Modified in every aspect the new and better Apple watch series 4 is the newest addition to the family. 

Apple did it again! 

Have you ever wondered if a watch will not only show us the time, but Google also searched and took care of our health? And it will come with technology and new products in the future but now, it is a living reality in the form of Apple watches and that too in the upgraded version, Apple Watch series.

This new watch is loaded with various features that make your life easier and a lot more happening.

Let’s have a look at all the key specs of what this watch has to offer to us:

Your health is our responsibility

– Apple watch series 4


This watch is geared with all you need to stay fit, and thus comes with the following features:

  • Heart rate monitoring system 

It helps you to monitor your heart rate anywhere anytime. It’s a Modern stethoscope replacement.

  • Detection of unusual heart rate 

In case you have a very high or a very low heart rate this watch notifies you immediately to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Your Health diary 
  • It helps you track your daily health report and maintain a record, this way you are going to get sure that your health is on the right path.


This watch as promised by Apple comes with many astounding alterations in its system. The changes it provides are as follows.

  • Enhanced speaker and bass efficiency 

It provides an excellent sound quality which can bring a revolution in your voice calling quality and music seems to get live by the floor-shaking bass. As the microphone is repositioned on the opposite side it helps in a considerable reduction of echo.

  • Battery life which seems to be unreal 

18 hours of battery life in just one charge, it is as surreal as it sounds. Enhanced battery life is what gives it leverage over its contemporaries in the business world.

  • Size reduction of space expansion
  • The addition of a digital crown has enabled to make its size Miniature this has facilitated more space. Who doesn’t admire curves especially when it’s curves of apple watch series 4? The curves of the watch provide a better grip and increase the beauty of the watch.
  • Ocean of information in every inch of the display

Its display is designed just to help you get it’s every corner used to access information. Thus its small size doesn’t affect your searching experience and doesn’t prove to be a limitation when it comes to harboring information from the web.

  • Reincarnation of the digital crown

Reborn of the digital crown gives you a feel of clicking on-screen even when you are just touching the screen and gives you a precise scrolling option to choose from.

  • Never have ever kind of display

A display is so large that you can’t imagine having on your watch. The as large display offers you a wide range of searches and is easy for your eyes to read them without getting strained. As customers, satisfaction is all that a company need thus your eyes are equally important for them.

  • Sleek Design

As presentation matters so are the design of the watch it provides an ultra-thin display which makes it look really fascinating and beautiful.

  • Need for speed 

As the fast system working is really what we need and apple comes with a solution to it

It provides up to two times faster speed. Because of its wonderful CPU, it offers excellent speed and helps in boosting its performance. Apps are opening way faster than ever.

  • Processor 

Apple watch series 4 comes with an S4 chip, which is a complete system in the package; SIP. These watches are the first in the world to provide such an innovative technology it allows the watch to story innumerable information in such a tiny space.

  • Your savior from danger 

These watches come equipped with an emergency SOS. Need urgent help press SOS, calling an ambulance to display your Id everything you need to get help is ingrained into this watch. It is like the safety equipment you have to have with you.

  • A very unique way to interact – “ walkie talkie”

An app is so unique that your communication is now easier than ever imagined. It helps you to get Calls quicker, chats are now more personalized. 

  • A plethora of apps to choose from 

This watch offers you unlimited options of applications to choose from. Siri, podcast, timer, calendar any app you name you are surely going to find one on the apple watch. Now playing PUBG to running Instagram all are just at one click. This multifunctional watch is all you need in this technologically advanced world.

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