Tech trends 2019

Technology is changing at a very rapid rate. Because of constantly changing technology each day it is very difficult to make an account of tech trends in this modern era. But thanks to many people, organizations and magazines who keep a regular track of it we now know about the tech trends of 2019.



Wireless 5G

In 2019 it is evident that people were not satisfied with already fast 4G networks are willingly shifting to 5G network speed at a rapid rate. It is probably because it will offer an improved latency and speed which will drastically reduce the time connected devices take to communicate with each other. This is also because coming of 5G everywhere will change everything from connecting phones, iPads, laptops, etc. to coffee machines, refrigerators and security systems to streaming Netflix on various devices in just 4k. Economically also it will be profitable to both the customers and cell tower owners. Since nobody wants more network towers but they all want high-speed network connection the price of existing towers will rise. There is no doubt that there is a need for massive up-gradation of devices and applications that support the 5G network yet the popularity of it is a lot, even before being introduced everywhere and to everyone.

Video games + Social Media

Video Games and Social Media

This year, it is observed that social media applications like twitter, facebook, etc. are very famous platforms for interacting with people around the world yet they are not very common among high scholars and youngsters. It is believed that if they are not famous among them now they probably will not be famous even when they grow old which shows that their market will not increase at a fast rate. This is because of their increasing interest in video games that always provides them with a platform to interact and communicate with their friends from all over the world. One such example of this type of game is PUBG- the Battleground which recently has been a very famous game.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine intelligence is the intelligence shown by machines especially computer systems which are different from human intelligence or natural intelligence. AI can perform various functions like expert systems, speech or face recognition, machine vision, etc using its reasoning or rules to reach approximate conclusions. It can learn that it is to acquire information and rules for using the information. Human is very much dependent on these machines like with the development of google maps we have given up our decision-making ability and we follow it blindly without much reasoning, we have given the human lives in the hand of a machine that cab possible stop working anytime like the use of autopilot or driverless cars. It is to note that countries like China are very much dependent on automatic cars with no drivers.



For many years social media is always in the list of tech trends and following this ritual it has even made its way in the list of 2019 also. Facebook with about 2.3 billion users and Twitter with about 325 million users are very famous. Snapchat and Instagram are very famous social networking sites especially among young people and high school-aged kids. They are also famous because these platforms provide people to have a one on one interaction with celebrities, leaders and their idols through live videos and other features. Through these applications, people can have a glimpse of the personal life of the people they admire and their loved ones.

This year a lot of online streaming applications happened to be trendy like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 



It is to note that blockchain is not only the technology that is related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoins but it offers security. Simply putting it is data that can only be added and cannot be changed or erased thus it is called chain (as in the chain of data). Its presence removes the need for a third party to oversee any transaction. With an increase in this technology the need and demand of skilled professionals also increases. It is because of high-level security provided by blockchain that it is used for cryptocurrency. It can also be used to protect assets like art and real estate.

Fun Fact- The average salary of a blockchain developer is measured to $130,000. Wow, right?



It refers to cloud computing which was formerly only used to watch and now is used for various other purposes. Applications like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are most commonly used. The use of edge computing will grow with the increasing use of internet devices. It is expected that the market for edge computing will rise to $6.72 billion by the end of the year 2022. With the increase in its market, the demand for software engineers will also rise. 



The basic difference between the two is that Augmented Reality or AR only enhances is the current environment whereas Virtual Reality or VR creates a fake environment in which the user immerses. The famous game Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality (AR). The use of both of these technologies is rapidly increasing in training, entertainment, education, marketing, gaming, etc. Many museums and theme parks are being made in many countries using these technologies to give the customers a deeper and enhanced experience. 



Cybersecurity is not today’s technology but it is continuously emerging in terms of technology and therefore is a part of this list.  This is because of constantly rising threats and cybercrimes. The hackers who try to illegally access the other’s data always find a way to crack cybersecurity. The major advancement done in this technology is hardware authentication, cloud technology, and deep learning. The most common expel of software that we use in our computers is anti-virus software.

Technology is constantly improving and grasping the attention of everyone. I expect that we will be able to have new possibilities in technology in the coming years.

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