artificial intelligence

With the invention of technology, there has been created too many new things just for easing the lives of the people. Machines are such invention of the human which are said to be better than them as they can work for a much longer time, requires no salary or food & are faithful than humans itself. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, there has been a new revolution in the field of technology & machines. Artificial Intelligence, also sometimes known as machine intelligence is a field of computer science which deals with the creation of such machines that works intelligently like humans only. They do all the works that a human can do. What we need to do is to just write code & insert it in the machine & it will work the way we want it to work.

Some of the activities which are based on Artificial Intelligence are:

1.    Speech recognition

2.    Problem-solving

3.    AI Gaming Bot

4.    Autonomous Drone

5.    Solar-powered plant care Bot

6.    Assistant Autonomous Home Bot

All these bots are so designed that it can help humans to complete all their work without any problems as they act & work according to the information provided to them. The core part of Artificial Intelligence is knowledge engineering. They should have access to different objects, categories, properties & relations b/w the two. The machines can use different sensory input devices to deduce the different parts of the world. 

The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create such technologies that help the machine to work intelligently & effectively like humans. For that purpose, many things need to be taken care of.

Some of the traits are:

1.    Reasoning & problem-solving –

The machine should be so designed that it can reason out any problem & thus can further solve the problem. Keeping this concept in mind, some algorithms were written for step-by-step reasoning which can help to make many logical deductions. But later on, they realized that these algorithms cannot be used for solving large reasoning problems as these algorithms become slower as the problem becomes larger.

2.    Knowledge representation –

For AI research, two things are very important, knowledge representation & knowledge engineering. Some extra knowledge is being gathered together by the expert systems regarding the narrow domains.

3.    Planning –

There should be proper planning of the work before implementing it on the paper. Firstly the goals should be set & then they should be achieved. The classic way of doing this is by assuming the way out to be only possible way & then find out all the problems & consequences that will be faced if we follow that plan.

The science of Artificial Intelligence has been developed for the benefit of human beings with the proper use of it, there has much progress made in this field.

There are many applications of Artificial Intelligence in human life as follows:-

1.    Healthcare –

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, there have many treatments & procedures that have become cost-efficient & easy to perform like cancer. Many new drugs & research has been conducted on various diseases to improve treatment.

2.    Automobile industry –

Since 2016, many companies have adapted Artificial Intelligence & have created driverless cars that work with the help of sensors. Big companies like Tesla, Google, & Apple also focuses on this.

3.    Finance & economics –

In this sector, Artificial Intelligence was being used since 1987 by the US. Many programs like Kasisto, money stream, etc. are using Artificial Intelligence for various basic works.

4.     Government –

For increasing the security among the citizens & themselves as well, the government is using a face recognition system for mass surveillance.

5.    Video games – 

One of the major areas where Artificial Intelligence is massively used is video games. Many 3D simulator games are being created for children. This not only lets the user get the feel of what are they doing but also makes the game more interesting.

6.    Advertising –

An advertisement has become one of the most powerful industry for all types of fields. It is being used to publicize something. For this purpose, Artificial Intelligence is used to calculate the digital footprints which will tell the behavior of the customers.


artificial intelligence

All of us how much beatboxing is tough to do. The voice of the beatboxer should be like the voice of an instrument but with the help of Artificial Intelligence, an unexpected thing happened. Recently there has been news of a human being teaching Artificial Intelligence to beatbox like a pro. This news came as a shocker for all the people. Many people were just stunned to know this while others were excited & to know how he did that. Regarding this, a news article was being published unrevealing all the ways by which he did that. For making the people understand what beatboxing means, Nokia Bell Labs & Lonelyleap associated with the award-winning beatboxer, Harry Yeff a.k.a. Reeps One made a document series known as ‘We Speak Music’. ‘The Replicator AI’, a joint creation of The Mill, a VFX & Creative Content studio has been another instance of Artificial Intelligence which has done beatboxing live at SXSW in 2018.

But there are areas & sectors which doesn’t know much about this new technology & the benefits of it. So there have been several efforts made by the people so as the knowledge about this technology reaches to many people & they can further do their findings to expand Artificial Intelligence. Many fiction movies & web series were made to put some light on Artificial Intelligence. Works like  Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), the terminator (1984), The Matrix (1999), all focuses on the same thing. But there are times that Artificial Intelligence can also cause destruction. Being so powerful, if it comes into the wrong hands then it will become very dangerous for the people which is shown in films like Ex Machina, A.I. Artificial Intelligence etc. A novel named Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep has also been written on Artificial Intelligence. 

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