Pinlo M1C Review

Pinlo M1C Review: The Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer

Pinlo M1C Review People these days are always taking photos from their phones and uploading them on social media. They are looking for ways to improve their photo-taking capabilities to capture and upload the best quality of the photo that their phone has to offer. As the cameraman uses a tripod to stabilize his camera
DVDFab Player 5 Review

DVDFab Player 5 Review: The 4K Ultra HD Video Playback Tool

DVDFab Player 5 Review DVDFab Player 5 is software that empowers you to playback recordings in great configurations paying little heed to the codecs. It gives instinctive controls that can be gotten to from the setting menu. It has a trendy, smooth, and flawless interface that dispenses with diverting capacities to empower you to appreciate
how to use livescribe pens

How To Use Livescribe Pens?

Livescribe Pens: As Writing Evolves Writing is a symbol of how mankind has evolved over the centuries. There was a time that writing was practised on cave walls using whatever coloured stones one could find. As we developed and gained more dexterity, we eventually shifted to quills. Somewhere in the mid-18th century, the first fountain
Everlast Notebook

What is Everlast Notebook? How does it work?

Rocketbook: Everlast Notebook From The Future There are so many movies out there that have given us a peek into what the future looks likes. The world of science fiction is full of these assumptions. A time when cars will fly, dogs will talk and house help would be robots. What else, yes when there
Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – FEATURES: Microsoft Surface Pro 6 was launched in October 2018. It is a lightweight and portable 2 in 1 device that is an ideal device for streaming office work. It comes with a 12.30-inch touch display and a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels and the pixel density is 276


It has been a long journey, from pager phones to screen mobiles or smartphones to touch phones. In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who does not use a smartphone. Even young children know how to use and some even have their own personal phones which are not good. This is because many of their
Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max Review

Google Home Gadgets may come somewhat later than the Amazon Echo, anyway, as we like to think, they are great in the same way. In 2015, Amazon was previously the main de facto tech organization to create a play with Amazon Echo for its curious home. Nevertheless, until now, Amazon Prime is not the exclusive