Jumper Ezbook 3 Se Notebook

Jumper EZbook 3 Se Notebook Review (Buying Guide)

Jumper EZbook 3 Se Notebook Jumper is a Chinese company which has been continuously delivering some of the most affordable laptops continuously. EZBook 3 SE from Jumper is another such laptop. It comes with some great features that you should not miss. Jumper Ezbook 3 Se Notebook design is an obvious tribute to MacBook Air.
Pinlo M1C Review

Pinlo M1C Review: The Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer

Pinlo M1C Review People these days are always taking photos from their phones and uploading them on social media. They are looking for ways to improve their photo-taking capabilities to capture and upload the best quality of the photo that their phone has to offer. As the cameraman uses a tripod to stabilize his camera
GPD XD Plus Review

GPD XD Plus Review: An Android Based Gaming Console

GPD XD Plus Review There was a time when people used to play games on their hand-held devices. But, since the evolution of mobile phones and their increased features, hand-held gaming devices have become a thing of the past. Read the complete GPD XD Plus Review below: GPD XD Plus buyers are almost always divided
TCL C715 Review

TCL C715 Review: Is TCL TV Worth It?

TCL C715 Review Companies use backlit LED’s for their LCD panelled TV sets these days to make them more affordable. These LCD panels are of course not without their limitations. To handle these limitations, you can go for OLED TV sets but they will cost you a lot. The midway, where the budget meets the