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Make the best out of your workout experience with Beats PowerBeats Pro

Hey there, Looking for something ecstatic and dynamic that adds up to your rough workout sessions. Here’s what you are looking for. Introducing the all-new Beats PowerBeats Pro earphones introduced by Dre. The high performance completely wireless earphones are available in a different range of colors. Simply put in your ears, and leave all the worries of managing the wires and adjusting according to your work. Starting range:$219

Key features:

1. Up to 9 hours of music life 2. Sweat and water-resistant 3. Adjustable, with secure fir earphones

Extensive Sound Quality

The real athlete’s lookout for the best sound quality during their workouts. Here we bring to you the most powerful, dynamic and dynamic sound quality earphones. These are power-packed with high noise isolation for the premium listening experience.

Betterdistant connectivity with the new Apple H1 chip

The improved Beats PowerBeats Pro gives you the ability to connect to your device even when it is available at some extreme points. It provides a faster and more stable wireless connection for extended range and less dropout. Improve your workout experience with a pro device and make the most of it.

Specialized design to keep up with your toughest workout routines

Unable to keep up with the dropping earbuds and always worried about sweat and water retention during the workout session. Why not try a special piece which is specifically designed to fit securely in place with adjustable leads. What’s even better is that you don’t have to remove them during heavy workouts due to sweat release. These pro devices are sweat and water-resistant to give you that comfort while you put out those extra calories while exercising.

Workout earphones that match your style

The workout earphones are specifically designed to revolutionize the sessions of your workout. Without those wires hanging around you, the workouts become so easy and hassle-free. Plus, you have your favorite music to always keep you motivated and on the edge looking up for more.

Longer battery life

Now you don’t have to think about the battery life of your device. Looking forward to longer practice sessions, bring it on. Practice for as long as you wish to without worrying about any dropouts in between. We back you up with up to 9 hours long of runtime at a go to keep you up on your feet.

Fast charging

Each earphone has a battery backup of 9 hours so that your music lasts longer. Combine it with the earphone case and extend the listening sessions for up to 24 hours at a go. Going for a few extra rounds of pushups or run, use the 5 minutes Fast fuel charging that gives you playback time of 1.5hours extra during the low battery.

Own your device with voice control

Experience the hand’s free control through “Hey Siri” on iOS-based devices or the available voice connectivity with a push of “b” button on different devices compatible with the service, to keep you in the zone.

Power control of Audio

You can manage to control the track and volume for playback on both the buds or specify it to one at a time. Press up the volume button to increase the volume. The sensors embedded in the devices give a jump start to your workout sessions. They initiate as soon as you plug in the earphones by playing the music and stop when you remove them. To avoid any interruptions, press the “b” button on the bud to decline an incoming call. With the new features of auto play/ pause workout has never been so easy before, thanks to the Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Choose your own preference of colors

You don’t have to stick with a monotonous black color, now you can choose from a given range of colors according to your vibrant personality.Choose your option from the colors specified as black, ivory, navy, and moss. Also, you can get a customized piece for a few extra bucks to own up your style.

Contents inside the box

1. Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones 2.Special charging case 3.Ear tips with size variants 4.Lightning to USB-A charging cable 5.Quick start manual 6.Warranty card

General details:

Beats Powerbeats Pro earphones: 1.Height: 2.2in/ 5.6cm 2.Weight: 0.71 oz/ 20.3 g 3.Form factor: in-ear 4.Power:rechargeable lithium-ion PowerBeats Pro case: 5.Height: 3.04 in/7.7 cm 6.Power: rechargeable lithium-ion


1.Apple H1 chip 2.Powerbeats: Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth 3.Charging case: Lightning connector

Other features

1.Dual beam-forming microphones 2.Dualoptical sensors 3.Motion-detecting accelerometer 4.Speech-detecting accelerometer

Don’t hassle anymore with tangible wires and endurable connectivity. Get out and order your personalized set right away to enjoy the maximum of your workouts and beat up those extra calories with extra bounce.Product


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