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Vingo – A List of To-Dos on the App

Are you a user of Vingo? The app is a versatile and complete for indoor cycling and running. However, most people don’t understand the full gravity of the app. In this article, we have listed out the things that you can do and you should not do on the app. Some of the things might sound basic but they are important to follow.

Always Use Good Quality Devices

We can never stress the importance of this point. It is a no-brainer but its is important to use good quality devices to experience the full vibrance of the app. Vingo works best with the latest devices that run on Windows. Whether you are using a mobile phone or a tablet PC or a full size desktop, the app works the best when you have ample RAM and a good processor

The app is soon about to be launched in other platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac OS, etc. So, you can find the latest devices to completely experience the app.

Use the Latest Treadmills/Cycles if Possible

Latest exercise equipment such as treadmills and cycles come with in-built sensors that make it easy for you to connect with the app. In such equipment you need not spend a lot of time connecting the equipment each and every time. The app can remember many pieces of equipment at the same time and it helps you to do different exercises such as running or cycling on alternate days.

Connect Your Social Media for Ease of Use

You can always connect your social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the app for easier login and also for quick sharing of the latest progress and achievements on these media. 

You can also find your friends who are already running or cycling on the Vingo app. So, connecting with your schoolmates or college mates or your work buddies is easier than ever with the social logins in the app. 

In fact, it helps you to form micro-communities and groups on the app. You can challenge your school friends and test who is still the strongest or who runs the fastest or longest. With the usage of social login, the app creates an exciting experience.

Connect with ANT+ Sensors

If you don’t have the latest exercise equipment, then you would find it hard to track your activity. This is where the new sensors like ANT+ sensors come to your rescue. The sensors are easily available on the most ecommerce platforms and can be purchased for a reasonable and relatively low price. By installing this sensor on your old cycle or treadmill, you can make them at par with the latest models.

Create Your Personal Avatar

When you start to use the Vingo app, always remember to create your personalised avatar on the app. It ensures that your friends and family identify you correctly. If you are going to use the stock avatar, it will not only look cheap but also create confusion for your friends. So, always create your personal avatar that resembles you.

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