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Best Itunes Alternatives

For a long time, people have been continuously criticizing iTunes for its bloatware. Introduce in 2001 by Steve Jobs, iTunes is now officially over for modern devices. It has now been split into separate apps, with each app catering to a specific need. Music will now be used as a music application, Podcasts for playing podcasts, and TV for viewing shows and films. The management capabilities will be taken over by Finder. Various functions that were once controlled just by a single app will now be controlled by various other apps. Let’s check out some Best Itunes Alternatives.

Although, this won’t be an issue for the Windows and old versions of the Mac OS. They can still get the services of iTunes. So if you are using the latest version of Mac OS called MacOS Catalina, this might be the best time to look for the Best Itunes Alternatives. And who knows, maybe someday even the Windows users will need to look for alternatives. One needs to prepare a contingency plan for all sorts of possibilities.

Keeping this issue in mind, we have compiled a list of the Best Itunes Alternatives below. With these alternatives, you won’t miss iTunes for long.

1) WALTR 2 Best Itunes Alternatives

It is one of the Best Itunes Alternatives which lets you transfer music, videos, and PDFs to iPhone and iPad without a lot of fuss. It supports lots of formats so you will not have any trouble playing anything.  From MKV, AVI, MP4 to MP3, FLAC, APE to EPUB, PDF, etc. you have support for all sorts of formats. It has a Smart Automatic Content Recognition for Music, Movies, and TV shows. It is a quick application that can transfer files quickly with upload speed being up to 5MB/S. You can connect all your apple iPods up to the first generation iPods with WALTR 2.

Not just the music applications, if you would like to read a book, you can do so with    WALTR 2. WALTR 2 offers support for EPUB and PDF formats. This reduces the burden to add another app on your phone saving you some storage. You can use WALTR 2 to transfer 4k resolution files in 60 fps easily. For Windows users, the latest version of WALTR 2 requires Windows 8 or a higher operating system. You can install it and get a free trial or you can start a premium membership which starts at $39.95. You can check out the website for WALTER 2 here.

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2) WINX MEDIATRANS Best Itunes Alternatives

This one is especially for Windows users. It is a great iTunes alternative to help you with the transfer of photos, music, and videos. WinX MediaTrans lets you back up and synchronizes your content between your Apple devices and your PC. For those who have a concern for the security of their content, WinX MediaTrans lets you protect your data through password encryption.

You can transfer your files easily between your iOS devices ad Windows without worrying about getting them erased or deleted. You can easily create and manage your entire playlist on WinX. WinX lets you create ringtones of your own choices. If you don’t like the preinstalled ringtone or want some other ringtone, creating your own ringtones would be a great feature. You can use WinX to send voice memos as well.

WinX will convert various formats automatically into formats that can be easily read by your iPhones and iPads. You can use WinX effectively to reduce the file size by up to 50% without any effect on the quality of the file. WinX will also let you import and export 4K videos without any trouble.

You get the option to download a trial version of the app. You may also buy the membership of WinX starting for as little as $29.95 for 1 year. Check out WinX MediaTrans here.

3) FIDELIA Best Itunes Alternatives

In case you love your music and need to hear it out at the highest quality possible, then Fidelia is the best application for you. For the individuals who don’t know about this application, it basically a top-quality sound player for Mac. The application provides you with all modern file formats with an exquisite interface that centers only on music.

The application provides clients with the power and the opportunity to create, alter, and enjoy their computerized music collection. It also brings a complete arrangement of sound instruments including equalizers, blowers, CanOpener earphone modeler, upholds for 64-cycle sound unit modules, and then some. Unlike iTunes which simply takes care of business, Fidelia brings a player that is made for audiophiles.

Fidelia makes it simple to import your iTunes library, and it goes further by supporting a wide scope of top-notch arrangements that iTunes doesn’t, including FLAC. It completely underpins 64-digit Audio Unit modules and gives quick access to a total arrangement of OS X’s framework Audio Units, including AUGraphicEQ. Fidelia supports AirPlay, allowing it to wirelessly convey to any output device in your network.

Fidelia for iOS turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a full-featured remote control for the Fidelia music player. You can browse your Fidelia library and playlists, adjust playback volume and navigate between or within tracks from as far away as your wireless network allows. Fidelia offers a trial membership for free, and if you find it good enough for you, you also get the option to buy it for $29.95. You can check out Fidelia on its website by clicking here.

4) GIHOSOFT IMANAGER Best Itunes Alternatives

Possessing a smartphone – regardless of whether it is Android or iPhone, still has some limitations. You may suffer from a sudden loss of your data because of some unexpected condition. That is actually what requires the requirement for a capable information recovery program. On the off chance that you are utilizing an iPhone, one of the fantastic options for you would be to go with the Gihosoft iManager.

Boasting to be a definitive iPhone record manager, Gihosoft iManager has got all the bases secured to be a great iTunes alternative for both macOS and Windows. With this app, you can easily manage and transfer your music, photographs, recordings, and documents from the PC to iPhone/iPad or the other way around.

Not only that, but Gihosoft also functions admirably to back up your documents, permitting you to keep your information safe and review it when required. To guarantee your own data has an additional layer of defense, Gihosoft iManager lets you protect your information via encryption just as you would in iTunes.

Advantages of Gihosoft iManagaer

What is even great with Gihosoft is that it permits you to archive your old backups too so you can let loose a great deal of valuable space on your PC. Everything considered; Gihosoft iManager is a brilliant iTunes substitute for Windows and macOS.

What makes it stand separated from the remainder of the managing apps in its class is the impressively large number of document types that it can uphold. It can recover your information either from the gadget instantly or from iTunes/iCloud backup. The app is fit for dealing with various kinds of data loss including data lost during iOS updates, jailbreaking, device broken or lost, and a large group of other information recovery conditions.

The interface of Gihosoft is very straightforward and simple to utilize. It can interface with your iOS gadget, check the framework and recover the data rather instantly. You can get your subscription to Gihosoft for as little as $35. To find out more about the app, just click here.


On the off chance that you would prefer not to manage your documents and simply need a player that can help you with your music and hear it out, MusicBee is extraordinary compared to other apps out there. MusicBee makes it simple to manage, find, and play music on your PC. You can without much of a stretch sync your music between your Windows PC and iOS gadgets.

You can use MusicBee to tune in to webcasts, web-radio broadcasts, and even SoundCloud coordination. It is a fun experience to listen to music on MusicBee, as it brings a straightforward and natural UI. It also brings in huge loads of features that improve your listening experience.

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