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Demio One of the most common and convenient methods of product marketing is webinars. Webinars are a very effective and powerful way to give value to your product. From launching your products to discussing customer feedback, everything can be easily facilitated with the help of webinars. Furthermore, you can reach out to your audience, find your target audience and explain your products and their uses to them via the medium of webinars. Therefore, webinars are undoubtedly the most time saving, cost-effective and revolutionary ways to give a boost to your product and market it effectively to your audience one-on-one.

Nevertheless, to make the best use of webinars, it is essential to use the most suitable webinar software according to your needs. However, choosing a perfect platform from the numerous options available can be a tedious task. Depending upon the marketing objective, the needs and requirements for the webinar software may vary. Here lies the solution to your problem- Demio.

Demio Overview

Demio overview

Demio is a webinar hosting software. It provides you with a smooth and straightforward webinar hosting experience. Demio is one of the best in their field and better than most of their competitors. It gets the work done with minimal effort and convenience. Webinar hosting becomes easy and convenient with Demio. No hassle or chaos, Demio is the answer to your confusion. It brands itself as “a webinar platform built for marketing.” In the following review, it will be clear whether Demio is the right option for you or not.

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Features of Demio

Following are some of the features of the Demio software:-

One-click webinar joining

webinar joining demio

Joining a webinar is a simple task, and it should be so. Now conveniently join any either webinar with just one click on Demio. With Demio, experience a simple and less complex way of hosting and joining a webinar. It provides one-click webinar joining that is time-saving and easy—no complicated and highly technical steps to follow. Just a simple click, and there you are, a part of the webinar. All you have to do is click on the link in the browser without any heavy software downloads.

Webcam sharing

webcam demio

A webinar is a way to market your products and share information about them with your target audience one on one. Like any ideal webinar software, Demio offers the feature of webcam sharing to comprehensively explain the product to the audience, giving live and practical demos. You can share your live video feed with other members without any hassle, and they can share their webcam feed to discuss the feedback and various other essential aspects. You can share upto three webcams.

Screen sharing

screen sharing demio

One can conveniently share their screen with the co-partners during the webinar. For example, it is necessary to share slides during a presentation or demonstration. One can easily upload slides and share videos directly with other members without switching to other software. So ensure whatever you want from your screen without having to leave the meeting even for a second. Time-saving, isn’t it?

Real-time HD streaming

HD streaming real time demio

With Demio, not only can you share your screen, WebCam and your video feed, but also you can stream your real-time audio and video in HD. Enhance your webinar experience with high-quality HD real-time streaming and have a hassle-free streaming experience—no delays or lagging in audio or video stream. Live high-quality audio and video streaming enhances the quality of the webinar and makes an experience worth remembering, making a great impression.

Branding on slides

branding demio

To give a boost to your marketing strategy, Demio provides branding on slides. You can add and display your logo on the webinar material to market your product and create brand value in front of your audience and co-partners. It is a strategy to convey your friend‘s name to a bigger and bigger audience. You can also use your brand logo on slides and registration pages, landing pages, and all the webinar material. It is very simple to apply your logo.

Attractive registration options

registration demio

The webinar registration page represents your brand and is considered to be the face of your brand. Anyone interested in your product will see your registration page foremost. That will be enough to form an impression on the user. Therefore it is necessary to have an attractive registration page, and with Demio, that will not be an issue. It provides beautiful and attractive registration options that will help you build your registration page in no time and with utmost ease. One can customize their registration page with the help of tools offered by Demio.

Automatic reminder notifications

Demio provides automatic notifications of upcoming events and webinars. All you have to do is register with the webinar, and you will automatically be notified of the forthcoming sessions. Never miss a vital webinar with the help of Demio. You are free to customize the settings of the notifications according to your wish. It helps you always be aware, on time and ready for important upcoming events.

Interactive polls with stats

polls with stats demio

To make your webinar experience more amazing and fun, Demio provides some interactive tools. Gather the feedback from the members with the help of interactive polls with stats. Collect their views and insights on various issues regarding the effectiveness of the webinar, the product and other such aspects of the webinar. These stats can be used to promote and market your next webinar.

Provides offers and CTAs

Provide CTAs and offers to attract your audiences, such as coupon codes or any other such URL. Once you draw them in, look into further CTAs, such as providing launch offers to your users. Demio makes all this possible with the help of the feature called ‘featured actions’. Attracting users and marketing your product becomes easy with the help of Demio’s launch offers and CTAs.

Private or public chat

private or public chat demio

Demio provides a private or public chat feature that helps you to interact with your audience and not only present content. Respond to all the queries and suggestions in real-time with the help of this feature provided by Demio. Now have an engaging and informative webinar with this amazing and extremely useful feature from Demio. In case you don’t wish to enable the chat feature, you can turn it off. The demo provides both private and public chat options. One can chat privately or publicly with everyone knowing what you are saying.

100% automated webinars

automated webinars demio

In addition to all the key features mentioned above, Demio also provides certain other valuable and amazing features. One of these unique features is that on Demio, webinars are hundred percent automated. Now one can focus on their presentation and marketing instead of worrying about other insignificant issues. Demio itself takes care of that and ensures a better quality webinar experience.

Analyze your campaigns

analyze your campaigns demio

Analytics is another such key feature of the webinar mentioned above. If you are using Demio, you get an option to analyze each of your webinars. This option is beneficial for you to figure out your performance and improvement in every successive webinar and helps you figure out the issues and work on them. In addition, Demio continuously tracks your attendance rate so that you can know when your attendees left the webinar. Of course, it is your choice whether you want to keep using this feature or not. But undoubtedly, this feature is extremely helpful in keeping track of your performance with each campaign.

Demio Integrations

integrations demio

Since Demio claims itself to be webinar software made for marketing, it is evident that it is based on marketing and advertising concepts and aspects. Therefore it is easy to integrate with other marketing tools conveniently for a seamless experience. Some of the tools that Demio has direct integration with are Drip, Active Campaign, MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Ontraport, Marketo, Market Hero, ConvertKit and Infusionsoft (Kaep).

In addition, they are also available on Zapier, which enables connecting to tools that they’re not directly related to. It helps to connect to a wide variety of tools that Demio does not directly support.

Demio Pricing

pricing demio

The pricing of Demio is as such is divided into four stages which are as under:-

  • Starter: it starts at $34 per month, which is to be paid annually. This pricing package is suitable for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are just entering the field of webinars. It includes all the basic and standard features of Demio, allows a three-hour session limit with one host and supports live events.
  • Growth: It is Demio’s most popular package that starts at $69 per month that is again to be paid annually. It includes all the features of the starter pack along with a few more perks. These additional perks include a five-hour session limit, automated events, custom branding and custom form fields.
  • Business: The business pack starts at $163 per month to be paid annually. It is ideal for growing businesses and has the same features as the growth pack in addition to an eight-hour session limit, allowing four hosts, priority support and Marketo integration.
  • Premium: The price for the premium package is also paid annually, but it is decided between the client and the company. The superior-most pack offered by Demio with a ten-hour session limit, priority support, concierge onboarding allows you to be in front of the line for beta features.

Choose a pack according to your suitability, marketing objectives and the size of the business.

Demio Customer Support Service

customer support demio

Demio provides timely customer support to customers and keeps the privacy and security of customers as its topmost priority. It works in compliance with all the rules and regulations and laws formulated by GDPR and CCPA.

Demio customer service team keeps in touch with the customers to resolve their queries and issues and responds to them on time, showing the top class customer service Demio.

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible Pricing: It offers various packages starting at variable and flexible prices, ranging from low to high. One can easily purchase according to their needs and budget.
  • Interactive Features: Demio provides various interactive features such as polls with starts, CTAs, etc. This works wonders in making a solid impact and making the webinar a successful one.
  • No free plan: Even though there is a 14-day free trial, but there is no free plan. To fully subscribe to Demio’s webinar platform, you will have to purchase one of the available packs.
  • Only one host is allowed in the lower two packs.

Final Verdict : Demio

Considering each aspect of the platform, it is safe to say that Demio is one of the best choices you can make while choosing your appropriate webinar hosting platform. Solid engagement, powerful features and easy to use user interface all make Demio worth the money.

Demio possesses all the key features of an ideal webinar hosting software plus has its own unique and promising features. Therefore, it is worth giving it a try if you want a hassle-free and sophisticated yet affordable webinar platform.



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