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Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

With the most premium looks and perfectly angular structure, Bose Frames brings to you the ultimate gadget of 2019, the Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with the most exemplary features in the history of our products.ThisBose Frames Audio Sunglasses gives you the ideal combination of sight and sound and exceptional quality of lenses for a prime experience. It’s a gadget 2019 that offers a new method to listen to things. It enables you to hear whatever the people around you have to say, while your favourite music simultaneously plays in the background. These sunglasses are going to give you a look you’ll love with the frame size that best fits your face. With a limited range of premium colors, the Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses will cater to your look of choice in which you feel most yourself. The sunglasses offer you the best appearance, compatibility, ease in usage and sound quality.

1.About the product-

The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses are a 2019 gadget with the infusion of the latest technologies and customized speakers to exclusively direct the sound to you and not anyone else. We offer you two designs to choose from, one is Alto which provides the classic angular design with a larger fit, and the other is Rondo, which has round lenses and a comparatively smaller fit than Alto. We not only believe in a premium look, but also in premium comfort. The lenses will not easily scratch or break. To look right, feel good and experience a new level of confidence, the Bose FramesAudio Sunglasses is the go-to product for you. These are meticulously built to give you maximum comfort possible. The lenses can be easily replaced as per your preference for a look you can own. This gadget of 2019is the ideal example of what wonders can happen when style, technology, and usability come together.

2.Prime Features-

A. The lens is large and rectangular with a length of 52 mm and breadth 18 mm. The temple length, on another hand, is 162 mm. (this are the dimensions of Alto design)

B. The Best Bose Frames Audio sunglasses have already built-in Bose Speakers which can produce a very rich and buoyant sound and makes the sound of the surroundings almost negligible.

C. The audio is open-air which allows you to be alert about your surroundings, while simultaneously enjoying the music played by the speakers.

D. The shape and structure of the Bose Framesareangular and the lenses are commanding.

E. The frame also has an integrated microphone that allows you to attend all your calls as well as your phone’s assistant like Siri (in case of Apple), Google Assistant (in case of Android).

F. You are also offered the Bose Connect App, which helps you to access the personalized settings as per your needs, access to all the updates and news, and many more options that can make your life so much easier and interesting.

G. The sunglasses have the necessary coating that can block up to 99% of the UVA/UVB rays. These make it super-healthy for your eyes and gives prevention from the heat.

H. One of the best features of these frames is the Bluetooth Connectivity and super-easy pairing of devices which aids you in performing a bucket-load of functions, such as sharing music and much more.

I. Last but not the least, the Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses are AR-enabled, and that’s an innovatively-audio form of enhanced reality.


This 2019 gadget with the latest technologies costs a total of Rs. 21,900 (inclusive of all taxes). You can also avail the option of EMIs and any bank offers while making payment. The warranty period is one year.

4.Technical Details-

It is a 2019 gadget and the brand is Bose. The Model is 830044-0100 and the Model name is BoseFrames. The sunglasses weigh around 49.9g with one lithium polymer battery included. The box will contain the Bose Frames AudioSunglasses, a carrying case, a charging cable and a cloth bag. The life of the battery will be approximately 3.5 hours.

5.Concluding note-

In the end, all you need to know about the Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses that are a 2019 gadget is to just go for it. The product quality and connectivity are simply awesome, and you wouldn’t regret purchasing this one bit. The box comes with items filled with excitement. The frame quality is solid and the design is totally stylish. Even with the Bluetooth connectivity and other devices, the frames will feel extremely light. The battery lasts for quite a long time even with continuous calling and ongoing music. These frames give a perfectly good sounding experience, and all in all, a new way of living life. The Bose FramesAudio Sunglasses will truly give you an amazing and different adventure

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