How To Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT Error on Chrome? [Complete Guide] 


An ERR_TIMED_OUT or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error is a communication problem. Check the step-by-step guide on how to fix err_timed_out error?

Many times, when you are trying to connect to a certain website, you might face the ERR_TIMED_OUT or the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT problem in any browser on your operating system.

If you are facing something similar, then worry no more! In this article, we are going to provide you with a solution guide for fixing or solving the ERR_TIMED_OUT issue.

What is the ‘err_timed_out’ error? (Overview)

It is a communication problem indication which implies that there is something wrong with the user’s local network connection. It may appear either when your internet is too slow or takes too long to connect, or when the page or website you are visiting might be too busy, or when the website in question just has an incorrect setup, or even if the website is trying to perform more than your server can manage.

Since there are so many different sorts of operating systems, web browsers, and servers, the error can possibly appear in separate, distinct ways too. However, most of these errors convey the same or similar meaning. For instance;

Google Chrome

has the

“This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond” as the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error.

chrome err_timed_out (1)


Mozilla Firefox

has a similar

“The connection is timed out.

mozilla firefox err_timed_out (1)

Microsoft Edge


“Hmmm… can’t reach this page. 

microsoft edge err_timed_out



displays the

“Safari Can’t Open the Page.

safari err_timed_out

Other than these, there are also the “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” and “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” errors which are closely related in their meaning.

These can be solved with similar troubleshooting methods as mentioned below: 

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How to fix ERR_TIMED_OUT Error

The ERR_TIMED_OUT error or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error can be either a client-side issue (a problem related to the network connectivity or firewall) or a problem caused by the server on which the website was hosted (memory limits, execution times, etc.). Issues such as these can be quite an overwhelming and frustrating task to deal with.

Below are listed a few quick tips which you can consider to efficiently fix and solve the ERR_TIMED_OUT error problem which is preventing you from getting access to the required website:

  1. Check your Network Connectivity
  2. Temporarily Disable the Firewalls and Antivirus Software
  3. Disable the Proxy Setting
  4. Update Network Drivers
  5. Renew or Flush the DNS
  6. Change DNS Address
  7. Check the Local Hosts File
  8. Check the LAN Settings
  9. Check the Domain’s DNS
  10. Clear the Browser’s cache
  11. Run Browser in Compatibility Mode
  12. Try to use a VPN

1. Check Your Network Connectivity:

Almost all the popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc., suggest that users check if their network is properly connected or not. This is due to the reason that network connections are one of the most general reasons for such timeout errors to occur. 

network settings in windows err_timed_out
Network Settings In Windows
network settings in mac
Network Settings in Mac

The following are two things recommended which can be considered for checking your network connectivity:

Restarting the router inside your home or office –

This requires you to disconnect the power supply of the router supplying the network to your home or office and then wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. It will take only a few minutes to conduct this process, which will help confirm if your network is connected correctly or not.

How To Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT Error on Chrome? [Complete Guide] 

Checking whether the Wi-Fi connection is slow or bad

Crowded public areas such as airports, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., often suffer from slow or bad connectivity. In such cases, the Wi-Fi connections must be fixed or changed as soon as possible.

2. Temporarily disable the firewalls and antivirus software:

Firewalls and antivirus software are essentially intended to protect device systems. It is done through regular and automatic scanning of the systems to block any kind of intrusive and dubious sort of activity. This kind of security can, however, lead to connectivity problems.

Firewalls and antivirus software often tend to block or reject content from websites or pages that are entirely safe to use. In this case, turn off the firewall and access the website only if you’re sure that the website you are accessing is safe. Similarly, with the antivirus, you can uninstall the software to access the website. 

How To Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT Error on Chrome? [Complete Guide] 
How To Fix ERR_TIMED_OUT Error on Chrome? [Complete Guide] 

Here are the steps to disable your windows firewall:

  1. Search for ‘control panel’ in your windows search box and click on the suitable option.
    open control panel err_timed_out
  2. After that, click on ‘systems and security. You can only see this option if you have selected ‘category’ under the ‘view by’ option.
    systems and security control panel err_timed_out
  3. Now, tap on the ‘windows firewall.’
    windows firewall control panel err_timed_out
  4. Next, find the option’ turn windows firewall on and off located at the left side of your screen and click on it.
    turn windows firewall on and off control panel err_timed_out
  5. Now click ‘OK’ to save your changes windows firewall err_timed_out
  6. Once your work is done, again turn on the firewall and antivirus software; otherwise, your device will be at larger risk.

3. Disable the Proxy Settings:

You might also encounter The ERR_TIMED_OUT error or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error if you are using a proxy service

In order to disable the proxy settings or check whether no such settings are enabled, follow the following steps:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ in your Chrome. 
  2. Tap on ‘Network and Internet.
  3. Next, click on ‘proxy.’
    proxy settings err_timed_out
  4. Uncheck the ‘Automatically detect settings and ‘Use a proxy server.’
    proxy automate detect settings err_timed_out

If you are using a Mac, you must quickly find the relevant menu, uncheck all selectable proxy protocols, and confirm if the ERR_TIMED_OUT or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message has been resolved or not.

4. Update Network Drivers: 

Another possible reason for the occurrence of ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT could be outdated network drivers. Thus, it is essential to update your network drivers constantly:

  1. To start, right-click on the windows button and tap on ‘device manager.
    device manager err_timed_out
  2. After that, right-click on the ‘driver’ and tap on the ‘uninstall device’ option.
  3. With this, a new window will open. Click on ‘uninstall’ to uninstall the driver. 
  4. Now, right-click on the ‘desktop’ and tap on the ‘scan for hardware changes’ option.
  5. Next, again right-click on the driver and tap on the ‘update driver’ option.
  6. Then, click on ‘Browse my computer for driver software, and with that, the driver will be updated.

5. Renew or flush the DNS:

You can try to renew or flush your local DNS cache in order to fix the ERR_TIMED_OUT errors. This could be done when the website you are trying to access is not resolving to the right IP address. If you have migrated your website to a new host, it is crucial to wait for things to propagate completely. 

This method can either take one full day or just a few minutes depending on your DNS provider as well as the TTL (Time to Live) value of your DNS records.

  1. Hold the ‘windows logo key’ on your keyword and press ‘R’ to start a run box.
    run command err_timed_out
  2. Then, type ‘cmd’ into the required box and tap on ‘OK.’
    run cmd err_timed_out 
  3. After that, when command prompts window pop-up, enter the following command and press enter after typing each one:
    ipconfig /registerdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew netsh winsock reset
    run cmd code err_timed_out
  4. Once it’s done, close the command prompt window.
  5. Now, restart your PC once to get the changes.

6. Change DNS Address:

It is obvious that you may be using your ISP’s DNS address. For that reason, it is advisable to use the Google DNS or any other public DNS addresses to ensure if it fixes the err_connection_timed_out error.

To change the DNS address on your windows, consider following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows + R, enter ncpa.cpl and then press the ‘enter key to get the network connections window.
    dns address err_timed_out
  2. Now right click on the active network and select ‘properties.’
    dns properties err_timed_out
  3. With this, double click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
    Internet protocol version 4 err_timed_out
  4. Then, select the Radio button ISE and change DNS addresses, set DNS server and alternate DNS server
    change dns address err_timed_out
  5. When you exit, checkmark on validating settings and then tap on Apply and OK to save the required changes.
    validate dns settings err_timed_out

7. Check the Local Hosts File:

Every device system contains the Local Hosts File, which stores manual DNS entries which are mapped to specific IP addresses. These files are only edited when users want to preview their DNS before switching over domains to a new host. 

In case you have added any IP address or website URL to block the host file, it sometimes disrupts the functioning of other URLs as well. Thus, checking the Windows host file is essential: 

Since the host files need extra access, you must first open your text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, Atom, etc. as an administrator by following these steps:

  1. Tap on ‘file’ located at the top left of the Notepad window.
    notepad local host file err_timed_out
  2. After that, click on ‘open.’
    open notepad
  3. Now select ‘all types’ from the drop-down menu and then double-tap on ‘hosts.’
  4. With this, check if there is an IP or website after the #sign.
    local host file
  5. In case it is there, delete all of them and save your changes. 
  6. Now, close the ‘Notepad’ and reload the website URL to check if the error has been resolved. 

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On Mac:

In order to check your host’s file on a Mac device, you can either get the free application called Gas Mask or consider following the below steps for editing your host’s files manually on Mac:

  1. Go to ‘Utilities.’
    utilities mac
  2. Click on ‘Terminal.’
    terminal mac
  3. Enter the command:
    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
    enter command
  4. Press Enter (Your administer password might be asked as well).
  5. Check twice to see if the website you are visiting is not listed in your host’s file. If it is, immediately removes it.

8. Check the LAN settings:

You can also fix the Err_connection_timed_out error sometimes by disabling some of the automatic processes in your PC’s LAN settings:

  1. Type’ Internet Options’ in your windows search bar and open it.
    internet options lan settings
  2. Now, locate the ‘connections’ tab and click on the ‘LAN settings’ situated below this option.
    connections lan settings
  3. With this, a new dialogue box will appear; remove the checkmarks from all the boxes.
    lan settings 
  4. After that, tap on ‘OK’ and close the window box.
    lan settings and internet properties
  5. Restart your browser and start surfing. 

Now, you can check whether the Err_Connection_Timed_Out error message is still showing or not. 

9. Check the Domain’s DNS:

It is also essential for you to verify that your domain’s DNS is rightly pointing to your hosting provider. If you have recently migrated your website to a new host, it could be that the DNS was incorrectly cached on your device’s system. 

For this, it is recommended to either take the steps mentioned in the fifth point titled ‘Renewing or flushing the DNS’ or simply wait for a few hours for the DNS to propagate completely.

10. Clear the Browser Cache:

Web browsers tend to store data or information in the form of cache on your device’s system, including your browsing history, cookies, saved login data, and all of the other records required to load the relevant pages quickly every next time you visit them. 

In spite of the fact that they are very functional, catches often are the leading cause of several issues, particularly when they become outdated. Luckily, such cases can be quickly dealt with by clearing your cache data. 

Check the below steps for clearing the cache in the Chrome browser:

  1. Open your chrome browser, click ‘more options’ located at the top right, and choose ‘settings option.
    chrome settings
  2. Now scroll the screen and tap on ‘Privacy and Security.
    privacy and security settings google chrome
  3. Then click on ‘Clear Browsing Data
    clear browsing data chrome
  4. After this, you will see a drop-down menu. From there, choose ‘All Time’ as the time period and select all items.
    clear browsing data
  5. Lastly, click on ‘clear browsing history.
    clear browsing data chrome

11. Run browser in compatibility mode:

In windows, you get the chance to fix your applications using compatibility mode. With this mode, you can check for the fixes in the applications and check their compatibility with your system. To run a compatibility test on your application, follow these steps:

  1. ‘Right-click on your Google chrome.
  2. Next, Tap on the ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility.
    troubleshoot compatibility chrome
  3. With this, a window will appear. On this, click on the ‘Troubleshoot program’ option.
    troubleshoot program
  4. After this, tap on ‘The program worked in the earlier version of windows but won’t install or run now.
    program compatibility troubleshooter
  5. Then, click on the ‘next.’
  6. Now, tap on ‘windows 8’ (the current version of windows you are using) and then again click on ‘next.’
    Program Compatibility Troubleshooter windows
  7. Now, Click on ‘Test the program’ and after that, click on ‘Next.’
    test the program troubleshoot
  8. Then, click on ‘Yes, save these settings for this program.
    troubleshooting completed
  9. Once done, a troubleshoot report will display on your screen. Click on ‘Close the Troubleshooter.’
    close the troubleshooter

Now, the changes will be done to the application, and your error will be resolved. 

12. Try to use a VPN:

If none of the above methods work for you, it is highly recommended to use a VPN to resolve your problem. 

VPN helps to extend a private network to the public network with which your devices are connecting with. It assists in bypassing the internet connection through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and connects through DNS servers anonymously. 

Therefore, using a VPN, you can probably deal with the err_connection_timed_out error. 

How to prevent the ‘Err_connection_timed_out’ error from happening in the future?

The most frequent reason why the err_connection_timed_out error occurs is that there is some problem with the web address that you are trying to access. Usually, it disappears after some time. However, you can make use of the below-mentioned tips so that the error doesn’t happen in the future as well:

Update your browser and security software: 

Outdated software often ends up having compatibility problems that could lead to err_connection_timed_out. In most cases, however, the programs themselves get updated. 

Constantly delete all your browser cookies and cache files:

It is not just because cache files can result in err_connection_timed_out error. It is also recommended to delete your browser cookies and cache files for a smooth experience and avoid protection and privacy reasons. 

Clear up the DNS cache regularly and renew your IP address:

As mentioned below, a faulty DNS cache is also a possible reason for the err_connection_timed_out error. You can prevent this by clearing your cache regularly and renewing your IP address from time to time. 


With everything said, it can be concluded that timeouts and connection errors like ERR_TIMED_OUT or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT are never easy to troubleshoot. 

Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you must have gained sufficient knowledge required to help resolve all the ERR_TIMED_OUT code error issues. You must properly determine which method will suit you based on the browser, server, and operating system you are working on. 

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