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Asus VivoBook S433 Review: Is This the Best Buy?

Asus VivoBook S433 Review

Corporates, telecommunication, education and even freelancing all have that one gadget in common, that is a laptop. The computer that you can carry anywhere has become a requirement of all profession. Predictions say that sales for laptops are only meant to go up. With the need and compulsion for this gadget rising, it is only logical the demand will be on the rise. That is why laptops create one of the most competitive markets in the area of gadgets. These days all you need is a laptop and you can do almost anything from anywhere.

Released not so long ago on 30th July 2020. Now here goes Asus VivoBook S433 review. Asus VivoBook S433 is Asus’ youngest child. It is a part of the VivoBook series which was known to create stars likes Asus Flip and Asus AMD Ryzen. Asus VivoBook 433 was an anticipated model due to the benchmark that models previous to it had made. The VivoBook Series was an Intel-based range. Almost everything in the laptops was an Intel creation. It is not surprising considering that Asus has always been partners with Intel and sometimes AMD. VivoBook specialized in thin and light laptops and Asus VivoBook S433 was meant to do the same.

Let’s see some Asus VivoBook S433 Review as follows:

 Body Construction

Sporting a metal build VivoBook S433 weighs 1.4 KG and hence is more on the lighter side. A metal build means that the laptop will be sturdier. It will be able to take more damage compared to plastic made ones. The lightweight and damage resistance make it ideal for movement. Metal bodies also give any gadget especially a laptop a more premium feel and elite personality. VivoBook S433 laptop is available in four colours that are named, Gaia Green, Resolute Red, Dreamy White and Indie Black. Noticeably the colour choice made with VivoBook S433 was very bold and was meant to make the laptops stand out.


The new VivoBook S433 has an Intel Core i7 10 generation mobile processor. It has a high-performance mobile chip. It facilitates higher CPU performance. The laptop is known to give excellent CPU performance. It has a 1.8GHz speed that can go up to 4.5GHz in turbo boost for launching programs. With a quad-core processor, VivoBook also ensures better multi-tasking abilities.

In the department of Graphice, VivoBook S433 has Nvidia GeForce graphic card. Nvidia is known to manufacture the best graphic cards however this laptop is not compatible with high-speed gaming even when the graphic card has dedicated performance.   


asus vivobook s433

If we talk about Asus VivoBook S433 review, VivoBook S433 has a full HD Camera. It also has all the basics essential to a laptop, USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A, USB 2.0, and HDMI. Intel Wi-Fi 6 of the VivoBook S433 is also capable of giving a super-fast internet speed. With the VivoBook S433, you will also receive a backlit keyboard for typing in dim areas. A glass sensor touchpad that Asus claims will be very responsive and also stereo speakers for maximum sound quality.


A 14-inch display and full-colour coverage, it seems that there is nothing else one could ask for. The Asus VivoBook S433 has a pixel rate of 1920 x 1080 PX. This in itself is not bad but become moderate when compared. Asus has had many laptops previously with lower costs that sported the same pixel rate. While the pixel rate is not bad you would expect it to get better as the price becomes higher.

The IPS display allows a better colour appearance. With a matte display that enhances this experience, display only becomes better. It flaunts 95.3% colour coverage and also amazing contrasts on all brightness levels.

Value for Money

asus vivobook s433

As of latest, the VivoBook S433 is priced at 71,000 in India. In a very simple term, the Laptop will not seem worth it too. Better specifications have been provided by many companies even Asus at the same price. While the configurations are not bad in a standalone manner paired with the price it might be a bit exaggerated.

If you are looking for temporary laptops that deliver good performance and are portable even if they last only a few years then the VivoBook is not for you. In all honesty, it is also not a student laptop due to its price.      

VivoBook vs. ZenBook

ZenBook is a series of ultra-books light laptops produced by Asus. Just like the VivoBooks, they designed the ZenBooks with a brushed aluminium framework to give high rigidity. Instead of the usual plastic framework that is not unpopular today, both series resorted to metal. ZenBook is a comparison in more high-end than the VivoBook is. 

Unlike VivoBook, the ZenBook is not advertised as a light-weight laptop. ZenBook is better known for its durability and high speed. The VivoBook is a mid-budget laptop line, low-cost in price, and built with 10th generation components. ZenBook on the other hand is more robust, fast and have additional features certain to provide the best product performance.


asus vivobook s433

VivoBook S433 is created for a very small range of people. They are perfect for writers who need to work while travelling. It is for full time freelancers are deeply involved in the business. The laptop is for editors, proofreaders and video makers on the go. In all cases, it is for full-time professionals. A gamer will immediately find it not worth it due to its specifications that will not handle high-speed processes. Choose the VivoBook S433 only I fit is professionally relevant for you.

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