Future of AI

Future of AI- The Roaring Artificial Intelligence Decade is Coming

Future of AI

Man has always built machines to ease up his difficult tasks. These advancements in machines and technology have evoked various ideas in men. The most prominent of these ideas is what if a machine has its own brain? This is where the Future of AI or Artificial Intelligence comes in. although the idea of Artificial Intelligence is an ancient one; it was founded as an academic discipline in the year 1955. There have been lots of ups and downs in the world of AI and with new advancements every day in the world of AI, we can’t help but wonder maybe the roaring AI decade is coming.

Advancements in AI

Over the years, AI has advanced into something out of a science fiction movie. Machines can be trained to work and accomplish everyday tasks like a human being would. In 2019, a robot hand called Dactyl trained by OpenAI successfully solved the Rubik’s cube. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Now are some of the examples of advancements in the field of AI. They can perfectly use human language to answer questions and perform various tasks. Tesla has built cars which don’t need humans to drive. The car can very well drive on its own and may stop if someone stands or passes by from its front. The Future of AI is continuously evolving and advancing towards new developments beyond our wildest imaginations.  

AI in our Daily Life

Future of AI

Most of us are using or are being influenced by AI without even realizing it. The thing that we see on our smartphones and online while searching is “recommendations”. When an app or website recommends you something on the basis of your usage, that app or website is making use of AI to do that. Whether we search for stuff using our voice over our phones or ask Alexa to do something for us, we are making use of AI. The Google Maps that we use when we search for directions has been made a possibility only through AI. The music recommendations that we receive on our apps or the video recommendations on YouTube are all because of AI.

Not only this, when we are surfing through our social media, these social media apps and websites are already using AI to give us a better experience. For example, Twitter uses AI to fight off inappropriate content and improve user experience. Not just various social media platforms, but various chatbots too use their AI technology to understand the words and phrases and deliver content accordingly. Face recognition is another blessing of AI that many of us have constantly used in our phones. AI has been also beneficial in the world of gaming where it can be used to track human movements to improve the playing experience. AI is also being constantly used in health care and medical field to help doctors with a better diagnosis of their patients.

Future of AI

Future of AI

AI has a vast scope and it is here to stay. The field is being constantly explored and it is constantly transforming our daily lives. From the medical field to everyday usage, AI has continuously helped us in easing up our tasks. AI has made it easier for the doctor to understand what kind of diagnosis is needed with the patient. AI is constantly being used in the military to reduce causalities among soldiers. It is being used to develop advanced weapons so that wars can be won instantly with less damage to human lives.

AI finds usage in our everyday lives as well. The day is not far when we all will have our personal robots that look like us and will do our day to day tasks. Maybe we will even have flying cars and who knows maybe someday we are able to develop our own Time Machine! That would be a fantastic achievement for humankind, although we are still too far away from it. Deepfake is another modern day invention which uses sophisticated algorithms to put one person’s face over other person in a video so well that it becomes almost impossible to recognize through a naked eye.


AI is being used to make our fantasies and dreams a reality. It is a constantly developing field which is overcoming our daily difficulties and easing up our task. Soon, AI will become so much a part of our life that we won’t be able to live without it. From security to healthcare, the developments that we have made in recent years have made it possible to believe that we finally understand AI. It is a fact that in the coming days, AI is going to take over the world and we will not only improve the technologies that we have today but by using these technologies, we will also be able to improve our lives as well.

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