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Unauthorized intrusion or interference into a computer or a network is called computer hacks. The person who is engaged in hacking activities of intruding somebody’s privacy is known as a hacker. A hacker can enter the system to complete a goal that differs from the original purpose of the system or can get your all personal details.

In other words, hacking is non-malicious activities involving unusual or improvised correction or changes to equipment or processes or the data.

There are various hacking methods involving the following the hackers usually needs and hence uses while hacking-

Vulnerability scanner: for known weaknesses, it is used to check computers on networks

Password cracking: it is recovering passwords from data or information stored or transmitted by computer systems

Packet sniffer: these are the applications that take data packets to view data and passwords that are in transit over various networks

Spoofing attack: it includes websites that falsify data by-copying legitimate(original)sites and they are treated as trusted sites by users or other programs

Rootkit: it indicates a set of programs that work to subvert control of an operating system from original and legitimate operators

Trojan horse: it is a back door in a computer system that allows an intruder to have access to the system sometime later

Viruses: it is self-replicating programs which are spread by inserting copies of themselves

Key loggers: the tools that are designed to record every keystroke on an affected machine for later retrieval

Following are some computer hacks/PC and Machacks to increase PC and Mac Productivity-

Quick reverse image search-

To learn about computer hacks, We can even see where an online image came from within Chrome. For this, hold S and right-click on the image. Then, a drop-down menu will appear and then ECan selects “Search Google for Image.”

Clear your cache really easily-

We can even view a webpage with a cleared cache using shift and Rat the same time and then refresh the page.

Automatically adjust the brightness of your Laptop/Desktop Screenaccording to the surroundings–

Downloadf.luxon your computer screen always has the right level of brightness and it could even help you sleep better.

f.lux changes the color of the screen/display of your computer according to different timings, changing to bright sunlight during the day, and warm at night.

Many times you might have noticed that you are unable to sleep and staying up way too late, be it whether you are playing games, or you are doing your work, the reason is only your computer, and you haven’t yet tried this computer hack. Use f.lux, as it will help in making you sleep better, and also this computer hack will improve productivity.

These PC shortcuts will boost your productivity

If you have a PC, then those keyboard shortcuts can be very helpful as it can save you time:

Alt-tab: to switch between windows.

Alt-F4: to close a window.

Ctrl-tab: to switch between a browser and Excel tabs.

Ctrl-F4: to close a tab

Ctrl-Z: to undo.

Repeat a youtube video automatically over and over

Foreplay a song on a repeat mode then here is the trick. That can be done by replacing “YouTube” in any YouTube link with “listen on repeat.”That is than

Easily turn Chrome into a PDF reader-.

To read any PDF file on your laptop for an amazing experience, just drag the PDF file into Chrome and can read it there easily.


You can delete files

Select the file and then hit command + Delete keys and you will notice that the file will be moved to the trash. To empty the trash quickly you just need to hit command + Shift + Deleteandapprovethe empty.

Access the Dictionary in a snap-

We look up words fairly quickly with a few taps of our mac Booktouchpad. We just need to hover over the word in question and tap the touchpad with three fingers. It will pop up as a thesaurus entry for the word which is really useful for readers and writers.

Using an emoji keyboard-

By using command + Control + Spacebarwe can use an emoji keyboard on our keyboard. It doesn’t work in every text entry field. Itis is very useful. While texting and emailing it tends to work seamlessly Without disturbance. Places, where emoji used, can not be shown, a triangle is shown.



>Use iWork to handle or tackle your work

>To free some storage one should use iCloud

>Use for Trackpad and mouse gesture for better productivity

>Use more of keyboard shortcuts

>Through purge, you can speed up your Mac

>Forsmooth experience use Hot Corner

>For better connectivity use Apple Devices or other Mac

>Window Snapping can help in Multitasking and ease our working.

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