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ABC of Free Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that allows different people and organizations to host a website or web page on the internet.

The Web Host or Web Hosting Service Provider is a business that provides the technology and service for hosting the website and keep it functioning.

Websites are hosted on servers and when a viewer wants to check your content, they can just utu our domain name on their browser and then their computer will be connected to the server and they can view your content.

Why Web Hosting?

In order to publish a website online, you require a web hosting service.

But a web hosting service does more than just publishing your web site. They employ technicians to make sure that the clients’ website is working 24*7. They also provide with help when the client is facing with troubleshooting problems.

In all the web hosting service provider assures the client with a smooth experience so that the client can efficiently focus their time and mind on their business.

Free Web Hosting Sites

The following are some of the best free web hosting service providers on the internet:

  4. Squarespace

Web Hosting Service Providers- Reviewed

  • 1.
    1. A. It’s the best all-round website builder.
    2. B. Sometime back websites were something that could be created by only technical guys or on sending some money.
    3. C. But now with Wix, websites can be created even if you don’t know even a word regarding coding.
    4. D. Its basic services are provided for free.
    5. E. If you need some advanced features, they are available at a nominal low cost.
    6. F. It’s a drag and drop editor with lots of designs and templates.
    7. G. About 88% of users recommended it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Highest public recommendation of any website builder.
  • Value for money and helpful features.
  • High customer satisfaction.
  • Many designs and options.
  • Security is good.


  • Templates can’t be changed after the website is life.
  • Choices and customizable options can be overwhelming.
  • Advanced email, domain, and e-commerce features are paid features.

Conclusion: It can be recommended for anyone to either making a personal blog or making a website for their business.

  • 2.
    1. A. It’s a popular tool for building all kinds of websites from blogs to business websites.
    2. B. It gives complete freedom to design your website.
    3. C. Though, you need some coding knowledge to use it.
    4. D. It’s not a drag and drops website builder.


  • Limitless customization.
  • Total creative control.


  • Not for tech beginners.
  • Requires coding knowledge.
  • The client is responsible for managing security.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that it’s a tech pro’s dream and a beginner’s nightmare.

  • 3.
    1. A. Weebly is best for small businesses.
    1. B. It’s a drag and drop website builder.
    2. C. It has a large range of as and features that come in handy.
    3. D. It can build a simple, stylish and functional site for small businesses.



  • Drag and drop customization is limited and you should have some coding knowledge.
  • No personal restore option if the site goes down.
  • You have to create a website manually, there’s no artificial intelligence-based designing option.

Conclusion: It is great for small businesses. Thus, it is a great option for entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc.

  • 4. Squarespace
    1. A. Squarespace is appropriate for creating professional websites.
    2. B. It has the best quality designs and features on the market.
    3. C. Great templates, customization and amazing features at fingertips.


  • Best quality templates in design and flexibility.
  • Best quality features.
  • Full customization control without coding.
  • Easy to use.
  • Drag and drop website builder.
  • Security is good.


  • Complete reliance on its in-built features.
  • Takes some time to get used to it.
  • Terminology is a little bit confusing.

Conclusion:  Beginners ay struggle a little, its best for people with patience or technical knowledge.


    It’s a beginner-friendly website.

    Uses Artificial Intelligence for making the website faster.

    The website is made very fast.

    It uses entered information to make a suitable website.

    About 76% of users recommended it.

    It’s good for blogging, businesses, small businesses, online sellers, etc.


    Creation of website and making it go live in a few minutes.

    Easy to use.

    Pricing is pretty cheap.

    Security is great.


    Not much creative freedom.

    No depth to some features.

    Sites aren’t very attractive.

Conclusion: It’s much quicker and faster and so the individual doesn’t have to worry about the website and has to just focus on their business.


    There are many Web Hosting Service provider in the market with different features to provide.

    On the basis of the purpose of making the website an individual can choose as to which host to be used.

    Also based on the technical knowledge of the person, one can choose which host to use.

    Wix is the best Host in the market which can be used by individuals for blogging as well as for e-commerce and business purposes.

    Wix is easy to use and is accessible even for individuals with no technical knowledge.

    Weebly is great for small businesses.

    The customizations may be limited but it’s very easy to use and accessible even without technical knowledge.

    GoDaddy is great for businesses.

    It takes the least amount of time for making the websites.

    It has fewer customizations available bust is the easiest to use for the people with no tech knowledge.

    WordPress is for the technical experts who have coding knowledge.

     Squarespace is an intermediate between the tech expert people and drag and drop website makers.

    An individual can go through all these points in deciding as to which web host is best for them.

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