Someone from the guild who is ready to help you will do a rally attack on your captors to help you get your hero back.

The worst thing that could happen if they capture is they can execute your hero. This would be a definite loss in your gameplay. Don’t worry. There is a way to revive your hero. You will have to purchase a revival fruit from the guild shop to revive your hero. In case you are not left with any revival fruit, you can buy the revival fruit from instant revive. This will cost you a setback of about 1000 gems. You can also buy the revival fruit for 60,000 Guild Coins.


Might is an indicator of your total strength in the game. The more advanced you get, the more your might increases. There are 8 categories which come under might. These are Troops, Traps, Buildings, Quests, Research, Player Level, Hero Armies and Familiars. These categories under might increase slowly with each time you get more experience.

To increase your might faster, you can train your troops faster by using the gems. You can focus on research more than anything to increase your might. Or, if you are willing, you may also buy various boosts available in the game to increase your might.

One thing you have to be careful about is you may as easily lose your might as you have gained it. You have to be careful. If you are attacked upon, you may end up losing a lot of your might. You have to strategically create your defence system and work o your attacking to avoid losing your hard earned might. 


To protect your hero, you will have to use the shelter. It can be unlocked after you finish Skirmish 3, Vantage. If the hero is in the shelter, then even if the kingdom is attacked, he along with the troops will not be attacked. Shelters can be used anywhere for 1 hour to 12 hours. The shelter can accommodate lots of your troop. The capacity of your shelter will depend on the castle level of the player. If you have reached the highest level and you have 50 per cent army size boost activated, then you should be able to accommodate 4,50,000 troops.


To unlock Heroes in the game, you will have to first complete Skirmish 2. After you have unlocked the hero stage, you can start playing with 2 heroes and with each level, you can unlock more heroes. To know about your heroes, you can tap on them in the Hero Collection.

You can upgrade your heroes as well. To upgrade your heroes, you will have to focus on collecting medals. You will have to complete various Hero Stages to earn these medals. The more advanced your hero gets, the more powerful he becomes. This will help you in winning the battles more easily.


In the game, if you have gems, then you can use these gems to buy various resources such as Revival Fruits, Royale Pass etc. There are many ways to earn these gems as well. The biggest source of these gems is Treasure Trove. You unlock this bank after you have finished the 17th level of the game. A maximum upgraded treasure trove is going to give you 21,000 free gems every 30 days.

You can also earn these gems through Colosseum. It awards players regularly after every 3 hours. You can also earn these gems by playing some of the in-game events. By hunting down monsters in these in-game events, you can earn as much as 500 gems at a time. You can open mystery boxes, use Labyrinth or earn through guild awards whenever you or someone from your guild kills a monster.

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