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Zanflare F10: Tactical Pen Flashlight Review – Strong & SharpZanflare F10: Tactical Pen Flashlight Review – Strong & Sharp

Zanflare F10 Review

Are you a survivalist? Do you enjoy watching shows like Man vs. Wild and imagine yourself in such hard situations? Do you feel like you might get in tough situations and you will need a weapon to get out of the situation?If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, a tactical pen should feel like a perfect companion for you. A tactical pen is simply like any other with additional features to get you out of the tough situations you might land in unknowingly. A tactical pen Zanflare F10 might actually be the only thing that makes the difference.

In this review, we will discuss the tactical pen Zenflare F10. Zenflare F10 has an additional feature and works as a flashlight as well as a self defence weapon. Let us find out more about the features of Zenflare F10 below.


It will cost you about $12.33 or Rs. 909.13. It is a premium price range. You will find tactical pens that are cheaper than this. But those tactical pens won’t be as strong and sturdy. They will also lack the light that this pen offers.

PROS AND CONS: Zanflare F10


It is strong

It can be used as a flashlight


A little costly

Lacks any grip on its head for twisting


Zanflare F10
EmitterCree XP-G3
Emitter Notes
RuntimeChargetime N/A
Claimed Lumens (lm)150
Lux (Measured)87 lux @ 2.348 m
Candela (Calculated) in cd479.6
Throw (Calculated) (m)43.8
Throw (Claimed) (m)52


If you want to buy a tactical pen but are unable to decide which one you should buy, Zenflare F10 seems like a good option. You can also use it as a flashlight alternative because of the portability that it offers. The pen comes with the user manual that contains all the instructions you will need to use it.

The pen is very strong and sturdy enough to act as a weapon. You can use to break glasses of emergency doors and to save yourself. Since it looks like a pen, it is completely conceivable and can be carried anywhere. It can be used in the dark as an emergency flashlight alternative. Since it is portable due to its small size, it is a perfect item for camping and similar activities.

The pen doesn’t get any cooling fins. It has a strong grip which makes it easier to handle. When inside the cover, it has a blunt, but strong grip. This tip can easily break glasses. You can remove the cover by unscrewing it. This gives you a whistle.

It is a 16 cm long pen. It has a diameter of about 1 cm. You also get a metal clip attached to it. You can clip it on your shirt to make it look like an actual pen.

It is fairly simple to use the pen. For flashlight purpose, you can simply twist it for high mode and low mode.

When the pen is used in high mode, it will work less than an hour and when used in low mode, it can last you about 26 hours.

ModeMode Claimed Output (lm)Claimed RuntimeMeasured LumensTailcap Amps


When it comes to battery, Zenflare F10 works on a single AAA cell. It doesn’t take up lots of batteries and thus can be carried around along with a battery. You might have to toggle between the high and low modes for optimum usage.   


If tactical pen is what you want, then Zenflare F10 is a great option. It is strong, sturdy, and easy to operate and works fairly well as a flashlight and a whistle. Off course, it is not without its competitors.

Marvel from Legend will come at a fairly low cost at only Rs. 230. It can be used to write as well. Its downside is that it does not come with a flashlight. So if a flashlight is not your major concern, Marvel can be a great model. Or if flashlight is your concern, there is a pricier alternative to F1 as well from Smith and Wesson. It is constructed from anodised aerospace aluminium which allows it to stay intact even after a fall from 1 metre.

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Having an extra set of speakers along with the speakers on your TV can actually impact your viewing experience. Especially for the audiophiles who are on a budget and can’t spend too much on expensive home theatres, the soundbar has proved itself to be a great companion. Check out the “SCISHION MAGIC ONE REVIEW” below

Speakers enhance the viewing experience and give you an audio output which can make you feel like you are in a theatre. A crisp and clear sound can sometimes be all you need to relax and enjoy the day. If you are a music lover, sound bars are actually going to make your songs louder and better.

Magic One from SCISHION is a great offering in the world of soundbars and seems to be fairly capable to easily handle out its competition. It offers great sound quality at an affordable price. It is being offered for $89.99 or Rs. 6,647.71 by the company. You can check out this review to learn more about it.



  • Comes with great audio output
  • It is easy to use
  • Has voice recognition
  • Comes with 4K HD HDR box


  • Comes with low Ram
  • Has no DVD support
  • Has no 5 GHZ Wi-Fi support


Let us look at some of the features and specifications that SCISHION Magic One comes with. It comes at a great price range to offer HDR audio and video support. It is fairly easy to use and can be controlled by the user’s voice due to its excellent voice recognition capabilities. Let us take a glance over its various features below:


When it comes to design, Magic One has a pretty simple one. It is cuboidal in shape and comes out as a strong and sturdy companion for your TV. It has a logo of SCISHION on top of it. 

All of its ports and buttons can be found on its rear end. They are situated at a comfortable distance of each other to avoid clogging of wires. It comes with rubber attached to it on its corners to avoid slipping issues.


Magic One comes with some of the great audio quality that you can find. Compared to single speakers that are offered by various companies, Magic One comes with two speakers to enhance the audio experience at a low price. Despite their small size, these speakers each provide an output of 8 ohms and 10 watts. The speaker has 2.0 ch channels, which means that comes with two channels of sound i.e. left and right which is being produced by a pair of stereo speakers.


Android is a very common operating system that is used in various systems right now. SCISHION Magic One too features Android. It utilises Android 8.1 Oreo which is a 64 bit operating system. It can be upgraded to more latest Android version easily. Android 8.1 actually makes the device faster due to its need for smaller storage than its successors. The interface is fast and doesn’t lags.


When it comes to the processor, SCISHION Magic One Sound bar uses Rockchip 3328 quad core CPU, which is a 1.5GHz fast processor. It uses 2GB DDR3 RAM for faster working capabilities. It also features 16 GB internal memory. With such a predefined processor, the gadget should run fine and last you a long time before you look for upgrading it.


It comes with 4K HD HDR box. This means that you can easily enjoy 4K videos along with great audio. 4K is 4 times better than the HD videos and thus makes the viewing experience very surreal. At its price, it is very hard to find a product that offers 4K video capabilities. This makes it a unique feature in Magic One. Great video quality should be something of interest for almost all of us.

Voice Recognition:

This is another great feature that comes with SCISHION Magic One. It comes with very fast voice recognition. You can search for movies, TV shows, etc. just by speaking to it. To utilise voice recognition, all you have to do is press the voice control key on the remote and speak. You can search for various things using voice recognition.


Magic One sound bar comes with MALI 450MP2 inside which is an ultra low power GPU built on the Utgard architecture. It is a fast GPU which improves the picture quality and makes for a great viewing experience.


Magic One provides for all sorts of support. Magic One sound bar supports the decoder format of H.265, which allows or various video formats such as 1080P, 4K, H.264, H.265, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC-1. There is a support of multitude of audio formats such as AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, RM, and WMA. It also supports the 2.1 Surround Sound Output which enhances the voice output experience of the viewer.

When it comes to internet connectivity, SCISHION Magic Sound Box utilizes Wi-Fi arrangement of 802.11 b/g/n .The Ethernet speed of LAN association is 100 Mbps.

SCISHION Magic One provides support for various languages along with multitudes of accents. Magic One provides support for languages like Arabic, English, French, and Italian etc. This makes it an ideal option for people living in different countries.

SCISHION Magic One also provides users with a support for bluetooth. Magic One uses bluetooth version 4.0.

There are 2 USB ports inbuilt in the Magic One to expand adaptability.


The striking highlights like 4K ultra HD screen, voice recognition, supporting diverse languages as well as various accents in such a reasonable priced sound bar makes Magic One a great option. Sound bars are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may prefer going for home theatres. Home theatres are pricier version of sound bars with better sound quality.

But if you are on a budget, then SCISHION’s Magic One is a great soundbar. It doesn’t occupy a ton of space and actually accentuates the sound quality of your TV.

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Bluetooth Earphones: How To Use Bluetooth Earphone Connect Calling?Bluetooth Earphones: How To Use Bluetooth Earphone Connect Calling?

Bluetooth Earphones

Since the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, the calling technology has come a long way. You can now have conversations via Bluetooth earphones which don’t require you to have your phone on you all the time. You can have your phone at a distance from you and pick up the calls from your Bluetooth earphone and answer it. This article is going to help you figure out how you use Bluetooth Earphones with your phone to pick up your calls from it and which Bluetooth earphones out there are best. Without further ado, let’s begin.


You can use your bluetooth earphones for various purposes such as listening to music, picking up phone calls etc. To use your bluetooth earphone, you will have to first connect it with you phone. To connect your cell phone with your Bluetooth earphone, you will have to open the bluetooth on your phone. First thing that you will have to do is switch on your bluetooth earphone. Once it is switched on, you will then have to open the bluetooth of your phone and pair it with your bluetooth earphone.

To turn on the bluetooth of your phone, open the settings of your phone and locate the bluetooth setting on your phone. Once you have located the bluetooth setting on your phone, click on it. You will then have to turn the bluetooth on and then pair it with the bluetooth earphone. Search for your bluetooth earphone and locate its name on your phone. Once you have located the name, you will then have to click on it.  Once the phone and your bluetooth earphone are paired, you can start to use it for music or to receive calls from.

Receiving Calls Using Bluetooth Earphones

Any call that comes on your phone can be picked up by your earphone without reaching towards your phone. You will have a button on your Bluetooth earphone to pick up the calls. When you receive a call, press on that button to receive the calls from your earphones. You can turn the Bluetooth off when you don’t need it. Just press the button that you used to turn it on or if your earphone has a different button to turn it off, press that.

One thing though, just remember to keep your bluetooth device charged just as you charge your phone. Because if you don’t have your bluetooth device charged, then you won’t be able to pickup calls from it.


There are various sorts of Bluetooth earphones right now. You can find Bluetooth earphone for all sorts of budget. But not all of these earphones are going to provide you with the best of quality. To help you find the best earphones, we have compiled a list of some the earphones which we feel are better than most out there. Following is a list of some of these Bluetooth earphones in no particular order with details about them.


Bluetooth Earphones

Skullcandy is famous for its great-sounding earphones. Smokin Bud 2 Wireless In-Ear Earphones one of the best Bluetooth earphones. They have a great sound system. These earphones do not come with lots of features. These earphones come with the battery life of around 6-7 hours. The earphones come with buttons to control the volume. These earphones have a signal to noise ratio of 95 DB. They weigh around 62.3g and come with a 2 years manufacturer warranty.

These earphones cost around Rs. 3290 on Amazon. Check them out here.


Bluetooth Earphones

These bullet earphones from one plus come with some of the best sound system available out there. Oneplus Wireless Z earphones boast of a fast charging and a long-lasting battery. Oneplus says that you can use them for up to 10 hours by charging them for only 10 minutes. This Warp Charge technology along with the fact that these earphones can last up to 20 hours with full charge makes them a really great set of earphones. They come with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 for faster and better Bluetooth connection. These earphones are equipped with technologies like Quick Switch, Quick Pair and Magnetic Control. Amazon is selling these earphones at Rs. 1,999 at the time of writing this article. If you are interested in owning them, check them out here.


Apple Airpods

Apple AirPods are the standard of what an earphone should be. But they don’t come cheap by any chance. In fact, they are as costly as they come. So if you have the budget for them, you should definitely buy them. They have the best sound quality that can be found in earphones. Apple also gives you a wireless charging case where you can keep them charged whenever you are not using them.

They have a special feature of getting connected to your device automatically. As you take them out of their case, they get switched on automatically and then connect to your device automatically. Since it is a product from Apple, you get a quick access to Siri just by saying “Hey Siri”. You can tap on them to change the song or to skip forward.

You can get up to 5 hours of usage with these earphones after a single charge. The case is built to last a whole day and thus should provide you with 24 hours of use after full charge. This means that you can use the case again and again to charge your phone. You can charge the case using a Qi-compatible charging mat or through lightning connector. These earphones can be bought for Rs. 11,999 for wired charging and Rs. 16,999 for wireless charging capabilities. You can find out more about it here.


Bluetooth Earphones

Sony’s earphones are loaded with features. They come with active noise cancellation. This helps the listener to a more focused experience. It comes with the feature of Smart Listening. This enables it to adjust the sounds based on your activities. Another feature that these earphones possess is Quick Attention Mode. Due to this mode, all you have to do is place you finger over the left earphone to reduce the voice for real life conversations.

To use these earphones, just take them out of their case. You will find that they are powered on when you take them out of the case and wear them. They use IR technology to detect the status of these earphones. These earphones learn about the places you visit through artificial intelligence. These earphones have a battery life of up to 24 hours i.e. 6 hours for earphones and 18 hours for the case with noise cancellation and up to 32 hours i.e. 8 hours for earphones and 24 hours for the case with noise cancellation. They can be charged very quickly. 10 minutes of charging inside the case will give you up to minutes of usage. They come at a cost of Rs. 14,990 on Amazon. To find out more about them, click here.



These earphones come with StayHear+ tips which will give you a comfortable experience when you will wear them. These earphones are resistant to water and sweat. This makes them a perfect gym companion. With a single charge, these earphones should last you up to 6 hours of usage. You get an inline mic and remote to speak through and to control the features of your earphones. It is compatible with all devices.

They come at a cost of Rs. 9,293 on Amazon. To find out more about them, click here.

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DVDFab Player 5 Review: The 4K Ultra HD Video Playback ToolDVDFab Player 5 Review: The 4K Ultra HD Video Playback Tool

DVDFab Player 5 Review

DVDFab Player 5 is software that empowers you to playback recordings in great configurations paying little heed to the codecs. It gives instinctive controls that can be gotten to from the setting menu. It has a trendy, smooth, and flawless interface that dispenses with diverting capacities to empower you to appreciate watching content. Simultaneously, you can without much of a stretch change sound and video settings from the setting menu. Remarkable usefulness is the flexible thumbnails that assist you with finding specific scenes effectively or rapidly choose if a film merits viewing. One of the best features of this product is the scope of top-quality records it can play. Let’s check out the complete DVDFab Player 5 Review.

One of the best features of this product is the scope of top-quality records it can play. For example, you can play MP4, M2TS, VOB, MOV, and MKV documents without expecting to discover specific codes, for example, WMV, H.265 (HEVC), or H.264. Another excellent feature of DVDFab Player 5 is that it supports a wide range of goals including 4K UHD. DVDFab Player 5 permits you to get ready custom playlists which imply you can watch a continuous full season or make a playlist with your preferred recordings, among different prospects. So, this product is reasonable for you on the off chance that you wish to watch recordings in top quality arrangements without expecting to make a fuss over the required codecs.

DVDFab Player 5 Review: Features

DVDFab Player 5 Review

One of the most important features of DVDFab Player 5 is its ease of use. It is extremely easy to use for anyone. Using software that is too complicated to use is a big turn off to almost every user. It comes with the support of all navigation menus on DVDs and Blu-ray disc. DVDFab supports all navigation menus on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. It has a new user interface with TV and PC playback modes. It also supports all the latest and popular video formats.

Player 5 gathers movie information from the web. It has an option for customizable playlist settings. The DVD also comes with HDR 10 image support to provide great sharpness, colour, and contrast to video. It offers high-resolution video quality with support for all top video outputs. Player 5 can play Blu-ray and DVD ISO folders or files, both 2D and 3D and offers intelligent recognition of movie folders (Blu-ray or DVD)

DVDFab Player 5 Review: Benefits

Impressive Set of Features

DVDFab Player 5 comes in two editions: Standard and Ultra. This renovated software offers a range of modern features for video fans. The interface is user friendly and provides a high-quality watching experience on computers and laptops. The TV mode presents an enjoyable audio-visual treat similar to big-screen LED and plasma TVs. On this media player, you can watch 4K UHD videos and Blu-ray movies on TVs and PCs that have a high resolution of 2160 pixels. The application improves the playback compatibility, stability, and smoothness to enhance your 4K UHD viewing pleasure. In addition, the tool’s hi-res audio outputs include DTS-HD Master, Dolby Atmos, and DTS: X etc.

TV and PC Playback Modes

The tweaking of the user interface of the all-new DVDFab Player makes it more user-friendly. This media player software offers two playback modes: PC mode and the TV mode. The PC mode carries a unique design that makes the software to offer high-quality video watching experience on your computer screens. The TV mode is a new addition to the player software that offers you theatre-like sound and video quality on your computer screens. The software is compatible with the Windows Media centre remote control for easy access playback of the videos.

Superb Navigation Menu

To have a great video viewing pleasure, you need to have an all-around navigation menu support. This is what the DVDFab Player 5 review offers on the latest 4K Ultra Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray. The player will offer excellent navigation menu. All the types of media that are popular today get this software support. The media player software is capable of offering high video resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 2160 p to the 4K UHD.

Crystal Clear Picture Quality

This 4K UHD player software supports HDR 10 playback mode. This means that you not only enjoy better pixels, but quicker frame rates, and the best contrast and colour to the videos you are watching. It will work well with 4K monitors and TVs.

Create Custom Playlists

You can effortlessly create custom playlists with this tool. For instance, you can make a collection of movies from leading studios such as Marvel Studios, Warne Bros, etc. Create a customizable playlist by pulling all the films of a specific series or banner in the playback window. Plus, you can sort the playlist by genre and name, and perform other actions like repeating one disc or all discs.

High-Res Audio Outputs

If you own 7.1 channel audio speakers then you can invest in DVDFab Player 5 to get a movie theatre-like sound experience in your home as this software extracts the best qualities from modern acoustic systems. It provides high-definition and high-quality sound without loss. The tool supports audio formats such as DTS: X, Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master and others.


The DVDFab 5 player software is one of the best 4k UHD player that you can install on your Windows PC to enjoy all your favourite movies in high-definition sound and picture quality. This tool offers easy to use and quality features that take movie and video watching experience to newer levels. The PC and TV playback modes offer you clear-cut and distinctive media entertainment experience. The Blu-ray player tool offers higher levels of playback smoothness, sharpness, clarity, and stability. There is no doubt that the DVDFab Player 5 is the best 4K UHD player software for Windows.

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How To Use Livescribe Pens?How To Use Livescribe Pens?

Livescribe Pens: As Writing Evolves

Writing is a symbol of how mankind has evolved over the centuries. There was a time that writing was practised on cave walls using whatever coloured stones one could find. As we developed and gained more dexterity, we eventually shifted to quills. Somewhere in the mid-18th century, the first fountain pen was created in France. They became a symbol of refinement, associated with fluency and upper classes. Soon after that, a few years before the onset of world war I László Bíró, made the first ballpoint pen for civilians.

Since then many companies patented the pen and its production began as the new tool of writing, emphasizing the world tool. Who would have thought that a tool as simple as a pen could be turned into technology? It has become a symbol of how evolution is constant and has no full stop.

Livescribe has been called by many “the future of writing”. Some also believe that Livescribe may replace ordinary and mundane writing tools forever. However, do not misunderstand Livescribe is not just a pen. It consists of more parts that complement its functionality. Livescribe could be a peek into what the future holds for us. If Livescribe is not just a pen, then what is it and how to use Livescribe pens?

How to Use Livescribe Pens? What is it?

In the simplest manner and quoting Wikipedia terms “The Livescribe paper-based computing platform consists of a digital pen, digital paper, software applications, and developer tools.” This is true but not descriptive. This definition will help us understand what Livescribe pen is but it cannot tell us how it works, what it does, how to use Livescribe pens, and is it really useful for anyone involved in writing.

Livescribe is a complicated device made using basic components that make it useful. While the mechanics behind this device are complicated, it is very user-friendly. Its simplicity in work is not the same as the novelty put into it.

The Smart Pen     

how to use livescribe pens

The Smartpen is probably the most integral part of the Livescribe platform. It is around (5/8″ x 6 1/8″) in weight and size. So it is not very uncomfortable to write with, which many potential buyers were concerned about. Every Smartpen comes with a ball-point ink cartridge, a microphone to record audio, a speaker for playback, a small OLED display, an infra-red camera, and internal flash memory that captures handwritten notes, audio and drawings.

That is a long list and not everyone is a tech geek. These specifications each have a role to play in the full functionality of how to use Livescribe pens.

  • Microphone

A lot of us are slow writers and may have difficulty in taking down notes that being quickly spoken. The microphone of the Livescribe Smartpen allows a user to record everything that is being said. This is a godsend for many for example students who are unable to take notes and wish to record lectures for further references. There is a record button on the Smartpen that will enable this facility. It also has play and pause buttons for increased capability.  

  • OLED Display
livescribe pens

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, this term has always been heard with televisions or desktops. The purpose of an OLED is to display pictures. In the Livescribe Smartpen system, it was used to tell whether the pen is or not. However, after two to three years of use, this was deducted from the design. This compelled users to rely on audio feedback alone. Many have complained to Livescribe about this. There is also no way to determine if the pen is actually recording audio without the OLED indications thus rendering useless one of its main functions.

  • Infra-red Camera     

The camera enables the most primary feature of the app that is capturing notes and displaying it on the software. Inside every Livescribe Smartpen, there is a camera that takes a picture of the notes you have written or as you are writing them. This can be very useful for transcribers as it will ease their difficulty in transferring the written word to the typed text. You can watch your notes appear instantly on whatever smart device that you have connected with the Livescribe pen. This feature has a lot of utility in both the corporate and academic word.

how to use livescribe pens

The Paper

If you have a Smartpen then you will need a smarter paper that you can use it on. Livescribe has got that requirement covered. The Livescribe Smartpen is supported by the Livescribe dot paper. It is available in a variety of sizes. You are also allowed to print your own paper if you have a compatible laser printer. Every dotted notebook supported by the Livescribe Pen costs around 8$ per notebook. The question if the product is targeted towards students, does it make sense to have notebooks that cost more than average?

Livescribe Desktop Software

livescribe pen software

If we record notes, we expect to see them too, right? Livescribe Desktop Software allows this projection. The notes will appear just as they were written with the Livescribe pen. If you have used the audio recording you can use the software like the speech button in MS Word. You just have to place your cursor on a word and the audio playback will begin at that point. You can also search for a particular word and listen from there. You can add notes to your notebook at any time and then re-dock your pen to the computer. In many sense, this software is just like MS Word supported by Livescribe Smartpen.  

The Livescribe is indeed an evolutionary technology, but is it safe to say that it can change writing forever? It might accelerate a gradual change but it will not bring a drastic transformation. To begin with, not everyone will be comfortable with buying this device and would choose to take notes rather than use a Smartpen to do so. Also, it is possible that academic institutions might not allow these devices. That said, we cannot underestimate what the Livescribe Smartpen has managed to achieve, a sense of development and growth,  

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What is Everlast Notebook? How does it work?What is Everlast Notebook? How does it work?

Rocketbook: Everlast Notebook From The Future

There are so many movies out there that have given us a peek into what the future looks likes. The world of science fiction is full of these assumptions. A time when cars will fly, dogs will talk and house help would be robots. What else, yes when there will be no space for paper only digital screens will exist. Rocketbook as Everlast Notebook is that digital screen. It is a pen and paper but it is so much more. Everlast Notebook is that peek into the future that was once only available to us in fantasy.

We all know how hard it can be to keep our papers organized. Every day we lose something a paper that we really needed and then we dig through drawers and shelves to find it. Rocketbook could save us that entire struggle.

The need for a gadget like Everlast Notebook increases as issues like climate change and environmental protection gain more and more importance. A majority of woke youth is concerned about the fact that felling of trees will accelerate earth degradation. 160,000 trees are cut down each day to produce paper. While gadgets like Rocketbook cannot completely stop this, it can definitely bring the numbers down substantially. So if you are a person who is concerned about the environment and feel guilty when you throw away papers you might want to consider Rocketbook.

How It Works      

The Rocketbook system is made of three components; the Everlast Notebook, the Frixion pen and the Rocketbook App. Buying the three will give you the full functionality of this gadget. The system is a perfect amalgamation of simple but noble solutions with complex technological amendments. They sport an approach that is entrepreneurial in the sense that Rocketbook solves a problem with a very innovative solution.

  • The Rocketbook Notebook

The company claims that it worked closely with paper industry specialists to produce the Everlast Notebook. They found an optimal synthetic polyester blend to create pages of this device. These pages can be easily swiped off of Frixion ink. It also feels very natural to write on these pages. Writing on an Everlast page feels just like writing on regular paper with a smooth finish. However, it is not glossy. It will not allow the pen to smudge as you use it. Not only this. You will be able to erase the ink using a slightly moist cloth.

Another interesting feature of the Everlast Rocketbook is the user preference it keeps in mind. The notebook is available in two sizes, letter and executive. Before you place an order for the Rocket book you got through a survey. The survey allows you to select the size of your notebook accordingly. Every notebook comes with a Frixion pen.  That increases product functionality.

  • The Frixion Pen
frixion pen

The company has advertised the Frixion Pen as any other pen. They have called it just a normal pen in their campaign. However, it is not convincing. There has to be some difference between a ballpoint and Frixion ink that allows the latter to be called a gadget. After all the Frixion pen is wiped off with a wet cloth but remains intact with a dry one, it has to be magic.   

Here is where this gets crazy. What the company said was actually true, the pen is very much like any other pen. The Everlast Notebook is not a whiteboard book, they say and that is why it does not need a highly specific pen. You can use any pen from the Pilot Frixion line. Frixion gel ballpoint pens come in all different kinds and colours and are available for purchase online and in stores. So really it is just a normal pen.     

  • The Rocketbook Mobile App
Everlast Notebook

The Rocketbook mobile App is a mobile application meant to complement the Rocketbook system. The process to use it is rather simple like scanning a document. Write notes and create designs in your notebook with a pen. Then, using a patent-pending image capture technology. The Rocketbook app will accurately and quickly capture and send your notes to pre-configured cloud services. These cloud services are the most popular apps that mostly all users use. So do not think that you will have to sign up for a very specific cloud service to support the application.

Seven Symbols of Magic  

Everlast sharing

No, do not be afraid this is not a reference from some sort of a devil cult. Neither are they secret Harry Potter Horcruxes. The seven symbols are where the magic of the Rocketbook happens. According to the Rocketbook Company, “the seven symbols at the bottom of each page are the magic “buttons” behind the Rocketbook’s quick and easy cloud organization”.

You assign each icon to the destination of your choice, any folder inside Dropbox, Ever note, Google Drive, Box, Slack or your email address. When you mark that icon on your page, the Rocketbook app automatically files your notes in the right place. So really it is easy to use and you do have to say any magical spells to make it work.

QR Code  

Everlast Notebook

What is that one thing that scares us whenever we make notes? That we will get the order all wrong and lose some vital piece of information in them. Not only that whenever we have to scan multiple pages we have to be extra careful so we do not misplace the order. You guessed it right, QR code is an intelligent solution to that.

Each page of the Rocketbook Everlast Notebook contains a special QR code. It tells the Rocketbook app the page number of each scan. That means no matter how or when you scan your Everlast, we can always get your notes in the right order. So if you scan six pages and suddenly remember that you forgot to scan number four you can just go back and the order of it will still be perfect.   

Each page also has a narrow dark border surrounding it. The border allows the Rocketbook app to find your page quickly in any environment or background. So if you are like the majority with messy tables, the app will not get lost.

Revolutions are gradual processes. They are created over centuries before we see a drastic change. Everlast Notebook Rocketbook is a part of that revolution, the revolution that seeks to leave behind what is basic and mundane. It seeks to accomplish what is fantastical and Everlast Rocketbook is the first step towards that world.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 ReviewMicrosoft Surface Pro 6 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – FEATURES:

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 was launched in October 2018. It is a lightweight and portable 2 in 1 device that is an ideal device for streaming office work. It comes with a 12.30-inch touch display and a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels and the pixel density is 276 pixels per inch. It has 8 GB of RAM. And about the camera, it has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. It is based on Windows 10 Home and has 128 GB of inbuilt storage. And its connectivity options are that it includes Wi-Fi 802.7 A / B / G / N / AC. And the sensors on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 include an ambient light sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer. It is 201.00 x 292.00 x 8.50 mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 775 grams. And it is available in platinum and black.


Microsoft has actually released a Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter, which you can connect to the proprietary charging port and give your devices some extra juice (or charge your Surface Pro 6 over USB-C), but it’s an extra $80 and, at the time of writing, isn’t available to buy in the UK.

As a neat touch, the main adapter you get in the box has a USB-A port, which you can use to charge phones or other best gadgets, the Surface Pro 6’s USB port, among other things. Leave free. However, there is no data pass, so you cannot connect your phone and an external drive at the same time.

The Surface range is also generally synonymous with bright colors, or smooth, spaceship grey plastic. But, for the first time, Microsoft’s launching a new Surface in matt black.


The Type Cover dock of the Surface Pro 6 measures 295 x 217 x 5mm and features a full QWERTY layout including function keys and a trackpad. Generally, the typing experience is pretty good, despite the cramped dimensions. Sensibly, Microsoft has given more acreage to the letter keys, making the function keys smaller. Downsides include the four arrow keys, which are bunched up at the bottom right corner, and the left-hand shift key, which is so small, I found myself ACCIDENTALLY HITTING CAPS LOCK ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION. The trackpad is very precise and responsive, allowing you to scroll through long articles with ease and get a quick overview of running processes with a three-fingered drag. There are no buttons next to the trackpad, but it assists both left and right clicks. There was a little bit of flex at the bottom-right corner of the review sample we were sent, which is slightly worrying. Given that these things cost £150 a pop, I’d have hoped for a bit more resilience here.


Using Powermark to simulate 10 minutes of browsing and five minutes of streaming video, we got a result of seven hours and 55 minutes, with the screen’s brightness set to 150 nits. Typically, a day spent writing and streaming Spotify playlists to a Bluetooth speaker would give us around seven to eight hours of power, and we’d get about the same out of an average Netflix binge session, too. That’s about what we’d expect from a hybrid device of this kind. Surface Pro 5 gave us approximately eight hours of use off the back of a single charge. Microsoft quotes you 13 hours 30 minutes of looped video playback in the spec sheet, but in our experience, you’ll get an hour or so less than that. Like most tablets, once the battery falls beneath the 10% mark, battery-saving mode kicks in, but power still tends to fall off a cliff. From an empty tank, we’d get around 60% full after an hour. Generally, it takes about two hours to completely charge a Surface Pro 6.


Specs for the Surface Pro 6 range differ slightly, depending on which of the two processor options you go for. Here’s how everything stacks up:


292 x 201 x 8.5mm


775g (i5) / 792g (i7)


Intel 8th Gen Core i5-8250U / i7-8650U


8GB / 16GB RAM


Intel UHD Graphics 620


128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB


12.3-inch, 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI): 3:2 aspect ratio PixelSense with 10-point multitouch


Wi-Fi ac (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.1


USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, Surface Connects port, Surface Type Cover port, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSDXC card reader.

Cameras and mics

5.0-megapixel front camera with 1080p Skype HD video, Windows Hello, 8.0-megapixel rear camera with 1080p full HD video and autofocus, dual microphones, 1.6W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio Premium.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Performance:

The Surface Pro 6 Microsoft sent in for review is one of the entry-level models, with an Intel Core i5-8250U (1.6GHz, boosting to 1.8GHz), 8GB of RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Here’s a rundown of the range with pricing options:

· Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage – £879

· Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage – £1149 (tested)

· Intel Core i7-8650U, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage – £1429

· Intel Core i7-8650U, 16GB RAM, 512GB storage – £1799

· Intel Core i7-8650U, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage – £2149

The Surface Pro 6 review model performed good in benchmarks, in line with mid-range laptops like the Acer Swift 5 (SF514-52T-531B) and Acer Aspire 5 (A515-51G).

Given that those laptops are powered by the same processor, the quad-core Intel Core i5-8250U, it’s not that surprising that both the Geekbench 4 single and multi-core results are pretty similar.


Now we are going to talk about the review of Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It comes in stunning black color and has a very nice tactile feel but is no different from the Surface Pro which was launched in 2017. Surface Pro 6 has all the same port and wireless options as the previous model launched in 2017 and also the same model cover. The type cover is a very new and impressive accessory that affects everyone. Despite all this, the absence of USB-C is a disappointment. For its users, who have received it at a higher cost, Microsoft is getting faster data transfer and wider docking capabilities. Even though the device does not have an attached keyboard (which we need to buy separately) it has a kickstand that is wide and fairly stable to ensure that the device is well supported and not easily knocked down. One of the features of the keyboard is the Surface Pro 6 that has magnetic stripes that lock onto the tablet easily and comfortably. And the angle of the dock is designed in such a way that the entire device stands more on the table and is more comfortable to work in contrast to other flat keyboards. And it’s no good that the included USB 3.0 is behind the curve of USB 3.1 and because of this the user has to unnecessarily spend extra money to unlock the full flexibility of the device. Microsoft released another Surface Connect for USB-C adapter that we can connect to the device charging port but we need to spend money and buy that too. Also in the box is the main adapter we get from the USB-A port that we can charge our mobile phones or other devices which leaves the Surface Pro 6s port free for other uses. Furthermore, a positive aspect is that performance is slightly improved in one area. The device has a strong contrast ratio of 1,500: 1 compared to the previous model which is 1,300: 1. This is a nice bonus for all users of Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and content writers because of the dark black and bright colors that make movies more effective and make media-editing easier and accurate for content writers and creators. And this device is quite good for Photoshop editing and its advantage is that it is portable. It was intended to help most people without wasting time and the device has excessive processing power to easily meet needs and battery power that lasts for a full day. The Surface Pro 6 has an Intel Cabi Lake refresh. Processor, which provides less energy-intensive quad-pro processing power. And this device also supports Microsoft’s Surface Pen stylus so that users can take notes with moving hands and sketches, which is not enough time for anyone in this fast-paced world. The typing experience is very good despite the tight dimensions on the keyboard. And it may be mentioned that Microsoft has extended the letter keys more and the function keys are slightly smaller which is easier for typing due to the larger size. The trackpad is also very precise, accurate and responsive which allows us to scroll through articles very easily and have a quick overview of the process of moving and the trackpad has no buttons but it supports right and left clicks. But the device has an overall good performance with some drawbacks that most devices have.

Generally, though, I’m impressed by the lightness and nippiness of the Surface Pro 6. Yet, I want to see how the Core i7 versions perform. If you want something more powerful, I’d recommend checking out those. As well as giving you more processing power, there’s twice the amount of memory there, so applications and games should move at a much better clip.

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Make your life more luxurious using the latest tech gadgetsMake your life more luxurious using the latest tech gadgets

In this world where we are surrounded by technologies and more new technology keeps on coming up every day. A good widget solves a drag, but solving a problem isn’t the same as making your life easier. There are so many latest tech gadgets which will make our life easier as well as luxurious. Some of them are mentioned below:

Fitness Tracker

A fitness hunter would possibly assist you to live healthier, but being constantly reminded to move isn’t very relaxing. The fitness tracker is the best way to maintain your health as it includes so many features such as checking blood pressure, checking the pulse rate, a reminder to drink water, a reminder to take medicines, distance walked and burn calories, etc. There are so many features in the smart fitness tracker and nowadays it comes in smartwatch or smart band which is used to regulate all the activities occurring on the phone as it needs to be connected with the mobile phones.


The applications for camera drones are endless. These drones are so advanced that they capture each and everything that comes their way for these tasks there is a different range of drones. Advanced drones are generally used by professional cinematographers and cost upwards of $1,500. These drones provide unmatched speeds, acceleration, stability, image processing and more. Many support CinemaDNG and ProRes recording. Like many intermediate “prosumer” drones, advanced drones are often ready-to-fly right out of the box, and offer intuitive flight modes.

Drones are of many types like beginners, prosumer, racing, commercial, etc and the range varies with the different models.

Smart Mat

Not only will this plush, grippy yoga mat get you through your asanas in style. It also makes your whole workout easier, pairing with Amazon’s Alexa so you can listen to yoga flows with a simple voice command and even rolls itself back up into a neat bundle when you’re done. Thanks to a unique interlocking mechanism.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

In today’s latest tech gadgets, Apple’s updated iPhone comes in two sizes, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. Both feature OLED displays, improved water resistance, battery life, and Face ID facial recognition, as well as an upgraded dual-camera system with the ability to adjust the depth of field after photo capture. The iPhone Xs is offered at $ 41.66 per month with 24 monthly payments from Verizon Wireless and $ 33.34 per month with 30 monthly payments from AT&T Wireless.

PH550 Minibeam Projector

This projector is lightweight and portable enough to fit in a bag, but it still packs enough of a punch for a satisfying entertainment experience. Its combination of HD Resolution (1280 x 720), wireless connectivity, and a built-in battery add up to a mighty machine that will satisfy any movie lover.

Bolt Portable Charger

With built-in lightning and micro-USB charging cables, the Zackery Bolt Charger includes everything you need to revive a dead device. The power reserve of this best latest tech gadget is enough to charge most smartphones twice.

Micro Bluetooth speaker

Small enough to fit into a purse or pocket, Bose’s SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker’s size belies its power. The bass is surprisingly strong, and the waterproof speaker—which is available in black, bright orange, and midnight blue—offers six hours of playtime from a rechargeable battery.

Panasonic TZ200

Stylish, pocketable and with a versatile Leica zoom lens (up to 15X), this great little camera is equally suited to nature photography as it is to weekend city breaks, giving excellent clarity and color. Wi-fi connectivity gives instant access to social media so you can upload your shots wherever you are. Indeed, Panasonic might have designed this to be the travel bloggers’ best friend (but don’t let that put you off).

Amazon Oasis kindle

The Amazon Kindle may be a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices alter users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. It comprises a range of devices, including e-readers with E Ink electronic paper displays and Kindle applications on all major computing platforms.

VR Box

VR Box is nothing however computer game (VR) platform used with a head mount for a smartphone. … VR BOX is Google Cardboard adoption of plastic body HMD during which you’ll place your robot or iOS smartphone to get pleasure from computer game games, apps, 3D videos, 360 immersive 3d videos, etc.

Wireless headphones

Top-end earphones would all be able to appear to be similar, yet these have a couple of champion pizazz focuses. They have a 12-hour battery life, exactness tooled DualCoil drivers and aptX Bluetooth for high-devotion sound, and, most strangely, a decision of three channels to swap all through the earbuds which give more command over bass and treble equalization.

Genius Pro 8000 Rechargeable Power Electric Toothbrush

This might be the smartest toothbrush on the market. It consists of 6 different modes for brushing synced via smartphone offering real-time feedback. Modes are – 

  • Daily Clean
  • Gum Care
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Tongue Clean
  • Pro-Clean

The toothbrush’s pressure-sensor technology also notifies you when you brush too hard and automatically decelerates the speed of the brush head to prevent further damage.

There is an endless list of products used to make life awesome and above are some of them that describe each product. Nowadays if we are not these technologies, then we are considered smart in society. Just like some of the latest tech gadgets mobile phones have become a basic necessity of our lives, without phones we cannot communicate with people and all work will stop, similarly, other devices are also important in one way or another.

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LG Pulls off a Vanishing Act with its Signature Series OLED TV R9LG Pulls off a Vanishing Act with its Signature Series OLED TV R9

Imagine going into a room, only to be met by a black cuboidal box. You start wondering what it is. Just then a black sheet-like screen rolls out and starts playing your favorite movie. While the part about playing your favorite movie is still fiction, the part about an OLED TV R9 isn’t.


We were astounded when the South Korean electronics manufacturer unveiled the LG Signature Series OLED TV R9 at CES due to technology’s involvement in the future. A TV that collapses on its own without destroying itself was the stuff of imagination so far.

In the 2nd half of 2019, this shall become a mesmerizing reality when it hits the markets. 

Design and Specs:

The first and foremost feature that catches your eye is the base. The base is not merely a stand for the television. Rather it’s an intricately designed sound system that also houses the rolling mechanism for the television as well as the screen itself.

What’s more, the screen is designed with Kvadrat, which is a high-end furniture textile. The speakers are front-firing and enclosed in Kevlar, making them all the more durable.

A 64.5” screen along with OLED picture performance, Dolby Vision, coupled with α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and deep learning AI algorithms bring to you an unprecedented level of perfection.

The OLED TV R9 has a 4.2 Dolby Atmos sound system that is bound to blow your minds.

The ‘unfurling’ of the television still seems to be the stuff of fiction. So, to make things easier, LG has put together an instructional video. It shows the screen rolling up on a spindle inside the base. This process is supposedly silent. At the CES 2019, LG executives have assured us that the TV screen can be furled and unfurled about 50,000 times. Although, this may come to you as a major limitation, yet some rudimentary calculations show that it would take you 34 years to reach this limit even if you switched the TV on and off twice a day.

As if all these features weren’t enough, you can even control the screen to furl and unfurl with just your voice. We have LG ThinQ to thank for this. Moreover, it also has Alexa and the Google Assistant, make it all the smarter.

With all its pros, it does have some cons. The base and the stand come in a single color. So, for those of you hoping for a different color than a white base and stand so that it does not stick out, it’s going to be an aesthetic disappointment.

But, coming back to the pros, the base and stand do not stand out at all as far as their size is considered. When the TV is turned on, a small part at the top of the base slides back to give way to the screen to unfurl. This, per se, is a more interesting watch than whatever airs on the TV.

When the TV screen is being unfurled, it could either be extended completely into what the executives at LG are calling the ‘Full View,’ or it could the ‘Line View.’ The line view is a brilliant concept from the makers of this TV in which only a part of the screen is on display. You could listen to music or turn the Mood Mode on in the Line View. The Mood Mode uses small visualizations to match nature-themed soundtracks.

As with all new and improved things, The new OLED TV is way more fragile than its ancestors, as far as being hit is concerned. But performance-wise, it trumps all its predecessors.

This cool new TV was already the summit of perfection when its makers added HDMI 2.1 ports. These are supposed to support 4K120 playback when it arrives via an update later this year.


In Full View, this TV is a stunning beauty with a 4K HDR OLED display that will make your jaw drop. LG has been able to keep up its good work as far as screens are concerned.

What acts as the cherry on the cake is the 2nd gen Alpha a9 processor that allows for deep learning picture quality. The Screen can also adjust to the intensity of light in the room, e.g. increasing the brightness during the daytime to compensate for the extra light and reverse the process at night. LG has also thrown in the 4.2 Atmos sound system with it to give its viewers the ultimate viewing experience.

With the OLED R9, LG has brought out all its big guns. One of which is the new WebOS 4.5 smart platform which shall make its debut. Bringing Alexa on board was also a smart decision, and so was making the Amazon button on the remote as a way to access Alexa as well.


As with manufacturers at a CES, LG did not reveal the price of this beauty, yet. But, with all its features, we believe that it is not going to be cheap.     

Our Verdict:

The LG Signature Series R9 is bound to drop jaws and set many benchmarks as soon as it is launched in the market. With its stunning display and logic-defying screen, coupled with all its features, the OLED R9 will revolutionize the definition of television.

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Modified in every aspect the new and better Apple watch series 4 is the newest addition to the family. 

Apple did it again! 

Have you ever wondered if a watch will not only show us the time, but Google also searched and took care of our health? And it will come with technology and new products in the future but now, it is a living reality in the form of Apple watches and that too in the upgraded version, Apple Watch series.

This new watch is loaded with various features that make your life easier and a lot more happening.

Let’s have a look at all the key specs of what this watch has to offer to us:

Your health is our responsibility

– Apple watch series 4


This watch is geared with all you need to stay fit, and thus comes with the following features:

  • Heart rate monitoring system 

It helps you to monitor your heart rate anywhere anytime. It’s a Modern stethoscope replacement.

  • Detection of unusual heart rate 

In case you have a very high or a very low heart rate this watch notifies you immediately to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Your Health diary 
  • It helps you track your daily health report and maintain a record, this way you are going to get sure that your health is on the right path.


This watch as promised by Apple comes with many astounding alterations in its system. The changes it provides are as follows.

  • Enhanced speaker and bass efficiency 

It provides an excellent sound quality which can bring a revolution in your voice calling quality and music seems to get live by the floor-shaking bass. As the microphone is repositioned on the opposite side it helps in a considerable reduction of echo.

  • Battery life which seems to be unreal 

18 hours of battery life in just one charge, it is as surreal as it sounds. Enhanced battery life is what gives it leverage over its contemporaries in the business world.

  • Size reduction of space expansion
  • The addition of a digital crown has enabled to make its size Miniature this has facilitated more space. Who doesn’t admire curves especially when it’s curves of apple watch series 4? The curves of the watch provide a better grip and increase the beauty of the watch.
  • Ocean of information in every inch of the display

Its display is designed just to help you get it’s every corner used to access information. Thus its small size doesn’t affect your searching experience and doesn’t prove to be a limitation when it comes to harboring information from the web.

  • Reincarnation of the digital crown

Reborn of the digital crown gives you a feel of clicking on-screen even when you are just touching the screen and gives you a precise scrolling option to choose from.

  • Never have ever kind of display

A display is so large that you can’t imagine having on your watch. The as large display offers you a wide range of searches and is easy for your eyes to read them without getting strained. As customers, satisfaction is all that a company need thus your eyes are equally important for them.

  • Sleek Design

As presentation matters so are the design of the watch it provides an ultra-thin display which makes it look really fascinating and beautiful.

  • Need for speed 

As the fast system working is really what we need and apple comes with a solution to it

It provides up to two times faster speed. Because of its wonderful CPU, it offers excellent speed and helps in boosting its performance. Apps are opening way faster than ever.

  • Processor 

Apple watch series 4 comes with an S4 chip, which is a complete system in the package; SIP. These watches are the first in the world to provide such an innovative technology it allows the watch to story innumerable information in such a tiny space.

  • Your savior from danger 

These watches come equipped with an emergency SOS. Need urgent help press SOS, calling an ambulance to display your Id everything you need to get help is ingrained into this watch. It is like the safety equipment you have to have with you.

  • A very unique way to interact – “ walkie talkie”

An app is so unique that your communication is now easier than ever imagined. It helps you to get Calls quicker, chats are now more personalized. 

  • A plethora of apps to choose from 

This watch offers you unlimited options of applications to choose from. Siri, podcast, timer, calendar any app you name you are surely going to find one on the apple watch. Now playing PUBG to running Instagram all are just at one click. This multifunctional watch is all you need in this technologically advanced world.

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It has been a long journey, from pager phones to screen mobiles or smartphones to touch phones. In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who does not use a smartphone. Even young children know how to use and some even have their own personal phones which are not good. This is because many of their uses, a smartphone can do almost everything a computer can do. One can click a picture, listen to music, perform, play games, although it may not provide a good experience as a computer because the screen size of a smartphone is smaller than that of a computer. It can provide diverse experiences to a wide variety of people. For children, it can act as a game station and as a useful tool for adults who can entertain themselves. Apart from this, there are hidden tricks in Android that not everyone knows And it can also help them in matters related to their work.

Android is an operating system designed and developed by Google that is compatible with mobile phones or smartphones that primarily touch the screen. There are several versions of Android that are upgraded from time to time. The various Android versions are Lollipop, Jellybean, etc … The first Android version was released by Google in September 2008. Android is written with the help of various computer languages ​​such as Java, C, C ++, Python, Make, D, XML. Assembly language, shell script. Android can be used not only in mobile phones but also in today’s best tech gadgets such as – Personal computers, tablets, cameras, etc … It is a very useful operating system that can improve performance, speed Has the ability to provide various experiences with good output and results in terms of. , Features, and storage. It is available in over a hundred languages, including many Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu. Some tricks have been hidden here and can be used on devices that have an Android operating system as their operating system. Android has a lot of amazing features, which you can find by going to its settings. If you have an Android, then this article will give you lots of tricks that you can imagine what your Android mobile phone can do. Let’s take a look at some of these hidden tricks of Android –

Use apps simultaneously– one can easily use two apps in some latest versions of android side by side. This feature allows you to do multitasking like viewing pictures along with using social media and the most useful one is watching videos on YouTube along with some other work like using social media or working in Ms. World. It is a very useful feature and very easy to use. This feature is referred to as split the screen. To use this feature, tap the overview button which is the small rectangular button in the middle of the phone. Then select the app from the recently used app that you won’t work on side by side. To do it drag it to the top right or top left corner and now you will notice that screen has been split and you can easily work on two apps simultaneously. Although this feature does not work efficiently with games apps it works perfectly fine with the other.

Change size and font style of text and images– one can easily change the size of the text and make it more visible. If somebody is having problems while reading the text from the phone because it is visible in smaller or the opposite, then android provides the option to increase or decrease the font size of the text. It also provides the feature to change the font style. Although there are not many options available for the font styles yet it allows choosing the best one from the available ones. Also, these adjustments are sometimes not compatible with few apps. To use these two features go to settings and then go to display. Now on the next screen, you will be able to find a section of font size or size where you can adjust the size of the text and another section of font style that enables the user to change the font style of the text visible to the users.

Screen pinning– in this feature, if an app is a pin then that app can be accessible if one writes the lock screen password again. This feature is pretty useful to help you to save or protect your privacy especially from your young cousin who, I am sure, always asks to use your phone. It is one of the most useful and meaningful options provided by android. It is really easy to screen pin any app in android. 

Go to the setting, then go to security and click on the screen pin option. Open the overview screen and you will be able to see all your recently used apps. Here you will be able to see a pin icon in the right-hand corner. Just click on the pin button to pin that app.

I hope you will be able to use these hidden features of android properly. 

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Google Nest Hub Max ReviewGoogle Nest Hub Max Review

Google Home Gadgets may come somewhat later than the Amazon Echo, anyway, as we like to think, they are great in the same way. In 2015, Amazon was previously the main de facto tech organization to create a play with Amazon Echo for its curious home. Nevertheless, until now, Amazon Prime is not the exclusive school organization to frame legitimate home products. Different forms of proper affiliates of Google are being transformed into proper and even style. Google Home is a contraption which is a trend we have already used, yet still getting extraordinary new features. The main function of Google Nest Hub Max in this is the auto-refreshing Google Photos exhibition and private reeds that display your entire proper home at a glance and add Google’s turn to things.

As of late, Google propelled another Google Assistant speaker, the Google Nest Hub gamma-hydroxybutyrate – it’s an underlying item to dispatch beneath the new combined name of Google and reasonable home gadget maker Nest and the normal successor to the Google Home Hub. It’s a big-screen (10-inch) brilliant showcase for your home, with a forward-looking camera for video calls and the office to keep an eye on your home remotely. Reported during the Google IO 2019 keynote back on May 7, 2019, and close by the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL telephones, the Hub Max expands the company’s shrewd speaker extend, sitting generally between the Google Home Max and Google Home as far as speaker quality. 

download (8).jpg

Design and Display

The Google Nest Hub Max has a similar coasting show structure as the Home Hub, with the speakers cautiously housed behind the showcase in a fabric secured stand. It’s an alluring look, however the Hub Max’s expanded size methods it loses the cutesy intrigue of the littler screen form, and will be an increasingly overwhelming nearness in your home. 

Inside the stand, you’ll locate a 2:1 speaker arrangement, with two tweeters and a sub ready to convey an amazing sound punch. It’s a superior sound encounter than the Google Home and Home Hub, yet it’s as yet a way off the intensity of the bigger Home Max. 

There are only two physical contributions here, with a volume rocker around the back, on the right-hand side, while a unified switch sits behind the screen at the top. This switch empowers you to in a split second turn off the amplifiers and camera, and they can then just be reactivated by physically exchanging them back on. On the front, you get a 10-inch HD show with a goal of 1280 x 800 and a 16:10 perspective proportion. It’s splendid and clear, however, it doesn’t have the lucidity of higher-goals shows, and that is a disgrace, particularly in case you’re anticipating gushing video to it. 

While the fundamental method for communicating with the Hub Max is a voice, the screen is contacted touchy, enabling you to alter the splendor and volume and select different choices with your fingers, in the event that you end up close enough the gadget. 

Camera and specs 

As we’ve referenced, the camera in the Google Nest Hub Max is from Nest and gives you a sublimely wide 127-degree field of view that empowers you to fit in the vast majority of your room – extraordinary for video calls with the family assembled round. 

Video calls will be taken care of by Google Duo, which means you can video-call any of your companions or family who have the Duo application introduced on a Hub Max, cell phone or PC. The camera can likewise function as a standard Nest cam, enabling you to monitor your home when you’re away by means of the Nest application. In the event that you sign up to the Nest Aware membership administration, you can even pick the camera to continually record video and sound when you’re away from home, giving another layer of security. 

Chromecast is additionally inherent, empowering you to effortlessly stream sound and video to the Google Nest Hub Max, and you can play/delay content by holding your palm up to the camera, which is valuable in case you’re watching a cooking video instructional exercise and need to rapidly stop it without contacting the presentation with untidy hands; you can likewise utilize your voice, yet the motion control is faster. 

The fundamental way you’ll communicate with the Hub Max is with your voice, however, with Google Assistant at the core of the brilliant showcase. The Hub Max highlights two far-field amplifiers that complete a shockingly great job of grabbing your voice, regardless of whether there’s music playing or various individuals talking in the room. 

Cost and Availability 

The Nest Hub Max should touch base on 15 July yet got postponed to simply ‘summer’. In any case, it would seem that Google has coincidentally released the discharge date on its item bolster page (presently changed) so it will be discharged on 9 September. This was spotted by Droid-Life. When it goes marked down, it will cost £219 or $229. The normal Home Hub, presently known as Google Nest Hub, will likewise be accessible at a lower cost of £119 – it was already £139. 

It’s maybe no occurrence that the Hub Max cost is equivalent to its key adversary, the Amazon Echo Show. There are additionally different adversaries, for example, the JBL Link View and Lenovo Smart Display, the two of which are increasingly costly.

Google Nest Hub Max Review 

Just as new Pixel 3a telephones, Google has utilized its I/O engineer meeting to report another keen showcase. Presently marked with the Nest name, we’ve investigated the Nest Hub Max. We cherished the Home Hub when we assessed it a year ago and still do, however it was a disgrace that Google didn’t offer a bigger choice with an inherent camera. Well, that is actually what the Nest Hub Max offers so we’re somewhat satisfied. 

Before we start it merits clarifying that the marking is present ‘Google Nest’ with the two meetings up. Google has possessed Nest for a long time now and they pondered time to utilize the names together. The Hub Max joins Google and Nest innovation so it bodes well, aside from the somewhat extensive item name. 

Note: We’ve called this a first look rather than a hands-on the grounds that Google exhibited the gadget to us broadly, yet we just had an exceptionally concise play with it ourselves. 

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In today’s time, technology has created a different place in the market – there are gadgets available that are very useful for people or to say that people cannot live without those gadgets. Some such gadgets to make your pet smarter are also available in the market.

1.     Robotic cat litter box:

This robotic cat litter is for your cat, which makes your work of cleaning your cat becomes easier. Cats are such animals that need a lot of care while cleaning. But you would wish that cats can also be cleaned easily like other pets. So, this robotic litter box makes your work of cleaning your cat easier for you, this litter box cleans your cat automatically without your involvement. This does not hurt or injure your cat; the cat will be cleaned easily carefully without causing any harm to it by this robotic litter box. This is a gift not only to your pet but also to you because it reduces your work and does the same work so easily and carefully. 

It is an automatic and self-cleaning gadget that also cleans the waste left in the clean litter, it also cleans itself for not getting the bad smell. Requires electricity to work, better for multi-cat households. It costs $449, you can get it from Amazon.

2.    Smart dog houses:

We know smart houses, but now we also have smart houses for dogs. Samsung has created a smart house for dog namely The Samsung Dream Dog house. Samsung spent $30k on the prototype of this smart dog house in the United Kingdom in June. The smart house is featured with a treadmill. Automatic food dispenser, hydrotherapy pool, and a Samsung tablet mounted on the wall. 

If you think that $30k is difficult to drop you have another option that is The ZenCrate. This is also a smart house for dogs, it contains sensors that help the owner to keep an eye about the activities of the dog with the help of a camera in it. It will send a text to you when the dog enters in it. It is designed for resisting the vibrations caused by thunder and fireworks. If you love your pet it is worth buying.

3.    Pet Fountain:

These gadgets to make your pet smarter will keep your pet’s body hydrated whether it is a cat or a dog and reduces natural detoxification in the kidneys. Water is necessary for pets’ health too but many dogs and cats do not like to drink it, in such cases this pet fountain reduces the rate of getting problems in kidneys by maintaining an optimal level of water in their body.

It has a capacity of 168-ounce, it is made from BPA-plastic, these plastic parts are dishwasher safe. This pet fountain has dual carbon and foam filtration, a steady stream of water can be used for both cats and dogs.

It costs $44.95 on Amazon.

4.    Aqua paw:

Aqua paw is a gadget that helps you as a sprayer and scrubber while bathing your pet. It is a wearable gadget, you can use it to spray water as well as to scrub the body of your pet, and this makes your work simpler, faster and joyful. The pressure of water is high enough to penetrate the fur on the body of your pet and comfortable at the same time. Your pet and you both will enjoy the cleaning of its body; it is easy to clean and comfortable for your pet too. It costs $24.99, it is worth having for your pet.

5.    The petchatz HD pet camera:

If you want to spend time with your pet but unable to make time for them then this gadget might help you for sure. The petchatz HD pet camera is two-way audio and video recording gadget, this will help you to see your pet from any place, and not only you but your pet can also see you in the video. This camera allows you to record videos and capture pictures and saves them directly to your smartphone. This gadget can be attached to the walls, there will be no breakage problems. 

This is actually costlier than other cameras available in the market, it costs $329.99, and you can get it from Amazon.

6.     iFetch Automatic Ball thrower:

iFetch is a high-tech dog toy for large as well as small dogs to play with. These gadgets to make your pet smarter enables your pet t to enjoy the ball throwing game which is dogs’ favorite one, even if you are absent. iFetch is an automatic ball thrower that can be the best gift to your dog. There are small and large size gadgets in the market that are designed for dogs of various sizes. This gadget can throw a tennis ball from 10 to 30 feet distance, large throwers can throw up to 40 feet too. It works with battery once you charge this it can work for the next 30 hours. iFetch Automatic ball thrower costs $114.99 on Amazon.

7.     The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar:

This gadgets to make your pet smarter is a pet tracker that helps you keep an eye on the activities of your dog and its health status. It is a belt-like thing that can be tied up to the neck of your dog, it is made up of nylon. It is also a GPS tracker that keeps the tracks of your pet’s position, vital signs and other health markers it also helps you to set up a safe zone around your house for your dog. It is not even harder for your pet to carry; it is a collar wearable gadget easy to wear and maintain without falling. 

It has an attractive design, monitors the activities of your pet, sends you temperature alerts, etc. The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar costs $99 on Amazon but varies along with the size of the gadget. 

8.     The Pet Safe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy:

This is an automatic laser toy that creates random patterns to keep your cat guessing and entertained for hours. It can be used without your involvement, if you want interaction then you switch to manual mode. It can be held in hand and also an automatic device helps your cat for extra exercise. This device has a feature of auto-shutoff of 15 minutes, after playing for 15 minutes it gets shut off so that the cat cannot play for too long to get tired and not too short. 

It costs $17.95on Amazon.

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10 Trending And Daily Use Tech Gadgets Available At Affordable Prices On Amazon10 Trending And Daily Use Tech Gadgets Available At Affordable Prices On Amazon is an American company. It forced on technologies like e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming. Amazon supports small business and entrepreneurs, grow their sales and reach new customers. By following Amazon’s mover and shaker page greatest gainer in deal rank, giving intriguing and in some cases astounding understanding into what slanting among customers. As we know, aw all care about security, car accessories, music speakers, and keeping their phones charged and many more things related to daily UseTech gadgets. so, if someone interested in sleeping and writing, they will find Tech Gadgets Available At Affordable Prices covering those realms.

There are 10 trending and daily use Tech Gadgets Available At Affordable Prices on Amazon:

1. An Amazon Echo or Google Home

You were dreamed of having the voice-activated device from your kitchen or living room, you’re in luck: The Amazon Echo and Google Home can answer your basic questions, tell you News, the weather forecast and sports scores, and even

request an Uber or can connect a voice call for you, or LG for you. If you’re interested in the Echo, you should also consider its smaller and more affordable and cheap tech gadgets version, the Echo Dot.

2. Universal 12X Zoom Smartphone Telescope Lens

This is one of the best and most affordable things you can ever get at amazon. Think of your phone’s normal camera get power to zoom itself up to 12 times, it will be fun right? So, here is the Tech gadget is known as a telescope lens, which can turn things into reality. It easily fit with your phone’s camera by the click provided among it. Some features related to telescope lens is easy to use, useful for those smartphones which do not have a zoom function, you can zoom up to 12 times, zooming ring provided to adjust focus and compatibility with almost all smartphones.

3. Mobile Joystick Game Stick

Today, we all are aware of games like pubg and some more games similar to it. If you are a hardcore gamer then it is a great cheap Tech gadget for you, you can easily play lots of games with a mobile joystick stick. This is one of the daily use of tech gadgets for gamers by simply sticking it according to your game controls and enjoy the game without swiping on the screen of your smartphone. It does not require any power source.

4. Basu e Alarm+

This is one of the coolest and useful Tech gadgets for travelers. Basu e Alarm comes with two-sided hooks. If these hooks are detached from each other then it starts ringing. What you have to do is just attached it with your bag in the correct way and if someone tries to open your bag then it will start ringing. Some features to know, portable in size, produce sound up to 130db.

5. LED Coffee Mug

If you are looking for cheap tech gadgets for giG then this will be a very attractive and unique daily use tech gadget giG for your family and friends. so, it is a giG that can be used to drink coffee, tea, etc like your other mugs. It contains colored LED lights that will turn on, as you put coffee, tea, or other liquid in it. Isn’t it amazing right? so, this attractive giG available on amazon at a very cheap price. Due to its uniqueness, it immediately gets the attention of everyone.

6. Boat wireless Bluetooth earphones

Isn’t it stylish and functional? boAt signature wireless earphones very light in weight with powerful HD sound and deep boosted bass. It has the latest Bluetooth version. With a battery of 110 mAH, it allows u to spend your time with earphones. It provides free access controls to your phone. With this, you can control your inline processes like volume, music track, attend calls, and activate Siri. This is the cheap tech gadget a brand like a boat can provide at this affordable price.

7. Fake CCTV Camera

As we all know there is nothing impossible in today’s world that we can not do with tech gadgets. If anyone doesn’t want to spend money on installing CCTV cameras then you can install a fake and dummy CCTV camera within a minute. It is for those who want to fool others that this area is under CCTV surveillance. This fake CCTV camera has three light modes which you can choose according to your requirements. It exactly looks like a real CCTV camera. It requires no maintenance except batteries.

8. A mini Bluetooth speaker

If you are a music lover then this is the best tech gadget for you. Boat stone mini Bluetooth speaker is waterproof which makes it useful for outdoor activities. Its body is shockproof also because it is constructed of durable rubber matte finish, which offers protection against dust and water. Due to its portable size, u can just grab it on with you in swimming, cycling, driving, and more. It will surprise you by its well-balanced sound and robust bass. It has the latest Bluetooth version. It has an echo and noise cancellation feature present in it. You can just handle your online chatting and volume control call control with a single button due to its Built-in microphone for hands-free calls. The battery is 1500 mAh with this you can enjoy 10 hours of music at 80 percent volume.

9. Moto Shaker Bottle

Moto shaker is the best daily use tech gadget for gym lovers. If your protein shakes do not mix well aGer shaking so long now let the shaker moto bottle do it for you. With the help of this, your healthy drinks and a tasty protein shake is only one click away. What you need to do is just fill water, protein, and click the button to mix it . some more features are it has an airtight cap, very easy to use. Detachable storage pot to carry your supplements, rechargeable battery, USB charging.

10. Bluetooth Anti-lost Anti Theft device tracker

If you lost something no need to worry about it. In this world of tech gadgets, life is easy. Here are the best Tech Gadgets Available At Affordable Prices for lost things. It is a Bluetooth enabled tracker device that can be attached to your valuable product or even your kids, pets, or car. There is a limit for this you can only track beyond 10 meters approx. but it is very useful this device and your smartphone simultaneously rings if it goes beyond 10 meters.

Hence, these were the 10 trending and daily use tech gadgets that are also affordable on Amazon India which you can buy as per your requirements.

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10 high – tech 90s gadgets that are pretty handicapped today10 high – tech 90s gadgets that are pretty handicapped today


Talkboy Tiger Electronics High Tech 90s Gadgets was a line of audio recorders for children. It was originally drafted non-functional props used in the 1992 comedy film Home Alone 2: Lost in York, starring Macaulay Culkin. In the film, Kevin (Culkin) uses an audio recorder to prank his family and avoid murderous thugs. This led to a huge letter-writing campaign among the film’s young children, who wanted their own recorders but were disappointed that no one was present.

Yak Bak

Yak Bak was a series of hand-held voice recorder toys with the mid-1990s that were developed by Yes! Entertainment. The original Yak Bak was introduced in 1994 and was an intended competitor to Tiger Electronics’ Talkboy. The toy was a simple handheld voice recorder that consisted of only two buttons, “Say” and “Play”. When the “Say” button was pressed, up to six seconds of audio could be analyzed, and the recording action was shown by sparkling light.

Yak Bakwas featured in its own tv business in 1995, with the slogan of “Yak Bak gives you the last word!” when showing 2 siblings during a back and forth argument of “Is not!” and“Is too!”


The Discman, a reputation created for the main transportable CD player on the market created by Sony in 1984. Like a fill size CD player, this movable version would determine the reflection of light cast off the CD. Sony worked for years rising the look of the CD player and reducing the ability and elements required to make it. The main goal of the project was to make a player adore the scale of a CD case provide concerning 13.4 cm across and 4 cm thick. The first palmy version was released into the market was the D-50 player in 1984, the device the same amount of features as the full-size CDP-101 version only it was without a remote and a quarter of the price at $350. The D-50 was released in 1984 2 years of the CDs made. The item became a palmy hit internationally sparking higher growth profits for CDs. Sonny went on to provide multiple versions of transportable players from the first1980s to two thousand, quantity those the WM-2 Discman and electronic equipment a lightweight player with the anti-rolling mechanism.

Easy bake oven

The Easy-Bake kitchen appliance may be an operating toy kitchen appliance that Kennerintroduced in 1963. The Easy-Bake kitchen appliance was introduced in 1963 by Kennermerchandise, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based toy company. The design changed many times over overthe years. A more recent model looked at a microwave oven.

Deam phone board games

In 1991, board fame was released, named Dream Phone which targeted young girls. It was a sleepover activity on behalf of me and my friends in the 90s, since it combined two of our then-favorite things: boys and talking on the phone. Dream Phone was the last word 90smystery game for young ladies. The object of the sport was to seek out that “hot” guy had a crush on you. By victimization the vast pink electronic phone, players would dial 555numbers and talk to guys in order to gather clues


VideoNow may be a transportable video player made by Hasbro and free by its subsidiary Tiger natural philosophy in 2003. The systems use discs known as Private videodisc, which can store about 30 minutes (half an hour) of video, the length of an average TVshow with commercials.


HitClips may be a tiny, palm-sized digital audio player created by Tiger Electronics in 1999. It wasn’t known for its new quality. HitClips played low-fi, one-minute clips of popular 90ssongs. It was promoted by McDonald’s, Disney Radio, and Lunchables. Because of its access to songs by artists like *N SYNC and Britney Spears, HitClips was a massive economic success, making Tiger Electronics approximately $80 million in 1999.


Poo-Chi (or Poochi, Poochie), one of the first generations of robopet toys, is a robot dog designed by Samuel James Lloyd and Matt Lucas, manufactured by Sega Toys, and dispersed by Tiger Toys. Poo-Chi was delivered in2000 and discontinued in 2002. The original Poo-Chihad a grey body with ears, tail, and leg joints of either purple, blue, pink or green color. With four legs allowing the toy to stand up or lie down, it makes use of a red Light-emitting diode display eyes to show emotion.

Skip It

Skip-It could be a children’s toy fictitious by Avi Arad, Maggie William Harvey and MelKennedy and made by Tiger natural philosophy.] The Skip-It equipment was designed to be basifixed to the child’s ankle or a little plastic hoop and spun around during a 360-degree rotation where countlessly skipped by the user. Time magazine surround it in their 100greatest toys ever. During its initial undo among the Eighties, the Skip-It equipment became an advertisement success through its advertisements on daytime record player broadcasting in addition to alternative children’s programming.

It was based on the 1960s toy Lemon Twist, which featured a lemon-shaped weight which was spun around the ankle.


The Tamagotchi could be a hand-held digital pet, generated in Japan by Akihiro Yokoi of WiZand Aki Maita of Bandai. It was released by Bandai on Gregorian calendar month twenty-three, 1996, in Japan and May 1997 in the rest of the world, quickly becoming one of the biggest toy fads of the 1990s and early 2000s. Tamagotchi was fancied by Aki Maita that she won the 1997 Ig award for political economy. Tamagotchi is a keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game. The characters square measure colorful and simplistically designed creatures supported animals, objects, or people.

These are the 10 High Tech 90s Gadgets that were used by 90s kids for entertainment and now these high tech gadgets are vanished because of upcoming new high-tech gadgets. Nowadays kids don’t play with these high tech gadgets instead they play games online like on PCs and mobile phones which affect the health of the kids and they wear spectacles at a very young age

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