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Google LLC (Limited Liability Company) is an American Multinational Technology firm that particularizes in Internet-based products and services. The company has a chain of products and services, acquisitions and mergers. Google provides us with services which include Search engine, Mailing, Storage, Maps and navigating, Calendar and preparation, Messaging, Video chats, Language translations, Video sharing, Picture editing and categorizing, Advertising, Keeping and/or making notes and memos, Enterprise services which include Mails, Storing, Google Documents, Sheets and presentations. Apart from creating Softwares, Google is known to have started with launching Hardware devices.

Google As A Brand – is the most visited and one of the best-rated search engines in the world at present. Google was known to be the most credible brand all over the world. Recently it has received complaints about the privacy of the users, restrictions on certain searches, etc. One such Software that was introduced and developed by Google and is now used by more than half of the world’s population was Google Chrome.

Know Google Chrome

google shortcuts

Google Chrome (Chrome) is a computer software application that is employed on several computing platforms. Chrome was developed by Google for accessing the information on the World Wide Web. It was first issued on September 02, 2008, for Windows XP, a computer operating system by Microsoft Windows. It was later adapted in a way that would be compatible with Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Chrome is a certified proprietary software that is circulated at no financial cost to the final user. Google Chrome is available in 47 languages. It features a minimalistic and easy-to-use user-interface. It is reputed for its effective implementation. Chrome lets us bookmark some webpages for our future references and synchronizes settings across all devices.

Chrome has tested Web Standards Support. It provides us with security which protects our computers from viruses and warns us when we’re about to access a harmful site. In addition to that, Chrome provides us Speed, Stability, Privacy, Extensions, and Desktop shortcuts and apps.

Google Chrome allows us to use certain Google Shortcuts which help us to navigate through the webpages easily. A Shortcut is a very unique file in the operating systems that direct us to another file or device. What do Shortcut keys mean? (‘Keys’ here refer to the keyboard buttons) A Shortcut key or a Function Key is a combination of keyboard keys that points a specific command to be implemented.

Usually, the google shortcuts keys combine the Alt or Ctrl function with some other keys. Keyboard shortcuts are established to make internet browsing fun and easier. Even when we use a search engine, for example- Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer, there are certain Keyboard shortcuts that one must know. It helps us employ the useful features of the given Web Browser effectively and efficiently.

Try These Google Chrome Shortcuts

google shortcuts

Let us start with the shortcut keys to:

    1. To open a new tab, the shortcut key used would be Ctrl+T.
    2. To reopen the last tab used (and this would be up to 10 tabs), press Ctrl+Shift+T.
    3. To a close, the current tab in Chrome if several tabs are open, or to close Chrome if a single tab is being used- the combination of Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 is used.
    4. To switch to the first tab or the second tab and so on- the function key combination would be Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8.
    5. To switch to the last tab- Press Ctrl+9.
    6. To switch to the next tab- use Ctrl+ Tab or Ctrl+ Page Up.
    7. To switch to the previous tab- the combination of Ctrl+ Shift+ Tab or Ctrl+ Page Down is used.
    8. To open a new window- the shortcut key used will be Ctrl+ N.
    9. To open a new Incognito window- the function key combination would be Ctrl+ Shift+ N.
    10. To close the current window- press Ctrl+ Shift+ W or the combination of Alt+ F4 can be applied.
    11. To open the link in a new background tab press Ctrl and left-click.
    12. To open the link in a new foreground tab use the keys Ctrl+ Shift and left-click.
    13. To open the link in a new window- Press Shift and left-click.
    14. To download the link- press Alt and left-click.
    15. Press Ctrl and click on “Search Google for” from a drop-down menu to open Google Search in a new background tab.
    16. Press Shift and click on “Search Google for” from a drop-down menu to open Google Search in a new window.
    1. To highlight the address bar- the combination of Ctrl+ L or Alt+ D is used.
    2. To set focus on the toolbar- the function combination is Shift+ Alt+ T.
    3. Press Ctrl+ E or Ctrl+ K to enter a search query in the address bar.
    4. To open the Site or to Search in a new background- Type and Press Shift+ Enter.
    1. The F6 key is used to interchange focus between address bar, bookmarks bar, and webpage.
    2. To scroll up or down- Up and Down arrow is used.
    3. To scroll the pages up or down- Pg Up and Pg Dn keys are used.
    4. To jump to the beginning or end of webpage Home and End keys are used.
    5. To zoom in and zoom out- the combination of Ctrl+ (+) or Ctrl+ (-) is applied.
    6. To return to the original font size, use Ctrl+ 0.
    1. To jump to Homepage, employ the keys Alt+ Home.
    2. To jump to the last webpage visited or to the next webpage, the combination of Alt+ Left or Right arrow is used.
    3. To reload the current webpage due to technical issues press F5 or Ctrl+ R.
    4. To stop a webpage from loading, press the function key Esc.
    1. To jump to the earlier link or the next link, use the function key(s) Shift+ Tab or Tab.
    2. Press Enter on the link to open the link in the current tab.
    3. To open the link in a new background tab, use the function key Ctrl+ Enter on the link.
    4. To open the link in a new window, press Shift+ Enter on the link.
    5. The combination of Alt+ Enter on the link is used to download a link.

These are some of the shortcut keys mentioned that one can use for effective implementation of the command. Also, other google shortcuts keys to Access browser features, to Search, for Bookmarks Shortcuts, to Manage Chrome DevTools (Developer Tools) can be applied.

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