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17 Ideas Every YouTube Video Creator Should Try

Being a YouTuber sounds fun, but it requires serious effort to become successful. You have to engage your audience and ensure they stay till the end of the video. And that’s the most challenging part of running a YouTube channel. Content ideas and video quality are two important factors that create the X factor.

For video quality, you must use a quality video creator to add modern effects, layers, stickers, etc. Don’t know how to use a video editor? Let’s check this site and you will have every video editing tool within your reach. Most importantly, you don’t need any skill to use it.

For content, we have created a list of ideas that will help you build your channel. There you go!

1. Interview Someone

Find someone influential in your industry and request an interview. It will offer new content to your audience while attracting interviewees’ followers to your channel. Ultimately, you are the winner.

2. Intro Video

Every YouTube channel should have an intro video. It allows you to introduce yourself and tell people who you are. Moreover, you can share the purpose of your channel. Tell your audience about the type of videos you are going to share through your channel.

3. Product Review

Product reviews are extremely popular. Most people watch product reviews before purchasing a product. Find some interesting and trending products within your niche and you are good to go. However, you should remain honest and offer value to your audience.

In addition, you can produce a continuous series of product reviews.

4. Offer Tutorials

According to Pew Research Center, 51% of American YouTube users watch how-to-do videos. Hence, you should jump into this segment and get all the attention.

Use a video creator and you will get a range of tutorial templates. Use your expertise and guide your audience. Some tutorial ideas include how to use a product, a new tool, craft something, etc. Most importantly, it allows you to create a series of videos that will give your returning visitors and followers.

5. Announce a Q&A Session

When it comes to creating engagement, one of the best ways is to organise a question and answer session. Invite your audience to ask questions in comments. Compile these questions and answer them in a video.

In addition, you can organise these sessions on a specific topic. Moreover, you can allow your audience to ask anything like an Ask Me Anything session.

6. Movie Reviews

Movie reviews can attract a huge audience. However, you need to stay relevant to your niche. More importantly, you should pick a trending movie and create an interesting review. Use a video creator to add some effects and stickers to make it an engaging review.

7. Talk About a Viral Video

When a video gets viral, everyone searches it with relevant keywords. Keep in mind that people love watching reaction videos.
Before you watch the video, you can set up the camera and record your reaction to the video. Surprisingly, it can bring you a lot of visitors.

8. Giveaway Contest

One of the best ways to get new followers is to arrange a giveaway contest. However, you must offer something valuable to attract a large number of viewers. These followers will remain active in the future as well.

9. Take Part in a Challenge

From YouTube to TikTok, challenges are everywhere. Whenever a new challenge comes, it brings you an opportunity to get featured. Gladly, a featured video can do wonders for your channel.

Participate in trending channels to increase the visibility of your channel.

10. Show Off Your Collections

Do you have a collection of collectibles? Let’s show it to your audience and get an amazing response.

However, you should have a decent collection of items to create this video. It could be anything from coins to cards.

11. What’s Inside Your Phone?

Once people start following you, they want to know everything about you. Make a video and show off the applications you use.

Additionally, you can explain the applications you use more often.

12. Talk About Your Career

Apart from YouTube content creator, you might have another career. Create a video and talk about it. Share your plans with your audience and request feedback as well. To convey your emotions, you can use a video creator to add stickers and effects.

13. Share Your Hobbies

As mentioned above, people want to know about you. They would love to know about your hobbies. Create a video and share it in detail.

14. Myth-Busting Videos

Regardless of the niche, you will find some relevant myths that are highly popular among people. For instance, people believe that microwaves cause cancer. Now, a video on such myths will bring a lot of views. However, you should find relevant myths to your niche.

15. Interesting News

Staying within your niche, you can discuss the latest happenings. Give your opinion on this news. Moreover, you can predict any changes that you expect to see in the future due to the news.

16. Share Hacks or Tricks

Everybody loves to know hacks to bring ease to their life. If you are familiar with an unpopular hack, this is your chance to get popular.

Create a video showing how to do it. More importantly, you should use a video creator to add interesting effects.

17. Share Interesting Experiences

In your daily life, you must go through various experiences. From a fulfilling to disappointing experience, you should have a lot to share with your audience. Let’s say that you go to a restaurant and have a great time. Now, you can record your experience in a video. Use a video creator to remove unnecessary parts and share on our YouTube channel.

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