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In today’s time, technology has created a different place in the market – there are gadgets available that are very useful for people or to say that people cannot live without those gadgets. Some such gadgets to make your pet smarter are also available in the market.

1.     Robotic cat litter box:

This robotic cat litter is for your cat, which makes your work of cleaning your cat becomes easier. Cats are such animals that need a lot of care while cleaning. But you would wish that cats can also be cleaned easily like other pets. So, this robotic litter box makes your work of cleaning your cat easier for you, this litter box cleans your cat automatically without your involvement. This does not hurt or injure your cat; the cat will be cleaned easily carefully without causing any harm to it by this robotic litter box. This is a gift not only to your pet but also to you because it reduces your work and does the same work so easily and carefully. 

It is an automatic and self-cleaning gadget that also cleans the waste left in the clean litter, it also cleans itself for not getting the bad smell. Requires electricity to work, better for multi-cat households. It costs $449, you can get it from Amazon.

2.    Smart dog houses:

We know smart houses, but now we also have smart houses for dogs. Samsung has created a smart house for dog namely The Samsung Dream Dog house. Samsung spent $30k on the prototype of this smart dog house in the United Kingdom in June. The smart house is featured with a treadmill. Automatic food dispenser, hydrotherapy pool, and a Samsung tablet mounted on the wall. 

If you think that $30k is difficult to drop you have another option that is The ZenCrate. This is also a smart house for dogs, it contains sensors that help the owner to keep an eye about the activities of the dog with the help of a camera in it. It will send a text to you when the dog enters in it. It is designed for resisting the vibrations caused by thunder and fireworks. If you love your pet it is worth buying.

3.    Pet Fountain:

These gadgets to make your pet smarter will keep your pet’s body hydrated whether it is a cat or a dog and reduces natural detoxification in the kidneys. Water is necessary for pets’ health too but many dogs and cats do not like to drink it, in such cases this pet fountain reduces the rate of getting problems in kidneys by maintaining an optimal level of water in their body.

It has a capacity of 168-ounce, it is made from BPA-plastic, these plastic parts are dishwasher safe. This pet fountain has dual carbon and foam filtration, a steady stream of water can be used for both cats and dogs.

It costs $44.95 on Amazon.

4.    Aqua paw:

Aqua paw is a gadget that helps you as a sprayer and scrubber while bathing your pet. It is a wearable gadget, you can use it to spray water as well as to scrub the body of your pet, and this makes your work simpler, faster and joyful. The pressure of water is high enough to penetrate the fur on the body of your pet and comfortable at the same time. Your pet and you both will enjoy the cleaning of its body; it is easy to clean and comfortable for your pet too. It costs $24.99, it is worth having for your pet.

5.    The petchatz HD pet camera:

If you want to spend time with your pet but unable to make time for them then this gadget might help you for sure. The petchatz HD pet camera is two-way audio and video recording gadget, this will help you to see your pet from any place, and not only you but your pet can also see you in the video. This camera allows you to record videos and capture pictures and saves them directly to your smartphone. This gadget can be attached to the walls, there will be no breakage problems. 

This is actually costlier than other cameras available in the market, it costs $329.99, and you can get it from Amazon.

6.     iFetch Automatic Ball thrower:

iFetch is a high-tech dog toy for large as well as small dogs to play with. These gadgets to make your pet smarter enables your pet t to enjoy the ball throwing game which is dogs’ favorite one, even if you are absent. iFetch is an automatic ball thrower that can be the best gift to your dog. There are small and large size gadgets in the market that are designed for dogs of various sizes. This gadget can throw a tennis ball from 10 to 30 feet distance, large throwers can throw up to 40 feet too. It works with battery once you charge this it can work for the next 30 hours. iFetch Automatic ball thrower costs $114.99 on Amazon.

7.     The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar:

This gadgets to make your pet smarter is a pet tracker that helps you keep an eye on the activities of your dog and its health status. It is a belt-like thing that can be tied up to the neck of your dog, it is made up of nylon. It is also a GPS tracker that keeps the tracks of your pet’s position, vital signs and other health markers it also helps you to set up a safe zone around your house for your dog. It is not even harder for your pet to carry; it is a collar wearable gadget easy to wear and maintain without falling. 

It has an attractive design, monitors the activities of your pet, sends you temperature alerts, etc. The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar costs $99 on Amazon but varies along with the size of the gadget. 

8.     The Pet Safe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy:

This is an automatic laser toy that creates random patterns to keep your cat guessing and entertained for hours. It can be used without your involvement, if you want interaction then you switch to manual mode. It can be held in hand and also an automatic device helps your cat for extra exercise. This device has a feature of auto-shutoff of 15 minutes, after playing for 15 minutes it gets shut off so that the cat cannot play for too long to get tired and not too short. 

It costs $17.95on Amazon.

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