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Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Fold – ReviewsEverything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Fold – Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Fold Reviews

Samsung has introduced another masterpiece into the folding world. Samsung has created a compelling first foldable device “Samsung Galaxy Fold”. Previously there were some reports that the display was easily breakable, now that problem is fixed and the device is going to be launched very soon in September 2019.

Advantageous Features of Samsung Galaxy Fold:

•    The big screen is vibrant and sharp’

•    12 GB Ram, 512GB memory

•    Multitasking feature

•    10 megapixels + 8 megapixels front cameras

•    12MP+ 12MP+ 16MP cameras on back

•    Speed in performance

•    New folding mechanism

•    Seamless software

•    Size of the screen is 7.3 inches which is very comfortable for entertainment

•    Great battery life

•    This new model design can easily fit in the pocket 

Disadvantages of the same:

•    Very expensive

•    Screen crease is visible from some angles 

•    4:3 ratio will not fit for every app

•    This new folding mechanism is addictive

Samsung brought an initiative by introducing the folding device to bring a folding revolution but few trades say that it rushed out the new revolutionary product too early. A few problems like easily breakable displays are caught before the device even released.


samsung galaxy fold

Unlike other foldable devices in the market, Samsung went to give the user book-like learning with the new foldable device.  This device can be folded inward and fitted with beat features and specifications.

Inside you will find 12GB ram and 512 GB of internal storage with 4380mAh battery which are going to be the best in a new generation without any second statements. When you shut the phone it is lean, use in one hand, and easy to hold but the slimness essentially makes it easy to perform actions on the external display quickly. When you close it by folding inside it shuts down, easy and very to open and shut actions.

Samsung strengthened in few areas like adding few extra flexible metals to the display panel and placed caps on either end of the hinges.


The new device carries a visible crease on the 7.3-inch AMOLED screen inside. Browsing the web, watching videos and playing games are not certain, you can only catch it when you look at it from an angle or straight white screen.

Its colors and contrast are very good which are similar to Galaxy S10 and S10+ with HDR and HDR10+, any content or videos look very good on it. The big panel of this device just looks awesome with a great canvas of multitasking which takes it to the next level.

There is also another screen in front when you close which is narrow and small at 4.6-inches. You can also use this front screen for interactions like answering calls and texting, taking selfies, etc. which is quite easy to use with functioning in less time and less attention.


Samsung made it with 4:3 ratio display, one of the finest features of this device is that the apps will continue from the small screen to the big and as well as big screen to small when open or shut the device.

If you open an app on a big screen and fold the phone the same app will run on the small screen. You can change this feature by changing some feature from settings.

Multiwindow tasking is another key feature of this phone. Three apps can run simultaneously in a split window. Since it has a large display, the panel is very good for running multiple apps at the same time and you can use three apps at a time.


Samsung made it with greater battery life, the phone has 4380mAh battery capacity with 2 batteries one on either side. By this, the big screen can be powered for the full day. This can charge other devices wirelessly via Wireless Power Share.

Samsung Galaxy Fold X has one of the most powerful mobile processors currently available with 12GB RAM 512 GB internal storage with an octa-core 7nm chip.


samsung galaxy fold review

Samsung took much interest in cameras; this device has 6 cameras in total. The main camera system is mostly similar to the hardware of Galaxy S10 and S10+. It has a primary, secondary and third camera with a 12-megapixel camera with dual departure, an ultra-wide camera and a telephoto 2x zoom camera respectively. In front, it has a basic selfie camera combined with the front screen which makes easy selfie framing. Not only one there are two more front cameras with the best features for selfie addicts placed at the top edge inside the phone. The dual system is made up of 10 megapixels camera with dual pixel with autofocus and the other camera is made up if 8 megapixels.

Wind Up

Samsung created this first foldable device with the best of best features which are going to make a big move in foldable devices. This is for sure going to give tough competition to other foldable devices like Huawei P30 Pro.

But this is way too expensive to buy. So, it might not have great sales in the beginning.

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With the invention of technology, there has been created too many new things just for easing the lives of the people. Machines are such invention of the human which are said to be better than them as they can work for a much longer time, requires no salary or food & are faithful than humans itself. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, there has been a new revolution in the field of technology & machines. Artificial Intelligence, also sometimes known as machine intelligence is a field of computer science which deals with the creation of such machines that works intelligently like humans only. They do all the works that a human can do. What we need to do is to just write code & insert it in the machine & it will work the way we want it to work.

Some of the activities which are based on Artificial Intelligence are:

1.    Speech recognition

2.    Problem-solving

3.    AI Gaming Bot

4.    Autonomous Drone

5.    Solar-powered plant care Bot

6.    Assistant Autonomous Home Bot

All these bots are so designed that it can help humans to complete all their work without any problems as they act & work according to the information provided to them. The core part of Artificial Intelligence is knowledge engineering. They should have access to different objects, categories, properties & relations b/w the two. The machines can use different sensory input devices to deduce the different parts of the world. 

The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create such technologies that help the machine to work intelligently & effectively like humans. For that purpose, many things need to be taken care of.

Some of the traits are:

artificial intelligence

1.    Reasoning & problem-solving –

The machine should be so designed that it can reason out any problem & thus can further solve the problem. Keeping this concept in mind, some algorithms were written for step-by-step reasoning which can help to make many logical deductions. But later on, they realized that these algorithms cannot be used for solving large reasoning problems as these algorithms become slower as the problem becomes larger.

2.    Knowledge representation –

For AI research, two things are very important, knowledge representation & knowledge engineering. Some extra knowledge is being gathered together by the expert systems regarding the narrow domains.

3.    Planning –

There should be proper planning of the work before implementing it on the paper. Firstly the goals should be set & then they should be achieved. The classic way of doing this is by assuming the way out to be only possible way & then find out all the problems & consequences that will be faced if we follow that plan.

The science of Artificial Intelligence has been developed for the benefit of human beings with the proper use of it, there has much progress made in this field.

There are many applications of Artificial Intelligence in human life as follows:-

1.    Healthcare –

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, there have many treatments & procedures that have become cost-efficient & easy to perform like cancer. Many new drugs & research has been conducted on various diseases to improve treatment.

2.    Automobile industry –

Since 2016, many companies have adapted Artificial Intelligence & have created driverless cars that work with the help of sensors. Big companies like Tesla, Google, & Apple also focuses on this.

3.    Finance & economics –

In this sector, Artificial Intelligence was being used since 1987 by the US. Many programs like Kasisto, money stream, etc. are using Artificial Intelligence for various basic works.

4.     Government –

For increasing the security among the citizens & themselves as well, the government is using a face recognition system for mass surveillance.

5.    Video games – 

One of the major areas where Artificial Intelligence is massively used is video games. Many 3D simulator games are being created for children. This not only lets the user get the feel of what are they doing but also makes the game more interesting.

6.    Advertising –

An advertisement has become one of the most powerful industry for all types of fields. It is being used to publicize something. For this purpose, Artificial Intelligence is used to calculate the digital footprints which will tell the behavior of the customers.


artificial intelligence

All of us how much beatboxing is tough to do. The voice of the beatboxer should be like the voice of an instrument but with the help of Artificial Intelligence, an unexpected thing happened. Recently there has been news of a human being teaching Artificial Intelligence to beatbox like a pro. This news came as a shocker for all the people.

Many people were just stunned to know this while others were excited & to know how he did that. Regarding this, a news article was being published unrevealing all the ways by which he did that.

For making the people understand what beatboxing means, Nokia Bell Labs & Lonelyleap associated with the award-winning beatboxer, Harry Yeff a.k.a. Reeps One made a document series known as ‘We Speak Music’. ‘The Replicator AI’, a joint creation of The Mill, a VFX & Creative Content studio has been another instance of Artificial Intelligence which has done beatboxing live at SXSW in 2018.

But there are areas & sectors which doesn’t know much about this new technology & the benefits of it. So there have been several efforts made by the people so as the knowledge about this technology reaches to many people & they can further do their findings to expand Artificial Intelligence.

Many fiction movies & web series were made to put some light on Artificial Intelligence. Works like  Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), the terminator (1984), The Matrix (1999), all focuses on the same thing. But there are times that Artificial Intelligence can also cause destruction.

Being so powerful, if it comes into the wrong hands then it will become very dangerous for the people which is shown in films like Ex Machina, A.I. Artificial Intelligence etc. A novel named Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep has also been written on Artificial Intelligence. 

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The Complete Guide To What, When, and How Wireless 5G WorksThe Complete Guide To What, When, and How Wireless 5G Works

What is Wireless 5G?

Wireless 5G is the cellular network technology of the fifth-generation, following the 4G technology. In late 2018, the industry association stated that any system which is using “5G New Radio” will fall under the category of a 5G network. Somewhat similar to other generations before it, 5G also aims at providing faster and more reliable mobile communication and much more.

Fifth-generation wireless (5G) is a wireless networking technology based on the 802.11ac IEEE wireless networking standard, which aims to increase data communication speeds by up to three times compared to its predecessor (that is, 4G

Need For It 

Earlier, mobile networks were only required to perform tasks like making calls, browsing the internet and text messaging, but today, we have all sorts of bandwidth-demanding devices like smartphones, smartwatches with all sorts of data plans, always-on security cameras, self-driving cars, internet of things (IoT), and other futuristic devices like wiFi-connected washing machines, untethered AR and VR hardware, wiFi-connected water purifiers, and so on.

As per the latest report (2019), 26.66 billion devices are already connected to the web, and therefore, entire infrastructure of internet needs to be as such that it can accommodate the traffic to support faster connections and also, handle in a better manner, all the current devices and broader coverage for all these devices.


  1. Some of the benefits offered by the wireless 5G technology are as follows-
  2. Very less time lag required for streaming videos, movies, playing video games, etc.
  3. Increased security on the roads, with vehicles interconnected (internet of things).
  4. Anytime, anywhere access to any files online.
  5. High-speed network coverage in remote areas like villages.
  6. Devices which are smaller in size, and thus eliminate the need for carrying hardware, especially to the remote regions.
  7. The introduction of any kind of device in this world of technology requires very high speeds which can only be provided with wireless 5G.

What sets 5G apart from other “G(s)”

wireless 5g

5G is a successor of 4G and thus, takes forward, all the kinds of technologies that were introduced with every “G”. For example, it takes forward and improves the analog voice of 1G, the digital voice of 2G, the mobile data service of 3G and heavy internet of 4G. All these services are optimized with the introduction of wireless 5G

When will Wireless 5G be available in different parts of the world?

The time of 5G availability depends heavily on the area where a person lives.

For example, currently, 5G is only available at a few locations. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile are some of the major companies that provide 5G services to its customers in the United States (that too only in the big cities). Apart from the US, there are only a few more regions which provide 5G service around the world.

However, it is believed that the availability of 5G technology will be increased to many more regions until late 2019.

Deployment of Wireless 5G

It is considered that the 5G network technology and services will be deployed greatly over the next few years to accommodate the increasing traffic and reliance over the smartphones and internet-based devices. 5G is expected to create many new kinds of applications and uses for the business because it cannot be denied that technology is certainly the currency of the present and investment for the future.

The launch of Wireless 5G in different regions of the world

The United States

Verizon was the first major country of the world in launching its 5G network at the start of April 2019. In Chicago, the internet has been able to obtain the speed of up to 1.4Gbps, which is faster than 4G’s top speed of 300Mbps. In London also, the internet speed has increased from 200mbps to 550mbps, however, it is still far behind Chicago in the US.

Company AT&T has also offered a 5G network but it doesn’t offer any smartphones for this 5G network with the only option remaining is to go with 5G NetgearNitehawk mobile hotspot. Furthermore, company T-Mobile is yet to launch a 5G network in the US. It also claims to bring 5G to 30 cities namely New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

The United Kingdom

The first company to launch 5G in the UK was EE, Starting from six cities on May 30, 2019. It has further promised to bring 5G to 10 other cities by late 2019.

This was followed by Vodafone Network on July 3, 2019, where they launched 5G in seven cities and has further promised to cover 19 locations by the end of 2019. Company Three has also claimed to launch 5G home broadband in this August and its mobile proposition later in 2019. By the end of this year, it has planned to have 5G in 25 towns and cities.

Which 5G phones are currently available?

wireless 5g

In the US

a) Motorola’s 5G Moto Mod provides 5G connectivity to a select few Moto Z models.

b) Samsung Galaxy S10  

In the UK

a) Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

b) Oppo Reno 5G

c)OnePlus 7 Pro 5G 

d) Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G 

e) LG V50 ThinQ 5G

More information about the wireless 5G broadband service-

It aims at delivering internet access to all homes and businesses without a wired connection to the premises. To do that, network operators deploy New Radios in small cell sites near buildings to beam a signal to a receiver, generally placed on a rooftop or a windowsill, which is strengthened within the premises. Fixed broadband services are considered to be less expensive for operators to deliver broadband services to homes and businesses because, in this way, the operators eliminate the need to roll out fibre-optic lines to every residence or business premises individually. Instead, operators only need to install fibre optics to cell sites, and the customers will receive broadband services through a wireless modem.

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Technology is changing at a very rapid rate. Because of constantly changing technology each day it is very difficult to make an account of tech trends in this modern era. But thanks to many people, organizations and magazines who keep a regular track of it we now know about the tech trends of 2019.



Wireless 5G

In 2019 it is clear that people were not already satisfied. Fast 4G networks are voluntarily moving to 5G network speeds at high speeds. This is probably because it will provide a better latency and speed that will significantly reduce the time associated with communicating with each other. This is also because the arrival of 5G everywhere will change everything from connecting phones, iPads, laptops, etc. to coffee machines, refrigerators and security systems, to streaming Netflix on various devices in 4k. Therefore, with the development of technologies in Top Tech Trends 2019, it will be beneficial for both customers and cell tower owners as well as economically developed. Since no one wants more network towers, but they all want high-speed network connections to increase the price of existing towers. There is no doubt that there is a need for massive upgrades to devices and applications that support the 5G network, yet its popularity is immense, even before being introduced everywhere and to everyone.

Video games + Social Media

Video Games and Social Media

This year, it is observed that social media applications like twitter, facebook, etc. are very famous platforms for interacting with people around the world yet they are not very common among high scholars and youngsters. It is believed that if they are not famous among them now they probably will not be famous even when they grow old which shows that their market will not increase at a fast rate. This is because of their increasing interest in video games that always provides them with a platform to interact and communicate with their friends from all over the world. One such example of this type of game is PUBG- the Battleground which recently has been a very famous game.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine intelligence is the intelligence shown by machines especially computer systems which are different from human intelligence or natural intelligence. AI can perform various functions like expert systems, speech or face recognition, machine vision, etc using its reasoning or rules to reach approximate conclusions. It can learn that it is to acquire information and rules for using the information. Human is very much dependent on these machines like with the development of google maps we have given up our decision-making ability and we follow it blindly without much reasoning, we have given the human lives in the hand of a machine that cab possible stop working anytime like the use of autopilot or driverless cars. It is to note that countries like China are very much dependent on automatic cars with no drivers.



For many years social media is always in the list of tech trends and following this ritual it has even made its way in the list of 2019 also. Facebook with about 2.3 billion users and Twitter with about 325 million users are very famous. Snapchat and Instagram are very famous social networking sites especially among young people and high school-aged kids. They are also famous because these platforms provide people to have a one on one interaction with celebrities, leaders and their idols through live videos and other features. Through these applications, people can have a glimpse of the personal life of the people they admire and their loved ones.

This year a lot of online streaming applications happened to be trendy like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 




It is to note that blockchain is not only the technology that is related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoins but it offers security. Simply putting it is data that can only be added and cannot be changed or erased thus it is called chain (as in the chain of data). Its presence removes the need for a third party to oversee any transaction. With an increase in this technology the need and demand of skilled professionals also increases. It is because of high-level security provided by blockchain that it is used for cryptocurrency. It can also be used to protect assets like art and real estate.

Fun Fact- The average salary of a blockchain developer is measured to $130,000. Wow, right?



It refers to cloud computing which was formerly only used to watch and now is used for various other purposes. Applications like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are most commonly used. The use of edge computing will grow with the increasing use of internet devices. It is expected that the market for edge computing will rise to $6.72 billion by the end of the year 2022. With the increase in its market, the demand for software engineers will also rise. 



The basic difference between the two is that Augmented Reality or AR only enhances is the current environment whereas Virtual Reality or VR creates a fake environment in which the user immerses. The famous game Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality (AR). The use of both of these technologies is rapidly increasing in training, entertainment, education, marketing, gaming, etc. Many museums and theme parks are being made in many countries using these technologies to give the customers a deeper and enhanced experience. 



Cybersecurity is not today’s technology but it is continuously emerging in terms of technology and therefore is a part of this list.  This is because of constantly rising threats and cybercrimes. The hackers who try to illegally access the other’s data always find a way to crack cybersecurity. The major advancement done in this technology is hardware authentication, cloud technology, and deep learning. The most common expel of software that we use in our computers is anti-virus software.

Technology is constantly improving and grasping the attention of everyone. I expect that we will be able to have new possibilities in technology in the coming years.

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