L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Excited to unbox your brand new gaming console? Yes? But where are you going to keep it? You will need a gaming desk that is as amazing as your gaming computer. While several factors are involved in picking the right Desk, such as the shape and size, which we will discuss later, the most popular ones are the L-shaped gaming desk. The shape of this Desk fits perfectly in a corner to give more space for your gaming equipment. Although they do not add any technical value to the Console, it does create a gaming environment essential for a great gaming experience.

Factors to keep in mind while buying your gaming desk:

There are a few things you should look for on your gaming table. Listed below are few factors that you must think about before making your perfect choice.

  • Size: The size of your Desk should be according to the size of your room. It should have enough space to keep all your gaming gadgets.
  • Colour: Pick a color that brings out the gamer in you. If you are a hardcore gamer, you will spend most of your time on the Desk, so it should be pleasant to your eyes and keep you going for long gaming hours.
  • Budget: Your Desk should be within your budget for the features and quality. Select the price range accordingly
  • Warranty: You should purchase a desk with a warranty. It may cost you a bit more, but if there is any damage caused to the Desk, you can repair it for free.
  • Quality: The Quality should be top-notch. It should be durable and strong enough to keep all the machines without a squeaky noise.
  • Maintenance: It should be easy to clean and should not require extra care. You surely would want to play a few extra hours than spend your time cleaning.
  • Multipurpose: After amazing gameplay, you would love to watch your favourite movies or shows, and your new Desk should be versatile enough to allow it. Also if you are working, you should be able to finish your job at the very same Desk.
  • Assembling: You would want a table that is easy to assemble so that it doesn’t take much time figuring out how to build it right and then spend extra time building it. It is necessary as it will be easier for you to move the Desk from one place to another without much effort.

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List Of Gaming Desk

L-shaped gaming desk is mostly preferred for its space efficiency and amazing legroom. They are convenient and fit in a small room while providing ample space. In this list, you will find the best L-shaped gaming desk for your computer:

Astrix Gaming Desk for Computer

Astrix Gaming Desk is undoubtedly one of the best L-shaped gaming desks because of its high legroom. There is a lot of space for you to stretch your legs or fill up space with files from work. The Desk is made of environmental P2 particles, with metal legs and an adjustable foot pad for extra stability on rough surfaces. It is waterproof and scratchproof as well.

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Pros and Cons of Astrix Gaming Desk

  • ● Excellent for Large computer sets
  • ● Strong and durable
  • ● Adjustable Keyboard tray
  • ● Expensive

Vivohome L shaped Desk

This gaming desk is perfect for those with a large room. It has ample space to fit three monitors and several books and papers. It is spacious for your legs as well, with enough room under the sleek and smooth Desk. This can easily fit into a corner with its 59″ design. There is a small cut around the middle corner so that the cables have their space to go down and not make the Desk look messy.

Vivohome L-shaped Gaming Desk is made with high-quality engineering-grade particleboard & real wooden veneer top on one side and an E1 grade real wood veneer top. It has a metal frame that helps endure heavy weight easily, and the adjustable foot adds to its stability. It is easy to assemble and is quite portable.

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Pros and Cons of Vivohome L shaped Gaming Desk

  • ● Easy Assemble
  • ● Durable and strong
  • ● Corner is cut off for cables to go down
  • ● Excellent space
  • ● 1-year warranty
  • ● Expensive

Ironstone L shaped Desk Gaming Desk

Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming desk has an entire frame made with powder-coated steel, making it a super strong and durable desk. The surface is made up of an MDF board and comes with the choice of an extra monitor shelf that lets you utilize space the way you’d like to. It has ample space with its 50.8 inches surface area. The adjustable foot pad helps get a tight grip on a rough floor and is very stable.

The spacious and easy to install and assemble Desk can be used for several purposes, not just gaming. It has a height of 29.5 inches, allowing you good leg space and room for your office files.

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Pros and Cons of Ironstone L shaped Desk Gaming Desk

  • ● Easy installation
  • ● Very spacious
  • ● Good for multipurpose
  • ● It is costly

Eureka Ergonomic L Shaped Gaming Desk

The Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped Gaming Desk comes with a 60-inch surface area. Its unique design divides the Desk into two sections which you can use for different purposes accordingly. The table is strong and durable, with ample workspace and a great design look. However, it is quite costly. It also doesn’t have a keyboard tray, so you might have to keep your keyboard over the Desk.

You Can Buy it from Amazon

Pros and Cons Eureka Ergonomic L Shaped Gaming Desk

  • ● Strong and Durable
  • ● Ample Space
  • ● Stylish
  • ● Quite expensive
  • ● It has a large footprint.
  • ● No keyboard tray

Lakdi- The furniture Co. L Shaped Gaming Desk

This Desk has the classic look to it and has excellent use of space. It has multiple draws thanks to its design. You can easily sort your important work papers or gaming pieces of equipment all at one Desk. As it is friendly to the pocket, the quality and the material are average. But for its price range, and service it is an excellent choice.

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Pros and Cons of Lakdi- The furniture Co. L Shaped Gaming Desk

  • ● Affordable
  • ● Multiple drawers
  • ● Good Design
  • ● Colour is a bit dull
  • ● Material and Quality is average.

Walker and Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top

A high-quality gaming desk that comes with the finest glass top and exclusive design, Walker and Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top gaming desk is a stylish table for your computer. The L-shaped Desk is 51 inches in length and comes with a keyboard tray, making it look more attractive. It has enough space; however, the glass look also brings in a limitation. The tempered safety glass used to make the glass top cannot carry much weight. It can hold up to 22 kgs of weight, while the keyboard tray can hold up to 4.5 kgs.

The L-shaped is formed after assembling the two separate desks, for which there is a step by step instructions available for your convenience.

You Can buy it from Amazon

Pros and Cons of Walker and Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top

  • ● Stylish Glass Top
  • ● Premium Design
  • ● It has a keyboard tray
  • ● Easy to Assemble
  • ● Not very strong
  • ● High maintenance

Casaottima L shaped Gaming Desk

About 51 inches long, Casaottima L-shaped Gaming Desk has enough space for 3 to 4 monitors and still has room for few other gadgets. The design is sleek, and the surface is made from engineered wood. It is sturdy, waterproof, scratchproof, and durable and has extra stability on any floor with the adjustable footpad. It has good space for relaxing your legs and is perfect even if you have a small room as it is quite space-efficient.

Pros and Cons of Casaottima L shaped Desk

  • ● Has optional space for an extra monitor on the side.
  • ● Stylish
  • ● Spacious
  • ● Waterproof, scratch resistant
  • ● Easy installation
  • ● Durable
  • ● Not enough warranty

Coleshome L Shaped Desk

Made of Engineered Wood and durable Metal frame, the 51-inch Coleshome L Shaped Desk has ample space for your console gears as well as your legs. The additional monitor shelf adds to its spacious feature, which can be attached to make it more space-efficient. In addition, it has 29.5 inches of height for your legs to relax or things to keep under it.

Coleshome L Shaped Desk is made of medium-density fiberboard, which makes it waterproof and scratch-resistant. It has an excellent design allowing you to switch sides and use it smartly. The table is easy to assemble and easy to clean as well. In addition, there is an easy and fast replacement offered by the manufacturer in case of any issues.

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Pros and Cons of Coleshome L Shaped Desk

  • ● Good Leg space
  • ● Additional Monitor shelf
  • ● Waterproof
  • ● Scratch resistant
  • ● Switching Sides
  • ● Easy to clean
  • ● Easy to assemble
  • ● Durable
  • ● No warranty details are provided
  • ● No Keyboard tray

With an excellent gaming desk, you can enjoy amazing game play and working experience. You can sit with all your requirements at once, thanks to the ample space on the table and enjoy long gaming hours without the need to get up. The L-shaped desks are perfect not just for multitasking but for multiple people at once. It has enough space for three people to work together. The smart shape fits easily into a corner while not taking much surface space, making it an excellent choice.

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