How Can Flutter Push Notifications Maximize Sales And Revenue Efficiently?

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Do you know about the power of implementing push notifications in your app? Definitely! This might be the reasons you’re here or looking for the ways how magically it can turn your small app into a great brand app. This article will discuss the types of flutter push notifications and their impacts on sales and revenue. But before that, let me share some recent stats about push notifications so you can better know what is best for you.

A sneak-peek at recent push notifications stats

  • Push notifications can significantly enhance the number of time users spend using your app, according to a Localities report on push notification statistics.
  • Users who gave their approval also used the app three times more frequently, and 65% of them came back after 30 days. In addition, 13% of users who accepted push notifications remained active on the app after 90 days, compared to 11% of all users.
  • After accepting push notifications, users open an app 14.7 times each month instead of 5.4 times when they don’t.

Open-in rate on android & iOS

With the above stats reports and images, you can easily estimate that using push notifications correctly can help you reach your business goals smartly. Keep reading to learn deeper!

What Are The Types of Push Notifications?

  • Informational: As its name predicts, informational push notifications are used by marketers to send users alerts, updates, and more regarding the app.
  • User-friendly: These notifications are solely based on the user’s end. This lets them know their users regarding the pending updates they haven’t checked yet. 
  • Transactional: These types of notifications are based on the user’s activity. It comprises information related to shopping, sales, banking, and more. 
  • System: These notifications are usually sent to highlight some updates regarding the system, new features, and more. 
  • Geo-location: These are used to inform users about local updates such as events, restaurants, parties, etc. 

Why Should You Plan Push Notifications Strategy For Business?

Push notifications are the most compelling part of marketing since it helps you build loyal brand partners and excellent leads that go for a long. Additionally, encouraging app usage and user loyalty can aid in improving user engagement with your business.

Compared to email marketing, push notifications guarantee a 50% greater open rate and a 100% higher click-through rate. They can help you achieve better user results and are more user-friendly than emails. Push alerts have the advantage of having straightforward language and a format that enables users to act quickly and with little effort.

How Flutter Push Notifications Maximise Sales And Revenue Of Business?

With the growing digital trend, marketers need to keep up with ever-changing mobile trends. Push notifications that contain personalised messages can be used to quickly increase business revenue through a mobile app. 

Additionally, push alerts to provide real-time communication with your audience, allowing you to rapidly access the outcomes. Your company may boost conversion rates and strengthen client relationships by using a customised push notification campaign for each user.

Here I am sharing some valuable tips to create a robust marketing strategy with flutter push notifications. 

  • Know Your Goals

One crucial step is creating a strategy that defines your goals. Must define the problems that you want to solve and achieve with the push notifications. For example, if you find your users have deleted your app, immediately send them a push alert with a sweet message asking why they left you and how you can solve their issues.

  • Utilise Demographics

The most valuable kinds of push notification triggers can be those based on user demographics, such as age, gender, location, etc. A 2018 Localytics push notification poll of 1,000 smartphone users found that 49% would use an app more frequently if it delivered push notifications about their hometown. Users reported that 42% would use an app more frequently if it sent push alerts based on their current location.

Due to the tailored content, these notifications may be the most convincing to consumers. So, if you haven’t already, use geofencing to target users with material that is pertinent to their interests and serves a specific purpose.

  • Send Real-Time Updates

One of the powerful tools to engage your audience is sending them real-time updates. These updates serve as reminders regarding apps unaware of the new updates. Like other device upgrades, the notifications appear on the user’s device. With app notifications, you may share information such as new products, special offers, breaking news, traffic reports, and tales. The ability of consumers to quickly dismiss app notifications is what makes them so popular.

  • Write Engaging Content

The notification’s content dramatically influences the relevance of the message. Make sure they are pertinent, as users won’t find any value in communications that aren’t relevant. Make use of attention-grabbing headlines and work to create a message that will resonate with the audience. Avoid providing users with pointless or irrelevant stuff. Once consumers realise that your app is giving them what they need, interest and engagement levels will ultimately rise.

Wrapping Up

These tips and guidance can help you achieve wonderful results, but all it needs is the proper execution. So, plan your marketing strategy and drive excellent leads, sales, and revenue to your business. However, utilising the best flutter push notifications platform also puts additional value on your strategy. If this is your case, try WonderPush push notifications, reliable and most trusted partners for 100+ marketers.

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